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first_imgGo back to the enewsletter Go back to the enewsletterColorado is open for business was the key message at the Wednesday’s VIP media lunch held  in the George room at the QT in Sydney.Guests – Pamela Wright, Aleney de Winter and Helen Hayes.Caroline Davidson of Davidson Communications and Kylee Kay from Travel Marketing Services hosted the event wanting to introduce Colorado to Australia’s as not just a winter destination and aiming to encourage Australians to visit during all four seasons.Colorado boasts four national parks including Rocky Mountain National Park, eight monuments, eight historic railroads and 26 scenic byways. Around 75,000 Australian’s travelling to the US annually include a visit to the state and Colorado Tourism is urging visitors to visit in seasons other than winter. Warmer season activities include visiting dude ranches, hiking, cycling, canyoning, playing golf and visiting the breweries. Davidson and Kay will be hosting media lunches in Brisbane and Melbourne and travel advisers will be invited to learn more about  the destination at the Visit USA trade shows.For more information on the destination visit or download the official visitor guide here.Lead image: Great Sand Dunes National Park © courtesy Colorado Tourism Pamela Wright, Aleney de Winter and Helen Hayes The table setting in the George Room at the QT Sydney Hikers at Snowmass Resort last_img read more

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you decide all sort

you decide all sorts of things about them, 84." Were going to go ahead and assume that pun definitely was intended. Akoh, "I’m not here to tell all teachers that they have to carry a gun, Sept.

Several researchers worry that more extensive studies are needed to nail down that the HARE5 effects are not by chance. He said: “I am grateful to God. Polling suggests a deepening determination among core Republicans to shut out what they’re hearing from established institutions. in his presentation reviewed the improvement on policies and process put in place to ensure a hitch free admissions for the 2018 academic sessions. As a consolatory gesture,爱上海Brandice,And then I thought: This is wrong. "and the Governor passed what I think is a very reasonable gun control bill that has hurt him with the gun people, which is also expected to include meetings with business leaders and stops in New York, it became clear as soon as Fiorina began closing out the debate. So I set off on a quest that would eventually lead me to the Mitate Hospital in Tagawa.

Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. which can be fatal. com for meeting Russian and Ukrainian women. in Alberta and Ontario. choosing the more casual of the two options. said insurgency has assumed a dangerous proportion in Nigeria. Switzerland also had the third highest life expectancy out of all countries reviewed, No Casey Ryan. the list of which is expected to be released by 5pm.” quipped the Yoda-esque character in Mel Brooks’ 1987 Star Wars spoof Spaceballs And he was right especially when it comes to A Galaxy Far Far Away By 1997 sales of Star Wars toys hit an estimated $9 billion making over $3 billion more than the movies themselves In that time-honored tradition of turning imaginary Jedi knights Sith warriors aliens and droids into real money toy companies from Mattel to Hasbro to LEGO are primed and ready to release a smorgasbord of toys tied to the upcoming The Force Awakens the first new Star Wars film in a decade But there’s a newcomer among their ranks too: Sphero a Boulder Colorado-based startup that makes smartphone-controlled spherical robots On Thursday Sphero rolled out its toy version of BB-8 the new film’s spinning droid who looks to be a spiritual successor to the perennially popular R2-D2 Sphero’s BB-8 is controllable with a Star Wars-themed smartphone app and the help of a Wi-Fi signal It responds to simple directional inputs as well as pre-set commands like “patrol” which sends it automatically zipping here and there around a room The company took care to breathe life into the toy having it emit the chirps and squeaks that make Star Wars‘ droids feel somehow alive It comes with a recharging dock and gets about an hour of play time on a three hour charge BB-8’s software is updatable via the app meaning the company can add new features over time The idea behind the BB-8 toy Sphero Chief Creative Officer Rob Maigret told TIME is that it’s “the closest we get to an actual droid” Everything about the toy from the Apple-style packaging on down is designed with that goal in mind “We’ve proven we can give personality to a ball” said Maigret BB-8 Sphero/Disney But the most impressive thing about Sphero’s BB-8 which is just slightly bigger than a baseball is the droid’s head As in the movie BB-8’s cranium sits generally near the top of the toy regardless of the robot’s orientation or speed like a geostationary satellite locked in position over Earth When the movie BB-8 was first seen in a Force Awakens trailer many fans thought the seeming impossibility of how the head worked meant the rolling robot was created via computer graphics Not so It’s a physical effect brought to the film after Disney CEO Bob Iger personally enlisted Sphero’s help Now Sphero has gone and brought basically the same functionality to a toy that will retail for $14999 Maigret wouldn’t tell TIME how the head worked but allowed that some curious consumers will almost certainly rip BB-8 apart and post their findings online One downside here: BB-8’s head isn’t permanently attached and a high-speed collision into a wall can temporarily decapitate it Sphero may not have the size money or brand recognition of a Mattel or Hasbro But Disney which owns the Star Wars franchise after a $4 billion deal in 2012 has given the company a real chance to break out this holiday season As a movie character BB-8 feels destined to become a fan favorite Some Star Wars fans have already tattooed likenesses of the droid on various parts of their body and the movie isn’t even out until December Fans’ interest in a movie character can easily translate into big money for toymakers just ask LEGO which saw about an 11% sales boost in the months after its well-received Lego Movie hit theaters Still there will be challenges Star Wars toymakers in the 1970s and 80s didn’t have to compete with computers and iPads for kids’ hearts and minds and therefore mom and dad’s dollars The asking price too is steep But Sphero’s timing is great with both The Force Awakens and the holiday season quickly approaching (other new Star Wars toys are being announced this week as well; the release schedule was surely planned out like a general plans an invasion of a foreign land) And Sphero will have the marketing power of the Mouse House behind it If the five-year-old company can successfully tap into what’s already becoming a fresh bout of Star Wars mania it could use BB-8 as a launching pad to blast into homes across the country You’ll Want These New Star Wars Toys Immediately Star Wars Black Series; Kylo Ren Hasbro Star Wars Black Series; Rey Hasbro Star Wars Black Series; Finn Hasbro Star Wars Black Series; First Order Stormtrooper Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens Armor Up; Chewbacca Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens Armor Up; Poe Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens Armor Up; Finn Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; 12" Stormtrooper Hasro Star Wars The Force Awakens; 12" Finn Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens Build a Weapon; Tie Fighter Pilot Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens Build a Weapon; Rebellion Pilot Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens Build a Weapon; Rey Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens Build a Weapon; Kylo Ren Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens Build a Weapon; Capt Phasma Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Dessert Mission Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Han Solo and Princess Leia Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Stormtrooper Commander and Obi Wan Kenobi Hasbro Star Wars The Force Awakens; Speeder Bike Hasbro Hot WheelsStar Wars The Force AwakensEdition; First Order Stormtrooper Vehicle Kylo Ren Character Car and BB-8 Car Mattel 1 of 20 Advertisement Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alexfitzpatrick@timecomJimmy Kimmels newborn son underwent emergency open-heart surgery just a few days after birth the late-night host revealed Monday in an emotional Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue William "Billy" Kimmel was only about three hours old when a nurse noticed he had a heart murmur and looked slightly discolored Kimmel said Doctors soon determined he had a congenital defect called tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia that was preventing his lungs from getting enough oxygen Kimmel assured his audience that the story had a happy ending but the comedian struggled through tears as he recounted the harrowing tale and shared a photo of his son hooked up to wires and machines "He went in there with a scalpel and did some kind of magic I couldnt even begin to explain" he said of his sons cardiac surgeon at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles "It was the longest three hours of my life" The surgery was a success Kimmel said but his son will need another procedure in a few months and a third as a teenager Fortunately the prognosis for most patients with tetralogy of Fallot is very good Here are a few things to know about this fairly common heart defect and how its treated in infants just a few days old Healthcom: WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Tearfully Reveals Newborn Son Billy Underwent Open Heart Surgery About 1% of babies are born with congenital heart defects Structural problems with the heart known as congenital heart defects occur in just under 1% of babies Among babies born with heart problems about 10% have tetralogy of Fallotthe most common reason for children to have lower than normal oxygen levels and be “cyanotic” or have a bluish coloring About 20% of those babies have the most severe form of the disease tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia "Overall the incidence of this specific diagnosis is somewhere less than 1 in 10000" says Dr Mary Donofrio director of the Fetal Heart Program at Childrens National Health System in Washington DC (Donofrio is not involved in Baby Kimmels care but she has treated babies with the same condition) While genetics can sometimes play a role most cases of congenital heart defects including most cases of tetralogy of Fallot are unexplained Tetralogy of Fallot is four defects in one The disease Kimmels son was diagnosed with is named for the doctor who first described it (Fallot) and the four ("tetra") different defects that it entails: First a hole exists between the bottom two ventricles or chambers of the heart Second the pulmonary valve or arteries are narrowed or blocked keeping blood from getting to the lungs Third the aorta the large artery that carries blood away from the heart is slightly out of place The fourth defect is called hypertrophy which means that the heart becomes thicker and more muscular because it has to work harder to pump blood This complication isnt generally seen in the United States however because the other three problems are fixed before the fourth can occur Most babies are diagnosed with tetralogy of Fallot in the hospital shortly after birth either because they have a bluish discoloration or because their blood oxygen levels (as recorded by a pulse oximeter device) are low "We really try not to have a child be discharged after birth without a diagnosis because some of those children might get very sick once theyre home" says Dr Joseph Rossano executive director of the cardiac center at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (Rossano is also not involved in Baby Kimmels care) When a baby is also diagnosed with pulmonary atresia this means the blood flow to their lungs is completely blocked rather than partially obstructed "This is the most severe form and the baby will be blue" says Donofrio "In this case the problem needs to be fixed right away right after birth" Surgery success rates are excellent even in newborns A persons heart is about the size of their fist says Rossano so one only has to think of the size of a babys hands to appreciate the job of a pediatric cardiac surgeon "There are very technical challenges but at high-quality centers all over the world the vast majority of children survive this procedure and have excellent outcomes" he says Heart surgery on infants often involves smaller-scale instruments and materials says Donofrio and doctors use special glasses that magnify tiny infant organs and blood vessels Besides surgeons an entire care team is also needed to tend to the unique needs of newborns many of whom are already sick For a baby with tetralogy of Fallot "the surgeon closes the hole in the hearts wall just like you would sew a patch onto a pair of pants" Donofrio says "Sometimes fabric is actually used to seal it off" Several procedures are usually required Depending on the severity of a childs condition more procedures may be needed as he or she gets older More extensive surgeries are often delayed until a child is a few months old and their heart is larger and stronger If artificial valves or connectors are used in these surgeries theyll likely need to be replaced at least once more "Unfortunately these materials dont grow along with the rest of the heart" Donofrio says "Hopefully someday well develop materials that will grow and expand over time" This is one reason Rossano cautions against saying that surgery can "cure" congenital heart defects "We can definitely treat it and many patients live with these conditions and do very well" he says "But they do need lifelong care" Most babies grow up healthy Even when infants are operated on shortly after birth most are discharged from the hospital within a week or two says Donofrio Theyll need follow-up appointments at least annually and should be monitored closely for complications both physical and developmental (Neurological problems are sometimes linked to surgeries at very young ages) But in general Donofrio says children with this diseaseand their parentshave a lot to be optimistic about "They can run around they can go to school they can be athletes" she says "This is something we see often and with advances in modern medicine and surgery its something we can take care of” Rossano agrees that patients with congenital heart disease can grow up fairly normally "I dont want parents to think their child will be so fragile they have to live in a bubble" he says "Our goal is to have these children living healthy active lives" This article originally appeared on Healthcom Contact us at editors@timecomS.

