City leaders concerned about the livelihood of the people in the community for health knowledge lect

health is an eternal topic, people is the foundation for happiness, health education is the cornerstone of a ladder, at the same time it is a low input and high output of energy-saving projects, is a great project benefits the country, is the party and the government to implement Scientific Outlook on Development, pay attention to people’s livelihood, reflect the people-oriented, specific initiatives the construction of a harmonious society.
to popularization of health knowledge, improve the public health awareness and self-care ability, make people more physical and mental health, family happiness, social harmony. Xining city health education instructors invited the Municipal People’s Congress deputy director, city health education instructors honorary head of Comrade Gao Yumei on the morning of July 4th in the north area of a speaker for the community residents "health is the health knowledge foundation for people’s all-round development as the theme of the lecture. Presided over by the deputy director of the city of love, Zhan Jinyuan, deputy director of full-time, nearly a hundred residents listened to lectures.
high director from the health concept, the pursuit of life goals, and the most important factors that affect the health and healthy lifestyles of the four cornerstones of other aspects of the detailed explanation, and easy to understand language and lists a lot of examples, vivid, from the shallower to the deeper to participate in seminars on a deep Hall of health education, to benefit the masses. At the end of the lecture, the director of the high school called on everyone to love life and to focus on life. City leaders personally, personally taught, fully embodies the city leaders concerned about health education, attention to people’s livelihood, but also will play a positive role in promoting the development of health education in our city.

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