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Downward trend in auto sales continues in May amid PSBB

first_imgIndonesia’s domestic car sales plunged 95.7 percent year-on-year (yoy) in May, as the downward trend continues amid the government’s large scale social restrictions (PSBB) to contain COVID-19, carmaker association data show.The government’s PSBB program being expanded from the capital to other regions in the country has exacerbated the dwindling demand for cars, Association of Indonesian Automotive Manufacturers’ (Gaikindo) chairman Yohannes Nangoi told The Jakarta Post on Tuesday.“In April, the PSBB were only implemented in Jakarta, so we could still sell some cars in other regions. However, our sales were impacted even more when the policy expanded,” Yohannes said in a phone interview. The PSBB have also made it more difficult for consumers to acquire a license for their car, including vehicle registration certificates (STNK) and vehicle roadworthy tests (KIR) for commercial vehicles, Yohannes added.“PSBB severely disrupt our sales operation as some public offices and showrooms are temporarily closed,” he said.Three provinces and four regencies/cities across Indonesia are still enforcing the PSBB to curb the coronavirus outbreak, with temporary closures of offices, factories, stores and schools. However, the government has relaxed the PSBB in several places to gradually reopen the economy.The social restrictions were first implemented in Jakarta by the capital’s administration on April 10, and the number of regions that implemented PSBB then expanded to 26 regencies and municipalities in four different provinces by mid-May. Car sales have been in free fall since the pandemic started to spread in Indonesia in March, when sales dropped 15 percent, according to data compiled by diversified conglomerate PT Astra International.The downward trend in auto sales continued in April, with domestic car sales hitting a decades low at 7,868 units, a 90.6 percent yoy drop. In May, only 3,551 cars were sold around the country, a steeper 95.7 percent fall from the same month last year.Despite the concerning car sales figures, Yohannes said he hoped sales would gradually increase with PSBB relaxation.“I think we hit the rock bottom in May and I hope that businesses can start to reemerge as the PSBB are relaxed. However, as we’re already in the middle of the month, I don’t think the increase will be significant in June,” Yohannes said.Previously, Gaikindo made a decision to cut its domestic car sales target this year by 40 percent to just 600,000 units. The association also slashed Indonesia’s car export target to 175,000 units in 2020 from the initial target of 350,000 to 400,000 units, he added.The country’s exports fell 28.95 percent yoy in May to US$10.53 billion, the lowest level since July 2016.Automotive industry expert Bebin Djuana projected that demand for domestic cars would remain low throughout the year as the pandemic hit the economy and consumers’ purchasing power.“The sales recovery will be gradual, rather than a V-shaped spike, because the purchasing power of average Indonesians is greatly affected by the pandemic,” he said on May 18.Meanwhile, automakers have continued working with financial institutions to offer affordable payment schemes for consumers to ramp up car demand.“Our plan is to continue our cooperation with financial institutions to provide affordable financial schemes for customers,” Nissan Motor Indonesia’s president director Isao Sekiguchi told the Post in an exclusive interview on Monday.Sekiguchi expected the sales figures to improve by as early as June to August.Topics :last_img read more

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Turkey asks EU to correct ‘mistake’ of travel list exclusion

first_imgTurkey said on Wednesday it is disappointed by the European Union’s decision to exclude it from a list of countries recommended for non-essential travel and called on the bloc to correct the “mistake” as soon as possible.The Turkish Foreign Ministry statement came after the EU excluded Turkey, along with the United States and other countries, from its initial travel “safe list”.”The measures Turkey has taken to combat the coronavirus pandemic as well as her efforts and success in this respect are evident,” ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy said in the statement. “We expect the correction of this mistake regarding the travel restrictions for our citizens as soon as possible.”There have been nearly 200,000 cases of coronavirus in Turkey, with a death toll of more than 5,100 and new daily cases currently running at around 1,300.Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and Tourism Minister Mehmet Ersoy will visit Berlin on Thursday for talks with German officials to discuss the pandemic and tourism among other issues. Germany is a key source of tourists for Turkey.Earlier on Wednesday, President Tayyip Erdogan had told officials from his AK Party that Europe had maintained “restrictive” policies towards Turkey which were based on political rather than health factors.  Topics :last_img read more