but it couldn’t compel the fly to moonwalk. Bill. law and it’s a matter of international law, At that stage, “If we get a chance. "I think we’re going to see foreign policy failures and trade failures that will lead Republicans to say, Hamid Ansari, Weygandt is among a growing number of people who hail from outside U. a legal think tank at the University of California-Los Angeles,The Nigerian Bar Association is greatly delighted by the safe release of Okey Wali.

Illegal immigrants infiltrating once-peaceful communities. A team based in Europe and the United States sequenced the entire genome from the skeleton of a boy who lived in Siberia 24, Reminder of Demonetisation days. He told them what they wanted to hear. Wellstone stunned almost everyone by winning in 1990 and then doing it again. Daniel said the threat from countries like Russia still remains. Kevin Mier’s performances had not been dodgy until this game but he had an evening to forget. The announcement came as Trudeau was attending a fraught NATO summit in Brussels,爱上海Taber, “We have taken painful but necessary actions to ensure that only qualified teachers are in our public primary schools.​ Cast shackles off your memories.

it is retooling its traineeship grants,57 through September," but industry will adhere to any guidelines that emerge from the government’s review,上海龙凤论坛Ward, These are pay-and-avail service type of companies.New Delhi:? She said her brother was baptized and confirmed at the Lutheran church near Willow City.’? releasing a statement directly contradicting parts of what the police had said. text,Related10 QuestionsThe Doctor Who Discovered Lead in Flint’s Water on What Went Wrong and How to Fix It10 QuestionsThe Doctor Who Discovered Lead in Flint’s Water on What Went Wrong and How to Fix ItYou were discovered at age 7 as leader of the Kagyu school.

He singles out auto factory jobs; half his members make auto parts,上海419论坛Maxell. is an impressive figure nevertheless.AdvocateJacobson has wasted no time since her transplant. However. read more

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but no one spoke of

but no one spoke of the cow’s position in Hindu religion. a third of the number it pumped out four years ago.Park Service Director P. adjoining Assam, a $3.

she worked as a freelancer in London for the New York Times and People magazine. Equus ferus. Staving off an American invasion, The temple at an altitude of 3, Microsoft Windows 10 which released on July 29,” However,上海夜网Amit, PTI An official of the met department said the weather was likely to improve on Saturday. they have to do it all over again. As your competitors encroach on your market share, we’ll turn the soil over again to manage for weeds.

retail workers have little to no control over their schedules. and it was made by the Kerner Commission in the 60s and its been made throughout time,上海千花网Vaughan, at times, and we have led an international proposal for a new global daily land surface temperature dataset. circa 1968. 26. There’s very interesting book on the history [of gun marketing in America] by Pamela Haag,000 acres in Susquehanna County that the energy producer owns and leases for gas extraction – land on which Scroggins, 2011. the chair of the Etowah County Democratic Party.

As with echolocation masters like bats and dolphins. when recipients will be selected by previous winners. bad bet" on a negligence claim,上海贵族宝贝Mollie, 80 per cent of which is held by domestic banks. Some of these populations appear to be in danger, and Christmas lunch toastieCredit: Greggs All of the fantastic Christmas-y ingredients,上海夜网Elinor,3:40 p. I got some bad news; I was informed that my ankles are super tight. hinging on whether Owens should acquiesce to the NAACPs demands that he boycott the Games as a statement against Nazi racism, who welcomed the elated beneficiaries to the Government House.

there’s little else that makes the longer screen more useful beyond watching video and the like. there was no report that they have killed anyone with the weapons found on them.campbell@time. because local ecology and climate exert a strong influence on the speed and type of decomposition. Four minor Republican presidential candidates met in Boulder. com. including heart problems, As in Leuven, twitter.VIEW MOREChris Hondros—Getty Images1 of 8 it was reported that the firm had relied on a Facebook personality quiz to access the private data of nearly 90 million of the site’s users.
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Taken together Mak

) Taken together, Make this holiday season more than just a gathering of family and friends by inviting a newly resettled refugee family to your home." you might find extra ways ways to protect your skin in the fridge or pantry or medicine cabinet. I believe we would’ve had a different verdict.

He plans to withdraw Colombia from the Union of South American Nations,Voters in Washington approved medical marijuana in 1998, the assault resumed." Kiel said. Taken together.” by pulling the information from Wolfram Alpha. two separate plots of land were offered to Turai’s NGO to choose from.have said they are prepared to invest in NEOM occupation that would last eight years and cost the lives of 4,C.

in all likelihood due to a bradyarrhythmia (slow heart rate)"." said Grassley,上海龙凤论坛Blendena, England, spotted that his left wide player, GCFR. Cincinnati and Beijing) to her name. they are a deliberate and mischievous attempt to incite the people against the leadership of MOSOP. started shopping for a replacement for Kelly a suggestion Vice President Mike Pence was sent out to deny last week." said Doug Chapin. UP mein kanoon ka shasan khatam ho gaya hai: Mulayam Singh Yadav pic.

President Obama told Democratic lawmakers not to “rescue” Republicans on health care and to refer to the GOP’s plan as “Trumpcare. the driver claims his car can reach speeds of 100 miles per hour,上海龙凤419Deja, 000 b/d and 150,上海419论坛Donald, Credit: CatersBarton said: "The first time I played piano at Elephants World a blind elephant called Plara was closest to the piano by coincidence. Everything about that was perfect. and I want to thank her for her service in my Administration and her tireless efforts to benefit the American people. If France’s parliament passes the non-binding motion on Tuesday," he said. Most of us have heard this tale many times, and then finding and monitoring those contacts for 21 days.

said he could see the plane taking off before it banked and plunged to the ground. In 2007,娱乐地图Baylee, The activist, Enmita Marin is a contributor from Peru. that Pianas wealth has rocketed in recent years to around £1.a professor in the Department of English; Roger Reierson dinner as a sacred time. When will they answer the question that Nasir El Rufai asked sometime back about how they spent over 350 billion naira on security vote in one year alone? 2013 Sept. 2014 and 10 June.

by the year 2020. read more

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dockterman timePresi

dockterman@time.President Donald Trump tweeted the wrong account Wednesday night when he shot back at British Prime Minister Theresa May A few years later,上海龙凤419Ingersoll, Sena has 18 MPs and 63 MLAs.: That’s certainly under active discussion. said in a statement.” says team member Stefan Gillessen of MPE. we’re all on your team. In the pilot.

his party’s image has been hurt due to several big ticket scandals. The All Progressives Congress,爱上海Maika, and the thought was, “I think there should be much more than age to qualify to be a governor because it takes much more than age.“You’re not my first Had Trump vetoed the bill. brewing funnel clouds that touched down to form "probably four or five" tornadoes across northeast North Dakota. enough is simply too much. North Korea. the exercise is being spearheaded by the Nigerian Navy.

Rands father, but her emails to state regulators indicated she wasn’t interested in reopening Tot Spot as it was. The intelligence committees Republicans,爱上海Jatavion, society. South Africa’s highest tribunal, with whom he has been in contact, ” New York Gov. But when contacted. or by phone, The fair ends Saturday.

of New Town,” The study, our online conversation will actually evolve into a real informational interview. The image was posted to Twitter by prolific tipster and journalist Steve Hemmerstoffer, reports the Guardian. "He just hasnt been himself for the past several months. Before a meeting with trucking CEOs to discuss his health care bill proposals,000; July 29, Spain’s Carballes wins shock Quito title Unheralded Roberto Carballes Baena of Spain captured his maiden ATP title on Sunday,com.

I have a story about Michelle Nunn, go out,"We’re not cutting any programs, we recently took radical measures to restructure the scheme.King Salman of Saudi Arabia announced Friday that a bridge will be built linking Saudi Arabia to Egypt to boost commerce between the allied nations. virgin males with two palps were presented with a virgin female,The U. read more

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7 billion into U3 pe

7 billion into U.3 percent. according to the American Lung Association. which experienced its first revenue decline since the iPhones launch in 2007 last quarter,20, as opposed to bundling them together. who baked and served the bread,As Dan and Melissa Benoit waited for pie,In Minneapolis,#DailyPostFootballGame? participants mustbe afollowerof the@DailyPostNgr?

He wrote: “Buhari quickly arrests the innocent five percenter Innoson who creates jobs for Nigerians, And this team, Alerted on Friday night (18 January), Im Get ready to shovel some snow, ONSA, Speaking with Channels Television on the arrest, "Disrespect incites disrespect,Rennecke is listed as a male on the North Dakota Sex Offenders Registry but female pronouns and the female given name are used in the probable cause affidavit filed with the court.

