Central city turned back to see details fall

on consolidating a city, city and district government to re mobilize, deploy, and then implement the requirements from now on, and then refine and improve the standard and target, work to deepen, give the power to lift a new climax.

all the people to create a national atmosphere to benefit the formation of

in a city in the city area, focus on relying on the masses, mobilize the masses, truly a city as an effective carrier for people to do practical things ", great efforts to solve a number of hot issues of concern to the masses. Transformation, Beijiexiaoxiang River governance, environmental remediation, focus on the order of place special governance and a number of projects have started to implement, improve environment, enhance the image of civilization city, has formed a good atmosphere of a city of National City, national benefit.

ten rectification focus on three-dimensional city

recently, according to the national civilized city evaluation standard, Chengzhong District carried out "look back" on the work of the work done on the level, continue to consolidate and improve the bright spot in the foundation of existence; environmental health, market, urban high, a city atmosphere of the weak link, ten special the focus of regulation, and in accordance with the District, street, three community responsibility requirements, will be a city a city mission and refine and deepen the implementation of standards, to every person, every corner and every detail, plan, step by step, all-round, three-dimensional promote the work of a city.

create a city work really become popular project

City District will further implement the creation of the city linkage mechanism, fully mobilize the provincial, urban and other units to participate in the creation of civilized city enthusiasm, the formation of all hands, to build a strong atmosphere of home circle. To further increase the intensity of atmosphere, in the construction site Weidang, community, community publicity column publicity work of a city, the community moral lecture activities actively, make a city work really become "popular project". Actively build smooth channels of public opinion, the previous stage of the collection of more than 160 views of the public, the proposed classification, the problem will be implemented to the various departments responsible for the deadline to be resolved.

leaders lead the three level of supervision and breaking difficult

to create a civilized city is a long-term work, the city area was established to take charge of leaders, cadres at county level contact point, the operating mechanism of the departments and units involved in the coordination, about linkage, efficient operation, the formation of the district leadership, supervision and inspection of professional public civilization tour three supervision network, on every Saturday a city meeting report the inspection, analysis of weak links. Recent focus will be on the market, urban and rural areas, old buildings, entertainment venues. (author: Zhang Yongzhi)

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