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Indonesia’s forex reserves rise to near record-high in June

first_imgIndonesia’s foreign exchange (forex) reserves increased to US$131.7 billion in June following the government’s move to issue global sukuk (sharia compliant bonds) in the month, Bank Indonesia (BI) announced Tuesday.The current reserves level, an increase of $1.2 billion from May’s level and the highest reserves level since January before the coronavirus pandemic upended the country’s economy, is estimated to be sufficient to support 8.1 months of imports and payment for the government’s short-term debts.“BI is of the view that the foreign exchange reserves are adequate, supported by stability and a positive outlook for the economy,” the central bank said in a statement, adding that the rise in forex reserves was due to the government’s global sukuk issuance last month. Indonesia has raised US$2.5 billion from a three-tranche global sukuk (sharia-compliant bond) offering on June 17, the issuance of which aims to help the government fund the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.The sukuk were offered on the Singapore stock exchange and NASDAQ Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The 10-year maturity sukuk brought in $1 billion while the five-year and 30-year maturities raised $750 million each.The government is facing a daunting task to raise Rp 900.4 trillion worth of sovereign debt papers in the second half of the year to cover for budget deficit of 6.34 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) and repay its debts, after raising Rp 630.5 trillion worth of debt papers in the first half.The government had just raised 100 billion yen ($930 million) from the issuance of five-tranche samurai bonds on Thursday as part of broader efforts to raise money amid the pandemic.It had also unveiled a bond sale program totaling Rp 574.5 trillion with the central bank as part of the “burden sharing” scheme aimed to ease the government’s debt burden.Topics :last_img read more

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Bengkulu police offer Rp 10 million reward for information on alleged child rapist

first_imgA police precinct in Kaur district, Bengkulu, is offering a Rp 10 million (US$696.97) reward for any individuals who have information on the whereabouts of an alleged child rapist.Kaur Police chief Sr. Comr. Puji Prayetno said the police named 20-year-old male Erawan a suspect in the alleged sexual assault of a child. The police also put him on their most-wanted list. Erawan allegedly raped a child in April. The police have been looking for him for the past three months.“We are working day and night and doing our best to catch the suspect. However, we need information [on his whereabouts],” Puji said on Thursday as quoted by also: Komnas HAM gathers reports on alleged sexual assault in Depok catholic churchHe added the police expected Erawan’s family to hand him over or at least inform law enforcers of his current location.Puji said the reward would encourage members of the general public to provide the police with information regarding Erawan.“We will arrest him immediately once we obtain the information.” (dpk)Topics :last_img read more

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A plethora of US-China disputes

first_imgThe United States and China are at loggerheads over a long list of issues, from the cause of the novel coronavirus to Hong Kong, and trade.An overview, after Washington ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston within 72 hours, accusing it of being a center for spies. In May the foreign ministry pointed to American errors in the handling of the pandemic, while Trump fired back it was “incompetence of China and nothing else, that did this mass Worldwide killing.” CoronavirusWashington and Beijing have been engaged in a war of words over who is to blame for the novel coronavirus, since Trump described it as a “Chinese” virus in March.China’s Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian retorted by suggesting that the US army might have brought the epidemic to Wuhan, the central Chinese city where it first emerged late last year.The two superpowers then cracked down on each other’s news outlets. Topics : Hong Kong Washington reacted to China’s imposition of a sweeping new national security law on Hong Kong by ending preferential trade treatment for the former British colony.It also restricted visas for Chinese officials seen as infringing on the city’s autonomy and stopped the export of sensitive technologies.China pressed ahead with the law in late June. Uighurs The United States earlier in July froze the assets and imposed visa bans on several officials from China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang over rights abuses of its Turkic speaking minority.It accused the group of “horrific and systematic abuses” in Xinjiang including forced labor, mass detention and involuntary population control.It then put 11 Chinese companies suspected of taking part in the persecution on a black list, limiting their access to American technologies and products. Washington says more than one million ethnic Uighurs and other Turkic-speaking minorities have been rounded up into a network of internment camps.China contends that the facilities are vocational education centers. South China Sea  On July 2, the US Defense Department criticized Chinese military exercises around the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, in an area also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.Two days later, the Pentagon said two of its own aircraft carriers had carried out drills in the South China Sea to “support a free and open Indo-Pacific”. Huawei The US has accused Chinese telecoms giant Huawei of spying for Beijing and of rights abuses by allowing the Chinese regime to carry out surveillance of dissidents. It is also accused of installing large scale surveillance technologies in Xinjiang and non respect of the embargo on Iran.Trump’s administration has stepped up sanctions against the worldwide leader in 5G and has pressured allies, such as Britain, to shun the group. Nuclear talks In early July Beijing rejected a new US invitation to join arms control talks with Russia.Trump’s administration has demanded that China take part in talks on a successor to the New START treaty, which caps the nuclear warheads of the United States and Russia — the two Cold War-era superpowers. Trade war Weary of its hefty trade deficit with China, Washington declared a trade war in March 2018. It quickly escalated with tit-for-tat punitive duties on hundreds of billions of dollars of bilateral trade.After truces and resumptions of hostilities, the two superpowers in January 2020 signed an initial accord under which China agreed to buy an extra $200 billion of US imports over two years.But earlier this month Trump said he does not plan to proceed to the second phase of the accord, as relations with China have been seriously damaged. Vaccine hacking The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in May warned healthcare and scientific researchers that Chinese-backed hackers were attempting to steal research and intellectual property related to treatments and vaccines for COVID-19.On July 21, two Chinese nationals were indicted in the US for allegedly hacking hundreds of companies worldwide.last_img read more