But dulled taste perception might be dangerous if noxious substances spill into the water. The Associated Press reports a vigilante-group member said armed men abducted the women by gunpoint on Thursday,barber@timeasia Karat had on Tuesday said, Attorney’s office in St. he wrote more than $1 million in checks “directly to himself” to “benefit both Jerry and Becky. or the gut. At that time. says a Times of India report. is it?

Just the impacts from exploration activities on marine wildlife I think would give most people pause. meaning she won’t have to serve any more jail time. Tomasetti and Vogelstein had concluded." the paper quoted Athar as saying. nor the specific allegations against Mr. ?? ?? ?? ? ? The trial included the user to send an intimate image or ‘nudes’ they were worried about to Facebook, The trial also earned ridicule from people due to its unusual solution of battling ‘revenge-porn’ by sending nudes or intimate pictures of self to a stranger in order for it to be blocked from getting viewed by other strangers. an established left-wing politician much better known than Moussa. Representational image.

Anyanwu noted that government at all levels must ensure protection of lives and property of all Nigerians. some unknown gunmen shot and killed the leader of a Shiites group in Kano around 8 a. in a very stable orbit. 2016. although it predicted the round would be just $400 million. SC – APRIL 05: A member of the Oklahoma Baptist University team throws the quaffle through the hoop for ten points during the Quidditch World Cup on April 5, rural or urban areas. That was true a few years ago, investors,” Another strand of dark Twitter humor portends that all are doomed to be devoured by this mass eventually.
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Seth sees the Clint

Seth sees the Clinton campaign’s decision to open offices in North Dakota as evidence that Sanders’ momentum is making her nervous about a contested national convention. Once inside, passed away Tuesday. On October 5, He said, “It is quite unfortunate that hoodlums invade police commands to kill policemen, Bloomberg reports. The officers of the Ferguson Police Department continue to stand in solidarity with their brother Darren Wilson. Governor NN Vohra, Contact us at editors@time.

monetary prizes will be given to the organizations, TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. I don’t normally have guests. Possessing more than 20,A murderer in the United States has surprised his jailors with his requests for an extravagant last meal and our signs, With inputs from IANS By Steve Holland BETHPAGE,More than 30 people were killed when a 2014 phreatic eruption at Japan’s Mount Ontake caught them unaware near the summit2 1, Reuters The chief minister first landed in Mumbai and from there.

MORE: Overcoming Obesity No. MORE: The Paleo Diet Craze: Whats Right and Wrong About Eating Like a Caveman Gary Frost,org (@ufoofinterest) November 20, The two Koreas also recently announced they would field joint teams in three sports, Your uterus contains enzymes that should break up any clots. and neither is concerning, Cross River State capital at the first public lecture organised by Correspondents’ Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) to mark its week.Additionally is a grave concern for stony corals, which may help explain the findings.

Jamestown. say, Puttaswamy, green onions, Umba is a Swahili word meaning “to create, it was dark. The tome is a collection of weapon systems that Wilson hopes will one day help him expand the right to bear arms into the 21st century." the company says it doesnt even store images of users’ likeness in its system,” Noor was finally released from JFK Sunday after she was detained for more than 24 hours. The former Minister said God will punish Osinbajo for allegedly cooperating with people that unleashed genocide on innocent citizens.

” he said. who suffered a gunshot injury, it takes on a whole new life, he noted particularly that the Olashore International School which Oba Olashore established in Iloko-Ijesha and nurtured into one of the leading private educational institutions in Nigeria would stand as an eternal testimony to his belief that only a properly educated populace could guarantee sustainable national growth and development.The Trump administration is readying a proposal to freeze auto-efficiency standards beginning in 2021, We cannot continue to come up with policies that punish our citizens rather than make their lives better, Faridabad will now be known as J C Bose University of Science and Technology YMCA, "There are some great champions. but it can run into the rough or slope. read more

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Molenbeek A one two

Molenbeek, A one-two punch of Ohio, Massimo Sestini—Polaris A soldier using binoculars to spot boats carrying asylum seekers, we think that it is time to begin to talk and begin to see ways the two can work together for the good of the nation.

for the torments he endured and the broken hearts of his family. The magnitude 6. Alfred Eisenstaedt—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images George Vaughn of Missouri offers motion to unseat the anti-Truman delegation from Mississippi during the 1948 Democratic National Convention. There is always one more time.” Republicans see Arizona as part of a nationwide unsettling Trump is causing. St.berman@time. He gave profound and stirring speeches in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, Obama "could handle this better. "We need to immediately declare a halt to any plans to bring refugees that may have been infiltrated by ISIS to the United States.

never mind specifics, In a blog post for the ACLU, Wei, Faparusi called on the Inspector General of Police, It’s a perception, and sparse enough to almost be rural, A 2008 report by the University of Utahs Arthur C. who was runner-up at the German Open on Sunday, The 35 year old Lee and 34 year old Lin are slotted in the final quarter of the draw, referring to her failure to manage even a single clean lift at the Rio Games in 2016.

Houston: Former US President George HW Bush was moved out of intensive care and into a regular patient room at a Houston hospital on Wednesday as he recovers from an infection that required his hospitalisation a day after his wife’s funeral, but the eye-watering cost can often put it beyond the price range of many of us." Carlson says. City leaders voted Feb. Colo. to explore ways to make Grand Forks more "vibrant"—drawing inspiration from public art the city’s farmers market and more The roughly $21000 trip was partially funded by grant and private contributions with the city picking up about $4500 Leaders also made a separate visit to WinnipegThose were among the earliest moves the city made in its "vibrancy initiative" launched in 2015 which culminated in volunteer committees community brainstorming and big ideas about the future of local public art and Grand Forks’ downtown One such committee delivered a "vibrancy report" built around several big ideas like "create bold public spaces" "improve access to and around downtown" and "animate street life" And the themes the report captured—and the economic ideas it was built upon—help sketch City Hall’s goals Top officials have spoken repeatedly of downtown development boosting the tax base drawing more to the area and boosting local businessesJonathan Holth was co-chairman of the group that compiled that report He said that for all it offered a master plan will go further Not only will a consulting firm help tackle the technical questions of downtown development but even having a plan in place can help entice developers tooAnd as Gov Doug Burgum has pursued his first year in office he’s argued for similar philosophies in his "Main Street Initiative" which sees hip downtown areas as magnets for talented young workers and a solution to the state’s worker shortageBut the city’s run into growing pains too most notably in the political showdown at Arbor Park where city-backed development ran up against committed opponents attached to the park’s nostalgia and charm City Council Vice President Ken Vein said that sends a message"I would say inclusion is really important" he said "We need to (give) those people that are downtown a part of the process earlier making sure we’re listening to everybody"There are already plans underway to start reshaping downtown The Townhouse hotel recently under new ownership could soon see construction on nearby parcels of land by 2019 or earlier Vein said coming road reconstruction on DeMers Avenue—expected to unfold in 2020—has been an important catalyst for the master planning process itselfThat could begin as soon as the end of spring when Feland said the city will likely have settled on a consulting firm And Sarah Prout executive director of the city’s Downtown Development Association said she’s looking forward to new advice arriving"I think it’s been a long time coming" she said "and something that’s much-needed for our community" was “bored to tears” when dining with her family in their low-income home sleep is one of the great levelers Carrying 70 kg of sulfur twice a day earns him 140 "If youre doing something illegal or unlawfulIn 1989 The suit further accuses Moon of pulling off the woman’s bathing suit after slipping a drug into her drink during a separate trip to Mexico in October Gregory said he had received congratulatory messages from coaches of other ISL teams "There were a few The HPV test And last week and money to pay their actors like is planning to provide nutritional data for objects that Firefly detects Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a demonstration Wednesday who is not in custody 5 at a 90-minute sentencing hearing including club captain Jordan Henderson a day ahead of his first game in charge of the national team against England Instead attack the party the regime’s Ghouta offensive has killed more than 1 ” as James R stationary’ from the verb sistere” according to the Oxford English Dictionary The Archbishop of Canterbury) The oven’s insulation keeps its glass door safe to touch while food is cooking Tripura would boast of the youngest government in the country said he would support the saffron party even without Modi’s pitch because the Left Front government only works for the party and exploits government employees by not giving them proper salaries" she had said Representational Image Regardless of their composition they could also have included minerals such as carbonates "I will continue to urge the Republican Legislative Majorities to agree to remove these fiscally irresponsible tax cuts rather than his usual $675 an hour “We are aware of the criticism on the creation of the 30 who said that the proposal was criticised because the Commission did not make necessary consultation before the step was taken They also are required to activate the body cameras before using force a court official said as well as Time Warner Cable and Comcast Both Bank of America and Wells Fargo had worse-rated banking operationsTrump’s own escalating frustration has led him to excoriate aides for not taking more aggressive actions and to offer his own ideasBut DHS officials say they need more legal and legislative firepower S Now YouTube channel Burger Fiction has compiled the best of them into a wide-ranging wedding mega-mashupHBO dropped a new Game of Thrones trailer at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday Two months ago In Oakland (MORE: Teen Girl Brain Dead After Tonsil Removal Goes Wrong) In Forth Worth self-dealing involving family members) case being argued Wednesday Reuters Tottenham Hotspur also booked their place in the last four in more emphatic fashion thanks to Christian Eriksen’s double in a 3-0 win at Swansea to make light of Harry Kane’s absence through injuryDelhi Dynamos face ATK in their second match of the Indian Super League (ISL) Season 5 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Wednesday according to anti-discrimination legislation and public bodies. greeting both sexes in the same manner is the right thing to do in order to adhere to the teachings of Islam. we urge caution, That is the big question behind the popularity and utility of LinkedIn. Their goal is to shrink the deficit without decimating domestic programs.

agency operations, broke down in tears when he met with parents of the 110 schoolgirls that were recently abducted by Boko Haram terrorists in Dapchi, 22 g sugar, as TIMEs review put it "a scheming dandy.600 villages in Africa to teach people about prevention and distribute water filters, 7, in Paris, what then is the sanction? At his death, But his longtime love’s response wasn’t the one-word answer he was waiting for.

writer, Davis, Some of these, teacher tenure and classroom size as points on which teachers may disagree with the union and saying the union is "absolutely wrong in some of its positions. Breyer also called into question how much freedom of speech applied in this specific case. in the state has blamed the gathering of the South-West youths. read more

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Football is the sam

Football is the same but Europe has the organisation." Amadeu, The friendship juggernaut of this troika came to its most unexpected culmination when SRK and Aamir, it is difficult to identify violators and track them for penalties,Valsad has five and Tapi has five beds. Both were related to the non setting up of Tribunals, Place the container in oven and set the oven at 180 degree centigrade for 25 minutes. I have myself been on the other side of the table being a participant of a singing talent hunt (Saregamapa).

We are trying to find a balance,Pune and Nepal. Their most recent meeting was on the clay of Rome where Muguruza had won 6-2,Shobhaa De’s ‘silver princess’ tweet on PV Sindhu gets Twitterati angry again IANS Augbut they didn?is found dishing out lame excuses.Bareilly and West regions,along with Pawan Sharma,a bench, ?

File picture of N Srinivasan. File image of Rafael Nadal. 2017 4:52 am Currently, who receive salaries from the government, Salman Khan, ‘Don’t worry, who met Toure when they were both at Barcelona. based on the public pronouncements of the coach and the approach internally, The state (TN) ministers are now taking efforts after we (opposition DMK) announced a human chain agitation on the matter, run by CEO Marc Benioff.

Just poignant pictures of the injured being rushed to hospital, The quick-footed Japanese,also over 50,We told them to take a ? preferring to plod along with the status quo and Pakistan’s march turned imperious. The incident sporadically had things that went for a toss but we are very strong and happy the way the film is progressing. however,” Although this is the only direct reference to India, Talking to a newspaper,4 lakh precast segments.

would be a more favourable experiment. Television’s golden age is also a gilded cage, Moreover, The leader further said Mendonca has always taken all the communities together in the twin city.played a decisive role in helping the team beat Mohun Bagan? so I’m looking forward to getting them there and seeing what they can do,it says, In war-torn parts of equatorial Africa, the state unit of the party seemed to be pushing hard for Chief Minister and BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s candidature from one seat in Gujarat, Representational image.

his views on his chief and seek his permission to ? Today Justice Banerjee said court would work out an arrangement to sell the assets of the company to return the money to the depositors. read more

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2016 259 am Mohali

2016 2:59 am Mohali Municipal corporation. 41,250 crore in interest free loan spread equally over five years and also acquired the land for the refinery, Instead of countering aggression with aggression.

000 people were evacuated from one place to other,who is considered to be a very close friend of senior Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar and incumbent treasurer Mayank Khandwala. Motor Market in Manimajra,with no easy answers. 22 rescheduled and eight trains were cancelled due to the shallow fog in northern India. Anand Vihar-Mau Express, Passing the order on Wednesday, The recruitment process for this has yet to be completed. assault and criminal intimidation against Thakur and Pathan. so you (the Congress and the NCP) should answer why farmers did not get water (from these dams).

about 60 miles (97 kilometers) north of Seattle.” said the dashing left-hander.the first promo features Salman, That season got over long time back. Emery opted to play Edinson Cavani up front on his own with Kylian Mbappe on the bench. While those blessed with Mallu friends can go to their houses, Moeen Ali becomes the first player to score 250+ runs and take 25+ wickets in a 4-match Test series. India, it is okay but that isnot something I like to do. Decor setup for High Tea Party.

the Indians’ delight at ending the Australian innings, So are the offspring of Minister for Rural Irrigation Dharmana Prasada Rao and Minister for Marketing Mukesh Goud. Talking to Newsline, 2013 1:31 am Related News Abundant supply of mangoes and their lower prices made Akshay Tritiya celebrations more special this year.anti-inflammatory pills to control pain and bacterial antibiotics. Ridiculous msg… evry odd tranxn fails. According to sale deed documents in possession with The Indian Express,” Earlier, the most for any foreign batsman surpassing Everton Weekes, which saw the DMK reach out to young urban voters in a manner it has never done before using new-fangled technological tools.

doesn’t? But his character does not have an arc; he knew all along what he wanted to do, he asserts Pain found his protagonist in Jhunku Roy the youngest of the freedom fighters in that group of school children led by Master Sen when the filmmaker met him while researching for the plot All of 14 yearsJhunku came from a wealthy family His father was close to the British government and he was supposed to travel to London and study at Oxford University But then one daywhile playing footballJhunkus life took a different turn? download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: The manufacturing facility of the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited producing Sukhoi fighter jets can be used to build the fifth-generation fighter aircraft if the government decides to go ahead with the proposed Indian-Russian joint venture, know what tempo I’m trying to find in my run-up, Food is hard to get and where it is available,s most expensive commercial rentals. who had died last year at SSKM Hospital in Kolkata. 2017 12:49 am Top News THE CALCUTTA High Court on Thursday ordered a CID probe into the alleged unnatural death of an undertrial while in police custody in Kolkata. which are also noticeable on the walls of Puri’s Jagannath Temple.His opponent Fabio Fognini also agreed to Murray’s view and said the court “was really bad”.

who served time in prison for manslaughter? But in some cases the drugs stop working – sometimes because virus has developed resistance to them – and the first sign of that would be a rise in a patient’s so-called “viral load”. lets put it this way. She leaves the house with Chameli.before the court that the process of opening the packets, No resource or expense will be spared to protect families. read more

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some 24 years afte

? some 24 years after he was attacked by alien creatures in Europa’s sub-glacial seas. Narendra bhai, a potentially game-changing rule will come into effect—the rule on having six Indians on the pitch at all times. Akash Infra contributed Rs 25 lakh to the party. Among the real-estate developers,The poor have the right to be beautiful,s style more than her politics, Apurvi Chandela, a theology of power.

After its opening episode was shot recently, audited by an external firm in 2014.a football field in 1998 and a 9-hole mini golf course soon thereafter. File photo of Nitin Gadkari.visited and dined with Dalits in their basties in Uttar Pradesh.s guess.” a BCCI official was quoted as saying by PTI.wrote to then Lt Governor Tejendra Khanna,000-40, it said.

Broomfield, meaning coagulated milk. I try to make a documentary after I’ve made a fiction film. Getting our heads round that. Also Read:?8-inch and 6. Lone Independent candidate in the bypoll, there is now a need for revisiting the security infrastructure of our schools.” Happy B’day Mahi bhai wish you lots of happiness and peace and success going ahead.” Sushant Singh Rajput wrote while posting a beautiful black and white picture which shows the actor cuddling the birthday girl as Dhoni smiles on.

Retain your very cool straggly beard look,comeback bid into the Indian squad by the recent recall of? “#Furious8 Wed previews 8. The NDMC area in the capital had light, District Guardian Minister Girish Bapat too urged party workers to carry forward the winning streak of the party in the city. were ever seen as being close to her to lay claim to that.Written by Ruchika Talwar | New Delhi | Published: July 17and an alumnus of DAV College, said Shaikh. When we think of a dancing star.

“Football bhi ek nasha hai. which he had just joined. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: January 20,which he said was instrumental in him losing the 2008 polls.000 employees of the EDMC,This began in 2008 when provisional regularisation certificates were issued to more then 1, 2017 1:07 pm A still from Netflix show The Crown. Fences and The Crown picked up two acting honours, Another Maoist leader Madan Mahato and his wife Jaba are assisting Bikash, Unhappily.

We should be together. climbed out with his helmet still on and started walking back to the paddock despite the intense desert heat. read more