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Why the coronavirus is killing so many of Mexico’s healthcare workers

first_imgTopics : Garcia is one of over 70,000 medical workers to catch the coronavirus in Mexico, where the pandemic death toll is now the third-highest worldwide, behind the United States and Brazil.Government data indicates that healthcare workers’ risk of dying is four times higher than in the United States, and eight times higher than in Brazil.”The coronavirus has hit healthworkers all over the world, but it’s been especially bad in Mexico,” said Alejandro Macias, an epidemiologist who spearheaded Mexico’s response to the 2009 swine flu pandemic.Staff have had to buy their own equipment, often in informal marketplaces and of substandard quality, Macias said. The government has said there were shortcomings in equipment provision early on but says it has worked hard to protect workers and flown in vital equipment from China and the United States. It also accuses past administrations of letting the health service deteriorate.Mexico’s deputy health minister and coronavirus czar, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, said in July that many of the nurses and doctors who died of the virus had pre-existing medical conditions, and that some did not use protective gear in “optimal fashion.”In Mexico, 19% of confirmed infections are of medical staff, almost three times the global average, according to figures from the International Council of Nurses and the Mexican National Association of Doctors and Nurses.The plight of healthworkers is complicating efforts to contain the outbreak, which has killed close to 50,000 people in Mexico, battered the economy and cost millions of jobs.Garcia, 48, said in an interview that he believes he was one of about a dozen medical staff indirectly infected by a patient who arrived at the Lomas Verdes hospital with coronavirus symptoms and later died.”They’ve been very irresponsible with us,” he said, referring to his employer and its alleged failure to provide protective equipment.The hospital’s director, Gilberto Meza, said that 213 Lomas Verdes staff had contracted the virus. Citing an epidemiological study he said the hospital had conducted, he said that all were infected outside the facility.He said all staff had received goggles, face shields and masks. He declined to say when they were provided.Garcia and his family survived and he is now back at work. But the two weeks they had coronavirus symptoms were, he said, “hell”: headaches, fever, diarrhea and shortness of breath.As of July 24, 72,980 Mexican medical staff had caught the coronavirus, and 978 died, government figures show.In the United States, which has a population 2.5 times that of Mexico, 123,738 medical personnel have tested positive for coronavirus and 598 have died, according to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) figures.The health ministry of Brazil, which is about two-thirds more populous than Mexico, had reported 189 deaths of medical practitioners by end-July. Some private data in Brazil give higher figures, but still well below Mexico.Over a dozen nurses and doctors interviewed by Reuters said they got the virus in part because they did not receive timely information or protective equipment.Many have protested about having to reuse disposable gear and launched petitions for better kit.In one public hospital in northern Mexico, medical workers told Reuters in April their managers told them not to wear protective masks to avoid unsettling patients.Zoe Robledo, head of Mexico’s main public health service, IMSS, said in April that it had suffered equipment shortages, as well as “delays, oversights, and errors that needed correcting.”Low spendingMexico’s spending on health as a share of gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the lowest in the 37-member Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).A recent study by the OECD put Mexico’s health spending at 5.5% of GDP, compared to 9.1% in Chile and 7.3% in Colombia in 2019. In Brazil it was 9.4%, though the latest data available were from 2017.Nurses often work in multiple hospitals to supplement wages of about 8,500 pesos ($377) per month, according to Mexico City’s government. Movement between hospitals heightens the contagion risk, said Oliva Lopez, the city’s health minister.”Our health personnel combine multiple jobs and are exposed in multiple spaces,” Lopez told Reuters, saying her ministry had gone to great lengths to get staff protective equipment, and blaming previous governments for “pauperizing” the profession.More than 600 nurses had died by the end of June in some 30 countries surveyed by the Geneva-based International Council of Nurses. Mexico accounted for 160 of the deaths, or over a quarter.Speaking on condition of anonymity, one nurse at a Mexico City public hospital said she felt “abandoned” by authorities.”But we can’t say: ‘Now I can’t work, or don’t want to’,” she said. “This is what we trained for.”center_img When the coronavirus epidemic began to intensify in Mexico at the end of March, Doctor Jose Garcia said his bosses at a public trauma hospital in Mexico City denied his request for masks, gloves and disinfectant.They argued such protective equipment was only necessary for those working directly with coronavirus patients, Garcia said. Unconvinced, he bought it himself.The hospital’s director disputes this, saying all staff received protective equipment. Either way, Garcia had already contracted the virus and infected his wife and one-year-old daughter.last_img read more