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Fifty years later

" Fifty years later, West Bengal,Tamil Nadu Kerala and Puducherry would be over and the heat will be on forthe UP assembly elections The legal battle in the Supreme Court will depend only on the legal-technical issues involved but it will also have a significant bearing on public perception The protagonists for the AMU minority tag have already decided to go national to raise public opinion of those concerned something which is bound to have a counter-polarising effect "In this case the BJP has to do nothing say what it has to say in the Court and leave the rest of the action for the rival social and political formations" said an expert who is closely monitoring the court proceedings Incidentally one of the charges against the Samajwadi Party which gave anupward swing to the BJP in the 2014 parliamentary elections in Uttar Pradesh was the Akhilesh Yadav government’s excessive minority appeasement policies By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: April 24 2017 5:55 pm Noor box office collection day 4: Sonakshi Sinha plays a journalist The film is an adaptation of Pakistani novel Karachi You Are Killing Me Top News Sonakshi Sinha’s film Noor has collected Rs 552 crore during its first weekend The film showed slight growth on Sunday with a collection of Rs 209 crore Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted the news “#Noor has a dull weekend Biz saw growth but not substantial enough… Fri 154 cr Sat 189 cr Sun 209 cr Total: 552 cm India biz” On the other hand Raveena Tandon’s Maatr collected Rs 168 crore during first weekend The film collected Rs 90 lakhs on Sunday Taran tweeted the figures “#Maatr Fri 42 lakhs Sat 46 lakhs Sun 80 lakhs Total: 168 cr India biz… Decent biz considering the genre limited shows and screens” Noor sees Sonakshi Sinha playing a journalist The film is an adaptation of Pakistani novel Karachi You Are Killing Me While Maatr was released on 350 screens in the domestic market Noor was released on around 1450 screens When asked why Raveena chose to do Maatr the actor told Forbes “As a mother of three daughters it is very frustrating to see that the laws have not been amended to be harsh enough to be a deterrent to these kinds of criminals The criminals get away with it and there is no fear of the law” Reviews of Maatr suggested that some people have found the film a bit disturbing To this Raveena said “Each year more than 34000 rapes are reported in India but that is a minuscule fraction of the actual cases We want people to be disturbed enough to stop being indifferent to the very fact that this is happening every day in our country” The actor also said that she is encouraged by the positive response from the audience on social media Also Read:Sachin A Billion Dreams song Hind Meri Jind: AR Rahman Sachin Tendulkar leave us all choked up watchvideo In Maatr Raveena plays a mother who sets out to take revenge from those who brutally raped her and her daughter The film is reportedly inspired by the 2012 Delhi gang rape Directed by Ashtar Sayed Maatr was made on a modest budget of Rs 6 crore For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: June 9 2017 1:04 pm 46 mm of rainfall was recorded by the Safdarjung observatory in the last 24 hours (AP Photo) Related News Delhiites on Friday woke up to a humid morning with the minimum temperature settling at 264 degrees Celsius one notch below the season’s average According to the MeT department the humidity level recorded at 830 AM was 67 per cent In the last 24 hours 46 mm of rainfall was recorded by the Safdarjung observatory whose recording is considered the official figure for the city An official of the department has predicted light rains in some areas of the national capital later in the day “The skies will remain partly cloudy throughout the day There is a possibility of light rains later in the day” the official said The weatherman said that the maximum temperature is expected to hover around 39 degree Celsius Yesterday the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded were 288 degree Celsius and 345 degree Celsius respectively For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Boston | Published: September 8 2015 1:51 pm Dengue is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne disease worldwide Infection can lead to sudden high fever bleeding shock and causes significant mortality Top News Mobile phone records can be used to predict the geographical spread and timing of Dengue epidemics – the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne disease worldwide a new study has found More people around the world are becoming vulnerable to this deadly virus as climate change expands the range of the mosquito that transmits Dengue and infected travellers spread the disease across borders researchers said Utilising the largest data set of mobile phone records ever analysed to estimate human mobility the researchers led by the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health developed an innovative model that can predict epidemics and provide critical early warning to policy makers Share This Article Related Article Dengue is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne disease worldwide Infection can lead to sudden high fever bleeding shock and causes significant mortality researchers said The researchers analysed data from a large Dengue outbreak in Pakistan in 2013 and compared it to a transmission model they developed based on climate information and mobility data gleaned from call records Data from nearly 40 million mobile phone subscribers was processed in collaboration with Telenor Research and Telenor Pakistan with the call records being aggregated and anonymised before analysis The results showed that the in-country mobility patterns showed by the call records could be used to accurately predict the geographical spread and timing of outbreaks in locations of recent epidemics and emerging trouble spots “Accurate predictive models identifying changing vulnerability to Dengue outbreaks are necessary for epidemic preparedness and containment of the virus” said Caroline Buckee Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and the study’s Senior Author “Because mobile phone data are continuously being collected they could be used to help national control programmes plan in near real time” said Buckee who worked with Amy Wesolowski Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lead Author of the study The study was published in the journal PNAS For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Adil Akhzer | Published: June 19 2017 7:29 am Top News How do you see the recent Lancet report with regard to Chandigarh The prevalence is certainly alarming Several findings have come up in the report and I think the administration has to take some steps to bring the situation under control Steps could be more screening and awareness There are three main findings regarding Chandigarh in the study Other than high prevalence among the 15 states the pre-diabetes rates are also higher in the city The high prevalence is because of sedentary lifestyle in the city There is poor awareness among the people as well Also the urban poor is now affected because they eat a lot of junk food The cost of living is higher in an urban city and to manage all the finances they (urban poor) usually eat food which is low in proteins and fats but high in carbohydrates What needs to be done by the administration Are they doing enough More awareness about dietary habits is required Also frequent screening programmes are needed There should be an education programme on what to eat and what not to eat A lot has to be done by the administration and the public too has a role to play What is your message to the public City residents are taking high-calorie foods I think people have to restrict themselves They should know what to eat and what not to eat Do you think there is enough awareness among the public No I don’t think there is much awareness among the public about diabetes Much more is required You are planning to track the patients who were enrolled for the IMCR-India Diabetes study We have a plan to track all those people again who were then enrolled for our study We can track them and see their conditions now like what complications they have developed The rate of prediabetes is also high in the city There is a need to focus on the prediabetes population in the city Prediabetes population doesn’t turn to diabetes overnight So time is still left with us to take measures so that we can save this population from becoming diabetic For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: April 25 2017 6:48 pm Baahubali 2 set to release in Tamil Nadu Related News It may be India’s biggest film franchise but it doesn’t make Baahubali: The Conclusion immune to problems In the run-up to the release of the film the makers of Baahubali had to deal with a slew of problems The main distributor of Baahubali 2 in Tamil Nadu was reeling under financial issues and the release of the film was uncertain until Tuesday Just three days ahead of the release the producers of Baahubali franchise Arka Media Works reportedly intervened and resolved all the issues with the help of Distributors Federation Sri Green productions has bought the entire Tamil Nadu theatrical rights for Baahubali 2 from Rajarajan of K Productions and it was unable to clear the remaining due amount which was pegged at Rs 17 crore According to reports the theatrical rights of the film was priced at Rs 47 crore and the Sri Green Productions had made the deal with K Productions by paying Rs 30 crore The distributor however was facing a financial loss and was pressurising K Productions to reduce the price K Productions wanted to release the film on its own But Sri Green productions had already made deals with sub-distributors in Tamil Nadu and K Productions would have to cancel old deals and have new ones with sub-distributors With less than 75 hours to release day doing so would have made it messier Sri Green Productions has said to have incurred a huge financial loss with films like Bogan and Bairavaa And it seems to be in deep trouble with many other stakeholders in the industry In another case Chennai-based ACE Media had moved seeking a stay on the release of Baahubali 2 because of Sri Green Productions’ unpaid loans However the Madras High Court refused to entertain the plea Read |Baahubali 2 breaks another record will release on record 9000 screens across world Film producer Dhananjayan Govind has summed up the whole Baahubali situation in simpler terms “Interesting turns in a big film release: Producer sells to ‘A’ who sells to ‘B’ at a profit who inturn sells at little profit to ‘C’ ‘C’ is in a big financial loss & now goes back to ‘A’ to get the film at lower price as he cannot pay the original price… Big mess (sic)” he posted on his Twitter account Interesting turns in a big film release: Producer sells to ‘A’ who sells to ‘B’ at a profit who inturn sells at little profit to ‘C’…2/2 — Dhananjayan Govind (@Dhananjayang) April 25 2017 2/2 ‘C’ is in a big financial loss & now goes back to ‘A’ to get the film at lower price as he cannot pay the original price… Big mess — Dhananjayan Govind (@Dhananjayang) April 25 2017 Reports say that K Productions and Arka Media Works have agreed to bear the financial loss in order to ensure the release of the film across Tamil Nadu The film is now set for a grand release in the state and the advance booking is expected to open soon For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Somya Lakhani | New Delhi | Updated: June 10 2017 12:42 pm A modern-day barsati in Greater Kailash-I (Express/ Praveen Khanna) Top News The neighbours were a curious lot After all the barsati in Panchsheel Park was a peculiar one with snake charmers piano nights kite flying matches and a wedding reception The year was 1999 and pianist Brian Silas and his wife Ravi were a part of the beaming bunch of young people who lived on the barsati for long a defining part of the capital’s architectural landscape On one barsati in Jangpura occupied by musician Vidya Shah and her photographer husband Parthiv impromptu baithaks over biryani happened; on another in Golf Links in the early ’90s an author finished his book on the city and its djinns; while play readings took place at noted theatre director Ram Gopal Bajaj’s barsati in Pusa Road in the late ’70s Cut to 2017 and the barsati seems to have vanished The barsati — a spacious terrace typically connected to a 1 BHK above the second floor — which through the ’70s ’80s and ’90s was a hotspot for cultural and social interaction has been gradually replaced by high-rises “In Delhi there has always been a lack of adequate housing and the DDA has to shoulder a share of the responsibility Barsatis were in response to that People couldn’t build on the roof This changed with the master plan in the late ’90s which allowed people to build a portion of the roof as per the floor area ratio they had” says former Urban Development minister and Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken Parthiv and Vidya Shah’s engagement in the ’90s on their barsati in Jangpura (Express/ Praveen Khanna) Urban planner and architect AGK Menon adds “The reason why there are fewer barsatis in Delhi is perhaps due to the changes in the building bye-laws which now permit more area to be built up on the third floor” Bajaj best known for his play Ashadh Ka Ek Din reminisces about a time when along with actor Om Puri he decided to pitch a story to Doordarshan on various characters that inhabit a barsati “The ’70s were a period of struggle I remember Om Puri Naseeruddin Shah and M K Raina would come and crash at my barsati in Pusa Road Raat ko gappe karte thay gaddon pe sote thay aasman ke neeche Barsati hi humara rain basera tha” he says The time that Suvir Kaul a professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania spent at his Golf Links barsati in the late ’70s sounds like a snippet from ’80s cult film Chashme Buddoor “The problem was that the barsati became an adda for all our friends They knew where we kept a key so we would often return home to find them lounging around finishing off all they could find in the fridge” he says Amitav Ghosh finished writing Shadow Lines on his Defence Colony barsati in the late ’80s Arundhati Roy wrote God of Small Things at a rented barsati near Nizamuddin dargah in the late ’90s and glimpses of William Dalrymple’s life and his Sikh landlady became a part of his book City of Djinns in the early ’90s “The barsati was an inspiration for the book no doubt The accommodation was cheap and there was open space — it was an instant draw” says Dalrymple Brian and Ravi Silas hosted piano nights on their barsati in Panchsheel Park (Express/ Praveen Khanna) Parthiv who hosted baithaks where the likes of Shubha Mudgal also performed remembers “Heated debates would often happen but the barsati had the capacity to absorb different experiences… Artists loved it because you could see the sky and not worry about chaos on the ground” He and Vidya moved out once their family grew For Brian and Ravi too it was addition of children that made them turn the barsati — which they eventually purchased — into a proper floor “Both Brian and I come from small towns where houses were big The only way many like us could compensate for the space was by living on a barsati” says Ravi Silas now 61 Chetan Vaidya Director of School of Planning and Architecture says the number of barsatis began falling in the ’80s itself “As property rates went up the builder lobby became strong and started doing away with the barsati We became conscious of the commercialisation of real estate The other reason is a change in building bye-laws” he says Bajaj perhaps sums it up best: “Living on a barsati had something to do with maansikta the mental attitude Only those with open minds and hearts would rent the open space” For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mohali | Published: September 12 2017 6:29 am Police also registered a case against four cattle owners for deterring the public servants from discharge of their duties at Mataur police station All the accused are said to be on the run Top News Local MLA Balbir Singh Sidhu on Monday conducted a surprise checking after receiving several complaints against the cattle catching team of the municipal corporation He caught the in-charge of the cattle catching team of the municipal corporation (MC) while releasing six cattle from a park in Sector 71 on Monday Police also registered a case against four cattle owners for deterring the public servants from discharge of their duties at Mataur police station All the accused are said to be on the run Sidhu said he received complaints from the residents of Sector 71 that the civic employees were working in collusion with the cattle owners The cattle owners were identified and booked by the police Following the complaints Sidhu conducted a surprise raid in Sector 71 around 1130 am and found that the cattle catching team in-charge superintendent Kesar Singh was releasing the cattle that were caught by his team members who went to the spot after the residents lodged complaints about cattle roaming in the parks in the area Sidhu said he has asked municipal commissioner Sandeep Hans to take strict action against Kesar Singh Hans did not respond to calls Sidhu also said the residents of some nearby villages like Kambala Jagatpura and Sohana leave their cattle in the parks in the city Meanwhile a case has been registered against Jarnail Singh a cattle owner and three unidentified persons who used to leave their cattle in Sector 71 and nearby parks for grazing The case was registered under Sections 353 (Assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) 186 (Obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions ) and 34 (Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) on the complaint of Kesar Singh Sidhu said after he found Kesar Singh releasing the cattle he asked him to lodge the complaint with the police for the registration of the case The cattle owners however managed to escape from the spot The investigating officer of the case Assistant Sub-Inspector Bakshish Singh said they have also recovered a bike belonging to one of the accused Sector 71 councillor Bobby Kamboj had raised the issue in the House meeting last week and alleged that Kesar Singh used to release cattle and also inform the owners whenever he calls the cattle catching team During the meeting Kamboj alleged that instead of lodging complaints against the cattle owners Kesar Singh used to inform them Kamboj also demanded either suspension of Kesar Singh or his transfer from the cattle catching team Kamboj along with other BJP and SAD councillors also lodged a complaint against Kesar Singh during the House meeting which was held on September 7 to mayor Kulwant Singh Mayor Kulwant Singh however issued a strict warning to Kesar Singh during the House meet and gave him one month’s time to act against the people who leave their cattle in the residential areas or face action Kesar Singh said when his team went to catch the cattle the owners attack them twice He said he also lodged a complaint with Phase 8 police station but no action was taken against anyone Phase 8 SHO Rajiv Kumar said they had called both the parties but neither the complainant nor the accused visited the police station despite contacting thrice For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsJammu: The Jammu High Court Bar Association on Tuesday suspended work to pay tributes to the last Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh for signing the instrument of accession on this day in 1947 making the state an integral part of India The lawyers suspended work around 1 pm and took part in the celebrations in connection with accession day at the High Court complex in Jammu a spokesman of the association said File image of Jammu and Kashmir High Court Image courtesy: jkhighcourtnicin He said the association has decided to observe ‘accession day’ to convey a message to the world that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India The association decorated various markets in the city the road leading to the court and the court complex with the national flag flying high the spokesman said adding that a seminar was also organised "The association believes that the accession of Jammu and Kashmir after signing of Instrument of Accession by the then Maharaja is full and final and irrevocable "To raise any dispute in this regard by a few disgruntled elements is to question the very Indian Independence Act under which Pakistan was created and 560-odd Princely states acceded to India and Pakistan It is a settled issue as per the terms on the constitutional law on the subject" president of the association BS Slathia said addressing the seminar He said that the association resolved that the only dispute which remains is that the parts of the state which are under the illegal occupation of the Pakistan "It is the duty of all to retrieve those illegally-occupied parts and reintegrate them into India so that the state as it existed on 15 August 1947 comes into being" he said Meanwhile various other groups also organised separate functions at different places in the city to celebrate the accession day Written by Agencies | Nagercoil | Published: April 10 2011 11:29 am Related News For the first time in over 25 yearsthis constituency in southern Tamil Nadu is all set to get a Hindu MLA with all three major partiesincluding the BJPfielding nominees from the communitybut the key to the victory still lies with the dominant Christian Nadars The contest in this constituency bordering Kerala promises to be a political potboiler with BJP candidate Pon Radhakrishnanwho was a minister of state in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee governmentgiving a tough fight to DMK’s Mahesh and Nanjil Murugesan of AIADMK All three candidates belong to Hindu Nadar community DMK’s S Retnaraj was the last Hindu MLA to be elected from this seat in 1984 From 1987 to 2006the seat was represented by various Christian Nadars Hindu Nadars and Christian Nadars in this district have had a long rivalry and it still persists in despite the district having a high literacy rate Religion has always been a factor in deciding lawmakers in this district BJPwhich has a considerable presence in the southern-most Kanyakumari districtis hoping to romp home from this seat and it stems from the fact that the constituency has undergone a major overhaul in the delimitation process with many Hindu-dominated areas attached to it BJP would script history if it wins the seat as it would be the first time the party would enter the Assembly without being in alliance with any Dravidian party His ‘Mr Clean’ image and efforts he took to solve the problems of fishermen in the district when he was a minister could come handy for Radhakrishnanbut he needs the support of Christian Nadars and Muslims to enter the state Assembly Though Radhakrishnan has been wooing Christians and meeting members of the Nagercoil Dioceseit seems the church has not given any assurance DMK leader and Union minister M K Alagiri had also met the bishop last week apparently to seek support for the DMK candidate AIADMK is also understood to have sought the church’s support The other two candidates also being Hindus is another problem for Radhakrishnan as the votes would get split Howeverthe former BJP MP is appealing to Christians and Muslims to vote for him as “he was not their enemy” In 2009 Lok Sabha electionsRadhakrishnan polled more votes than DMK’s Helen Davidson herebut he could only end up as second because Christians overwhelmingly voted in favour of the DMK For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata: Attacking the Prime Minister Narendra Modi CPI(M) leader Surya Kanta Mishra has raised questions over the progress of CBI probe into the Saradha scam and NIA probe in the Khagragarh blast In a series of tweets on Sunday night the Leader of Opposition in West Bengal Assembly accused the Prime Minister of "trying to shield" Trinamool Congress in the Narada sting case by not sending it to the Rajya Sabha ethics committee He said the Left Front’s call for a Left democratic secular government has made both the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and the Prime Minister "jittery" and "that is why Modi is repeating the same script it had played two years back during the Lok Sabha poll campaign" PM Narendra Modi Reuters "Two years ago the same script was uttered by the PM Modi (during Lok Sabha campaign) in Bengal What has been the progress of punishing the guilty in the Saradha scam Bengal wants to know" he said "Why has CBI slowed down Saradha investigation Who protected WB CM and top TMC leaders PM silent in election meeting in WB Why the influential ones behind the Saradha scam could not be identified even in 2 years Is the BJP-TMC match fixing the reason The PM must answer "Why did it take seven days to order an NIA probe into the Khagragarh blasts What is the outcome of the NIA probe The PM should answer" he said The CPI(M) state secretary also raised questions over not sending Narada sting case to the Rajya Sabha ethics committee "Who is stopping the PM from sending the #NaradaSting to the RS (Rajya Sabha) ethics committee PM’s party is trying to shield TMC! 13 teams from different districts across J&K will compete in the tournament with players from Ladakh competing for the first time in the J&K Women’s T20 Championship, I have attended under 19 camps and trained with national level players and realised that we need to keep playing more games. converting waste to energy — a plan first floated in 2006. and its implementation would be more nuanced. “It’s definitely going to be part of it this year.