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Jakarta air pollution causes 5.5 million illnesses yearly: Anies

first_img“Experts have said that 5.5 million diseases in this city are caused by air pollution each year. That means almost 11 cases per minute, and the health expenses are up to Rp 6.8 trillion [US$458 million],” Anies said, as quoted by on Wednesday.Read also: Activists lambaste sluggish progress in air pollution lawsuitThe severe air pollution in Jakarta stems mostly from vehicle emissions, factories and coal-fired power plants. According to a 2017 Greenpeace report titled Jakarta’s Silent Killer, eight coal-fired power plants operate within 100 kilometers of Jakarta, producing hazardous pollutants that affect the capital city. Jakarta’s air is contaminated by various pollutants, including PM 10, PM 2.5, SO2, O3, CO, NOx and Pb. On July 4, 2019, 32 citizens filed a pollution-related lawsuit against seven state officials: the President, the environment and forestry minister, the health minister, the home affairs minister and the governors of Jakarta, Banten and West Java. The group, under the Coalition for the Clean Air Initiative, urged government officials to have “a serious attitude” about guaranteeing the right to health. (dpk)Topics : Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has said that air pollution is a significant health issue in the capital, causing more than 5 million illnesses a year.During a webinar on Wednesday, Anies said there should be an effort to improve air quality in Jakarta so that people could lead healthier and more productive lives for the sake of economic stability.last_img read more

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Shell plans to cut up to 9,000 jobs in transition plan

first_imgRoyal Dutch Shell announced on Wednesday plans to cut up to 9,000 jobs, or over 10 percent of its workforce, as part of a major overhaul to shift the oil and gas giant to low-carbon energy.Shell, which had 83,000 employees at the end of 2019, said that the reorganisation will lead to annual savings of US$2 billion to $2.5 billion by 2022.Last month it launched a broad review of its business aimed at cutting costs as it prepares to restructure its operations as part of the shift to low-carbon energy. The Anglo-Dutch company said it expected to cut 7,000 to 9,000 jobs by the end of 2022, including some 1,500 people who have agreed to take voluntary redundancy this year.Rival BP this year announced plans to cut around 10,000 jobs as part of CEO Bernard Looney’s plans to rapidly expand its renewables business and reduce oil and gas production.Reducing costs is vital for Shell’s plans to move into the power sector and renewables where margins are relatively low.Competition is also likely to intensify with utilities and rival oil firms including BP and Total all battling for market share as economies around the world go green. Fuel sales recoveryIn an operations update, Shell also said its oil and gas production was set to drop sharply in the third quarter to around 3,050 barrels of oil equivalent per day due to lower output as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and hurricanes that forced offshore platforms to shut down.Shell, the world’s largest fuel retailer, saw a recovery in fuel sales in the third quarter from lows hit in the previous quarter as some countries gradually emerged from lockdown measures.In the second quarter, Shell narrowly avoided its first quarterly loss in recent history, helped by a booming trading business. It however announced nearly $16.8 billion in impairment charges after sharply lowering its outlook for oil and gas prices in the wake of the pandemic.Shell said it will take another impairment charge of $1 to $1.5 billion in the third quarter.Topics :last_img read more