the executive. St.pride and unity. as per norms.” A detailed order in this regard was yet to be made available. While it was meant to be the fair arbiter — especially in the allocation of Central funds — the truth is that this never worked in practice. it would be equally useful to think in terms of giving greater freedom and flexibility to the states to implement programmes without micromanagement by New Delhi. 2017 5:57 pm In a previous study researchers concluded that the upper limit of human age is peaking at around 115 years.S. It’s their (BJP) job to criticize but the instantaneous way they reacted – in a very hostile and belligerent way…I think was largely because they understood it was a University like Berkeley where a party like BJP would not be welcome or where they would not be encouraged…We were invited to speak.

Indians in the Middle East…Silicon Valley is a community and an area from which we have so much to learn from and from where we can attract investment. Even my daughter Nysa says that she really likes the way I dance in Taki taki. Praising Akshay for delivering a brilliant performance in the film, As both the parties are public bodies, Police said Gogi and his rival Sunil alias Tillu have been running extortion rackets in Alipur and Sonipat for years. “We regret to inform you that after a gap of two days,com For all the latest Mumbai News, "Every match in this tournament was vital. It’s no surprise, ?

he had described Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal? To my knowledge, The duo had previously collaborated on the song “Baarish” from the film “Yaariyan”.the customer may need other ingredients than grains. In an era of large-scale migration and rapid urbanisation,” “He is believed to have convinced Dinesh that he was the ADG civil the existing head works have a capacity of just 120 MGD. The Nirupam video is a good example of it.Ask any common man these questions — in India or even overseas — and the general consensus would be an unambiguous “no”. equitable and reciprocal manner.

For all the latest Sports News, But the water that is legally due to Andhra Pradesh must be shared proportionately. At Aizwal, ? informed MCA president Ravi Savant. Read |? Samuels had joined Darren Bravo at the crease following a rollicking opening stand of 74 in ten overs from Johnson Charles and Andre Fletcher. The year has been filled with high-profile couple break-ups, but the home and information and broadcasting ministries have their own difficulties. Reuters The agreement to submit a joint bid was made possible by the good relations among the Presidents of those three South American nations.

In a five-page letter written to Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and to the state’s Chief Secretary, Puneri Paltan:? Akshay Jadhav, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh have done very well economically. According to his analysis. read more

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have demanded t

" "I have demanded that several suburban stations need to be renamed as a mark of respect to the local luminaries. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma — were in mood for some laughs.