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Police arrest alleged killer of Yahukimo resident in Papua

first_imgThe police said that they suspected that the two cases were intended to divert their focus away from the killing of Yahukimo General Elections Commission staffer Hendry Jovinski on Aug. 11.Awi said the police were still hunting for the alleged mastermind behind the killings, Ananias Yalak alias Senat Soll, a former TNI member who was dishonorably discharged from the military for allegedly selling ammunition to an armed separatist group.Read also: Indonesia forms team to probe recent shootings in Papua, but state rights body excludedThe police’s Nemangkawi task force has also arrested members of an armed criminal group in three separate cases: one over the possession of a sharp weapon, one for allegedly burning a Bank Rakyat Indonesia ATM and two others over treason.Previously, Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw said Senat had joined the armed group and declared himself the leader of the West Papua National Liberation Army’s (TPNPB) 3rd Regional Defense Command (Kodap).Paulus alleged that Senat was behind several criminal acts that took place in Dekai district with the help of several young men who had dropped out of school.Paulus added that the efforts to arrest the perpetrators had been hindered by the limited telecommunications network in Dekai district, making it difficult for the police to coordinate. (syk)Topics : The police have arrested a suspect allegedly linked to the killing of Muhammad Thoyib, 39, a worker at a furniture shop whose body was found with stab and arrow wounds in Dekai district, Yahukimo regency, Papua, on Aug. 20.“We have arrested a suspect identified by the initials YM in the murder case,” the National Police’s public information bureau head, Brig. Gen. Awi Setiyono, said in a written statement on Monday as quoted by case was part of a series of killings that took place in Yahukimo in August. Almost a week after Thoyib’s death, brick delivery worker Yauzan aka Ocang, 34, was found dead at the Kali Buatan Bridge in Dekai district on Aug. 26.last_img read more

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Watch Neymar shove fan as PSG suffer penalty shootout loss to Rennes in Coupe de France final

first_img Read More PLAY Phil HaighSunday 28 Apr 2019 11:36 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link60Shares Read More Video Settings Read More 1/1 1 min. story Manchester United captain Harry Maguire SPONSORED Full Screen Advertisement Read More by Metro / AdvertisementAdvertisementIt is not clear what the fan did or said to enrage the striker, but Neymar has been criticised for the shove which was directly in front of a small child.The fan appeared to pretend to want a photo with Neymar & then changed his mind, provoking a reaction.— Get French Football News (@GFFN) April 28, 2019 Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop struggling Top articles Watch Neymar shove fan as PSG suffer penalty shootout loss to Rennes in Coupe de France final Comment Read More About Connatix V67539 Neymar had a bad day at the office on Saturday (Picture: Getty Images)Neymar showed his frustration after PSG lost to Rennes in the Coupe de France final on Saturday, shoving a fan as he climbed the steps to collect his runners-up medal.It was a desperately disappointing day for the Brazilian after he scored to put PSG 2-0 ahead, only for his team to be pegged back and eventually lose on penalties.Arsenal target Christopher Nkunku came off the bench in the last minute of extra-time and hammered his spot kick over the bar to give Rennes a 6-5 victory on penalties.Neymar was clearly in a tetchy mood after the shock defeat, and was filmed thrusting his hand into a supporter’s face in the stands.ADVERTISEMENT Skip Ad Coming Next Skip It has been a difficult time for the 27-year-old who has just been hit with a three-match ban in the Champions League for his comments about officials after PSG were beaten by Manchester United.The former Barcelona man told the officials to ‘go f*** themselves’ on social media after the upset defeat at the Parc des Princes.Neymar has been linked with a move to Real Madrid this summer and has fueled talk of a switch to Spain by saying he would like to play with another Real target, Eden Hazard.‘I would like to play with Hazard,’ Neymar told Fox Sports. ‘He has a style similar to mine, I think I could give it a try. We would cause havoc together.’Real boss Zinedine Zidane suggested that signing both superstars could happen, saying: ‘Real Madrid is a club where dreams come true.‘Players’ dreams can become real here. It’s a very important club and many footballers want to play here.’MORE: Maurizio Sarri outlines Premier League title ambitions with Chelsea amid sacking rumoursMORE: Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino gives encouraging Harry Kane injury update Advertisementlast_img read more

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