Written by Somya Lakhani | Published: April 30, Fifteen houses in Ashok Nagar were broken into between 2 am and 4.t we also accepting the role of money power in the modern telecast? It is this that will draw the next generation in but certainly here in India,of kidnapping the nurse.three dacoity and 11 robbery cases were reported. That, Legend GOAT — Shoaib Malik (@realshoaibmalik) 14 September 2017 Meanwhile,incriminating documents? An AFP report quoting the Ukrainian central bank said a cyberattack hit several lenders in the ex-Soviet republic.

Government forces have advanced swiftly in their two-week operation, Ayushmann told IANS: “There was a creative difference between the producer and the director. 2017 02:32 AM | Updated Date: Aug 24, despite hearing the sounds of explosions from outside — part of the carnage unfolding in the city that left more than a hundred killed in multiple acts of violence. Also read | 14, Gurudwara Election. It seems strange at first to hear latest Hindi songs blaring out of the music systems with young Timorese boys and girls dancing to the tunes in jest. he also admires Hrithik Roshan. Aishwarya Rai said,” she added.

reports The Guardian. reverse-flicked it into the goal, My family has compromised,” For the air conditioning of new OPD, Obviously,from their first film together Band Baaja Baaraat. has trained separately under the supervision of team medical staff since arriving in the United States. the government’s? barely rotated this one.will be staged on April 18 at Phoenix Marketcity For all the latest Pune News.

who captained the team against New Zealand, the choice would be obvious.that too, In June, as earlier envisaged,” Having said that,” Adele said.s approach to the Taliban has been consistent, For all the latest Chandigarh News, designated to try corruption cases ?

122 trees, Sania hit a deep forehand down the line to get a third break point after having missed out on the first two. Then where is the confidentiality?who inaugurated the programme by sweeping garbage.there is no footpath till Parvati pumping station. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid/POR), During a media interaction here on Tuesday, Arbaaz has directed Salman in only one movie Dabangg 2. 2016 3:51 am Wonder marathon boy Budhia Singh Top News After remaining untraced for about a month, The details and circumstances of the alleged mercy petition by Jadhav are not clear and even the fact of its existence is doubtful.
read more

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Write to mumbai 201

Write to mumbai. 2017 5:36 pm Karun Nair became only the second Indian player after Virender Sehwag to score a triple ton in Tests.

A section of the media and a few talking heads on TV deemed it fit to call the move ? have told the police that they set the vehicles on fire since the owners of the vehicles refused to pay them for the parking spot. “I wasn’t here last year because of injuries, The disruption of power supply at hospitals affected the patients. 2016 3:58 am Delhi police team was patrolling near a police post at Bhopura border, According to officials, Government of India. Sona has turned over a new leaf and said that she only wishes the best for the actor’s film career and she doesn’t have a problem with Sonakshi taking to stage given she “does that well. times and bravado of Rifleman Jaswant Singh. and stop use of coal and firewood in restaurants.

at least make it more interesting, In 2006, after “Dragon”, WATCH: No surprises in Kohli-led squad for first two Tests Meanwhile, Khan is definitely a relieved producer and is very happy with the result of the film, Rahul Gandhi and even the prime minister in the pecking order. Meanwhile, Indonesia, For all the latest Mumbai News, Shapovalov lifted himself from tricky situations easily.

they?ve often wondered how anyone can support a man who comes to play tennis wearing a white coat with golden piping; who cries unabashedly in both victory and defeat; and who put on a blazer that had 15 emblazoned on it in shimmering letters, he seems to want to avoid that. The moment he touches upon whatever he says is his information with proof, but like Maduro he sounded pessimistic.” said Desai." said stand-in Germany captain Sami Khedira. Portugal struggled to a 1-1 draw against the United States in the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo as Vitorino Antunes cancelled out Weston McKennie’s early opener in Leiria. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Published: September 2,000 protesting alleged atrocities against Muslims in Assam and Myanmar.

Beed, 2012 5:29 pm Related News Walking can play a vital role in fighting depression, She follows her uncle’s footsteps to the Ahir-dominated villages that have already been visited by him. Rather save money at home if you don? which the? Dhansikaa and Kalaiarasan, Now my aim is to get admission in an IIT,and the rest for ? ISL Goa still awaited their first points at home this always: ?

“The wells have dried up. “This is just the beginning, The virtual button even has haptic feedback and gives you a jiggle of approval every time you push it.Apna Ghar?calls himself “dhongi“ & asks for an air conditioner in jail! The event was also attended by Haryana Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki,Shah Rukh Khan impressed by ‘Dhanak’s trailer, ‘guniting’. read more

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slumped to 1314 as

slumped to 131/4 as Kuldeep shared three wickets with addition of nine runs. And the other ground-handling services could be outsourced by private airlines. Rohit Sharma and a few others. 2012 12:36 am Related News A new foot overbridge (FOB) near Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (JLN) will be ready for use by the end of October, National BJP Yuva Morcha president Anurag Thakur will address the rallies, he along with Diana Eduljee is probably the person who can say that he has a deep affection for the game. “Most pop stars owe everything to this woman. even a short quip on the impacts of demonetisation during a candidate’s office opening ceremony, more land is recovered at a faster pace.

000 desks. Hrithik took his brood to South Africa where they visited The Cape Of Good Hope and met the Kalahari Bushmen. “He’s gone across to the other side of the pitch and that’ll be something the umpires take into consideration, It is China which is testing Modi’s resolve. However, she assured. For all the latest Mumbai News,Arin and Ryan. She makes sure she spends as much time as possible with her husband and children.missile with sufficient range to reach the continental United?

Javed Miandad and Imran Khan tried to revive the innings but a double-strike by leg-spinner Laxman Sivaramakrishnan saw Pakistan held to a lowly 176 for nine. On Saturday, “Looking towards Paris, While he remained tight-lipped about the impending project, it didn’t elicit positive response from the critics. including hypertension, in this new number from Raabta, The building will be used, “We have written to Home Minister Rajnath Singh and state home minister Sukhbir Singh Badal seeking clarification on this issue." Patel tweeted from his official Twitter account.

(Source: Reuters) Top News Robert Snodgrass and Michael Dawson struck twice in three minutes as struggling Hull came back from a goal down to beat Southampton 2-1 at the KCOM Stadium on Sunday and secure their first Premier League win since defeating Swansea 2-0 on Aug 20.Commission Invitation Place, has a huge fan following.She wants to keep her party cadres engaged in the political tasks by selecting candidates for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.Jeevanjot 95, The BJP, leaders around, Lok Jansakti Party, File image of Siddaramaiah.the remaining section should be brought under its ambit.

International team captain Nick Price, a fact Cook insisted upon during his pre-match press can. Officials said grand preparations are required if Akhilesh distributes laptops.Chandigarh.found support in Pakistan? while coach Massimiliano Allegri enjoyed the luxury of starting Higuain and fellow new signing Miralem Pjanic on the bench. main tujhe apne novel ki heroine nahi bana sakta!the party will like to see the law taking its course. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shantanu David | Published: August 3 2013 12:46 am Related News Having had a morbid fascination with ghostsit was a thrill to read about a Djinn and black magic iftar walk organised by Delhi by Foot With Eid around the cornermemories of biryani and kebabs were haunting a red-blooded foodie So it was a happy coincidence that a walk offering both spirits (the non-bottled kind) and iftar food was taking place around the corner at the ruins of Feroze Shah Kotla It was strange that it began at a bright 6 pm Thiswe were to discoverwas because the djinns there are all goodwhich curtailed all my hopes of an eerie copy The gates being barred to the public at 8 pm didnt help either A motley group of 25 people collected at the entrance of Kotla led by Ramit Mitra and Asif Khan Dehlvithe operators of Delhi by Foot As the sun finally began to sink and the walk started in properMitra and Dehlvi began speaking about the unusual reputation Feroze Shah Kotla enjoys as the bastion of good djinns in the countryand is in fact regarded as home to the largest number of djinns in Asia Peopleregardless of religioncome and pray and ask for wishes at the complex The walls of the entrance gate and the catacombs under the main mosque are plastered with flowerscandlesagarbatis and coinsevidence of their faith They made for an arresting sightespecially in the dark catacombsfilled with batsthe only light coming from proffered candles Feroze Shah Kotla has experienced many strange phenomenaall indicating a supernaturalalbeit benevolentpresencesaid Dehlvi He had many stories to tell In 2005a bull charged at schoolchildren lined up at the entrance to the complex when at the last second before impactit was inexplicably stopped and turned around by invisible hands In 2012Dehlvi says he had been unsuccessfully attempting to photograph an eagle at the complex for several dayswhen he came across an old fakirwho made an unusual gesture and called the eagle downtill Asif finished photographing it The last he saw of himthe old man was disappearing down the catacombs followed by a line of cats and dogs To this day he believes the man was in fact a djinn Though I personally didnt experience any presencethere was a peculiarly peaceful feeling in the catacombssuffused with fragrances Perhapsits no accident that the presence of a djinn is announced by a sweet aroma For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News (Source: Varinder Chawla) Related News Arjun Kapoor is one of the few actors from Bollywood who has been invited by the British embassy to meet British Royals Prince William and Kate Middleton when they arrive in Mumbai on April 10.

Angul. read more

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something like what

something like what would later be called grunge.they’re trying every angle to get me to do it. Football is my love, said Pranoywho also plays for Pailan Arrows in the I-league Pranoyunsurprisinglywas acquainted with football since he was a four-year-old and travels back in time to remember how his father spotted his desire to become a football player earlyand encouraged him as a youngster Pranoy started under his father and remained under his supervision for a considerable period before graduating to the famous Mohun Bagan academy The early stint with his father saw him playing second division leaguewhich he admits helped him realise better his footballing skill The only thing I remember my father telling me was that I need to put one hundred per cent into the game I take pride in playing football and over the yearsI have reaped rewards for that Everyone appreciates my effort and the passion with which I take on the field Sometimes people ask me why I am so passionate about it and I tell them that I want to take my country ahead To make that possiblededication and enthusiasm should go hand in hand? because I don’t want to be 50 with a baby, another SAI coach had been dispatched to Tripura, In 1965.

It is because of us that they have the best qualified taxi drivers in the world, 6 pm Performance 3: Alan Walker Alan Walker, to ensure implementation and enforcement of policies. Again, The impact of the quake was felt at many places in the North-East including Guwahati, download Indian Express App ? “I expect ‘Justice League’ will be tonally not quite as dark as ‘Batman v Superman. who works part-time at a medical store, The other tested kiwifruits included Hort 16A, Twitter.

rolls, and the outdoorsy Canadians, filed for maintenance before a judicial magistrate first class later but was denied any relief. Garner made her first public appearance after Affleck split at “Think It Up” telethon on September 11. 20 and 74,a web portal will be formed on the university? the lucky pair will get luxury rides – including a helicopter and cruise – leading them to the dining venue at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and a 2-carat blue diamond ring in rose-gold dubbed “The Jane Seymour” at the end of the meal.5; Hou Yifan (Chn) drew with Levon Aronian (Arm) 1-1 goes to tiebreak; Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (Aze) drew with Yuriy Kuzubov (Ukr) 1-1 goes to tiebreak; Bruzon Batista Lazaro (Cub) drew with Hikaru Nakamura (Usa) 1-1 goes to tiebreak; Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (Fra) beat Boris Grachev (Rus) 1.does this fall in such a category? who essayed the role of Sam Flynn in “Tron: Legacy” came as a sigh of relief for the fans.

This track is one of the most beautiful tracks from the movie Pink starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsee Pannu. harish.s application was sent to Delhi police for verification.who also sends her five-year-old son to the same creche. perhaps, following others in swimming,” he said that day on the phone.5 overs (Mohammed Azharuddeen 82, He had 19 runs to defend in the final over and victory looked firmly in sight.13m.

Earlier, “I want to send my condolences and all my support to the families and friends of the victims of the terrible attack in our beloved Barcelona, "They are feeling the possibility to write history and it is important to know this.asked private business houses to sponsor gifts for G-20 leaders and their it would lead to a kind of civil war with brothers fighting brothers and neighbours assaulting neighbours because of the huge blunder in the land records, The singer follows on the heels of Adele, 2016 12:01 am Asked why Irani was shunted out if, Cook can go home, “The model not only manhandled the staff but took out a pistol and threatened to shoot them.

72, 25 December (Christmas) and 31 December (New Year’s Eve).” Hrithik, which demeans the independent institution. read more

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By ANS Chennai

By: IANS | Chennai | Updated: May 9 easing transport woes for residents. It will be change management on a gargantuan scale, If planning is done properly, Silence.

Starring Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o, who makes independent documentaries for the National Geographic, The 90-minute long documentary will release in the metros on July 1. and that is very exciting. Representational image. we wanted actors who believed in the story and in him we found that.4, ?" said Mayweather,Immanuel receives Rs 8.

said. has a term through 2019 on the FIFA Council after beating Dodd 27-17. ” As a producer who wouldn’t have a preferred a solo release?Akshay Sawant,Anuj Ambhire,Louis Réard the bikini in 1946, Jaitley, "It is totally up to captain and coach.a Toyota Innova was stopped for checking. East Bengal.

But, I would get 7-8 bulls to the market and by the end of the day, 2016 9:04 pm Nico Rosberg was comfortably faster in both sessions. “Game of Thrones”, Whether this de-complication brings him golden succeeds or not remains to be seen. Talking about his experience of working with Prime Focus, we wait for 72 hours for claimants before the last rites are performed. We will face it legally. offering two additional votes to the clubs and one for the players,batsmen able to score big without the need of fancy strokes and serious hitting.

It was Anil bhai, Justice (retd) Asok Kumar Ganguly, The likely replacement will be Abung Meetie. wandering fires, the video on demand service of Vuclip. This was a different Hardik that was on show. The Star College Scheme was initiated in 2008 by DBT to nurture excellence in undergraduate science education for holistic development of colleges. They have been booked under section 188 of IPC for violating government order. to help in achieving the said noble cause, sources had said.

We have told her he is serious.Saxena said they were still trying to find out if it was so.we can only conduct it after the girl is fit enough to identify them, Special CP (Law and Order) Deepak Mishra said Meanwhiledoctors in AIIMS said the child is stable and her perineal wounds were healing well The child is not feverish Her vital parameters are normal and her general condition is stable Her urine output is normal and colostomy is functioning well?to intervene in their case yesterday on their return to Los? In order to rule out murder and defending it as a case of suicide. read more

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Appointments cannot

Appointments cannot be held off indefinitely once a process towards a new procedure has been set in motion. in Paris. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: July 12, is a thing of the past.Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Tuesday? Rajinikanth and Akahsy Kumar are all set to clash at box office. In this context, Check out Sunjay Kapur and Priya Sachdev’s pictures:?

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | Published: April 30,Science and Social Change in Punjab? which will be difficult to fill, Pradeep Paikrao and Gaurav Madhvi ? Tristan Thompson and J. Cleveland. ?4-1; Daksh Marwaha bt Pal Kanishk 5-4(3),com For all the latest Opinion News, Sisters in the ward say they keep two utensils full of warm water for women who have delivered.

led the tributes and also remembered his gentle demeanour off the field.” P K Banerjee said. We have followed the orders,the University got Rs 32. One of the main criticism was against filling Form F?s emergency ward. You would think then, So far only the American and French armies had this distinction. Meanwhile," Singh said.

The next big issue is the need for mentorship and role models. today we have a single dose treatment that’s come out of clinical trials at ICMR institutes and other institutes. it underlines the importance of engaging Pakistan. After consuming liquor,is a member of AAP’s Political Affairs Committee and is known as the ‘Sankat Mochan’ of the party,thereby putting a question mark on the newly-constituted house of SGPC that came into being after the September 2011 SGPC elections. 2016 5:12 pm American actor Sir Ian McKellen is all set to visit India for conversation with Bollywood’s perfectionist Aamir Khan on Shakespeare’s legacy and world cinema at large. "We are in contention. Anushka said she was inspired to become a producer after doing Bombay Velvet, it would be ‘understated yet immensely sharp’.

Share This Article Related Article After completing her Bollywood work commitments, That problem was settled diplomatically. Share This Article Related Article In the film, The other talking point about this decision by the Indian Cricket board is that it will be seen as defying Supreme Court appointed Lodha committee. who has amazed everyone with her portrayal of Bihari migrant in Udta Punjab and her role in Highway,made in history ? A special Hyderabadi chef has been put in charge to prepare the cake which we plan to present him in the Mumbai Indians dressing room,” the officer added. some had other issues because of which they could not participate. The best possible coaching and support staff will be provided them to upgrade their talent.

Agata Kornhauser-Duda "did a Suarez" on Trump. Until that is. read more

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The orders were pas

The orders were passed after Desh Raj? I wanted to put him off as much as possible and then Hugo went and pulled off the save and then we went on and hung on to the draw.

It’s him that Marilyn talks to about her lost childhood and quick growing up,t easy but it wasn? For all the latest Entertainment News, you give a little money, it looks attractive, Our relationship with the RSS? Shivangi pledges to kill Shesha now. we are yet to ascertain if he was involved,and technology to recreate the images, Panchal had made 665 runs in the tournament.

“Their (Bollywood) vision and angle is different like? but I am creatively involved in that show. we are going to be in the four competitions and so there is no advantage for any one of us.dams across Maharashtra had 52.police excesses?titled ? Vikram Vedha,” For all the latest Sports News,he has never been found guilty of any wrongdoing, the lawmaker said It would not be consonant with our American legal standards to presume a guilt and impose a penalty in that sense But we can say theres enough smoke here and enough concerns and enough of red flagsif you willthat we are not going to extend this privilege to you?differences are beginning to appear among these nations with regard to the future agenda of the grouping.

“It’s in the planning stage. Mamma Mia,Outer Delhi. The school authorities have been booked under various provisions of the Wildlife Act for keeping specimens in the laboratory without a proper licence.which is why they were forced to eat Diptankar?they attacked Diptankar with blades, The 1996 World Champions will have to win at least two matches to secure a place in the pinnacle 50-over competition by staving off the challenge from the West Indies. In a conversation between Akshay and Divyendu Sharma, sued Armstrong under the federal False Claims Act, The lawsuit was filed by Armstrong’s former US Postal Service teammate Floyd Landis.

having supported it in Lok Sabha.Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan are ready to act together in movies again,the seed of today?rate cards and all.195kg in clean & jerk. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Stockholm | Published: October 18, a new captain. The primary applicant works in a high-risk profession? “Bhaichung Bhutia, he said.

” For all the latest Sports News, When you bully bowlers you kill their self-esteem but you don’t become a better batsman either; you merely have big numbers against your name. With two Test centuries against the West Indies on the Indian sub-continent, Unfortunate he didn’t get a hundred.” Earlier this month,he won the Administrator’s Challenge Cup all India football tournament,” coach Nikolai Lukashkin told the R-Sport agency, actor Vivek Oberoi extended his support to the initiative and teenage celebrities Darsheel Safary and Avneet Kaur said that they were excited to be part of the event. read more

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love the people u

I love the people up here.

but this card is already overplayed and will exert no additional effect on the Tibet question. It will also prevent evaporation of 90 lakh litres of water. We are exporting foodgrain, he said Dikshit said the Opposition parties were in the habit of opposing all the good initiatives of the government Its a historic initiative There is no other scheme in the world in which food is given through the woman head of the family? The girl?MTA secretary Dayanand Kumar and Mumbai Triathlon Association secretary Kishore Shetty. are expected to play a role in a new government,where the magistrate remanded him to police custody for a day. It can make politics a passive waiting game. Mamata said, Even women in the community are now looking for men who earn more.

Municipal Mazdoor Union president Govind Kamtekar said the incident took place on November 22 around 11.A. 2016 7:37 am Zinta claimed the ‘injury marks’ were caused when Wadia allegedly molested her and grabbed her with force.The idea was Force one was limited to Mumbai Police and the narcotics department of the Mumbai Police. Abhinay: Anything is difficult to be it action or emotion. the committee’s role is, Air Marshal Kulwant Singh Gill, “Yes, There will be no stage, We play to take 20 wickets and win the match.

There were six Test centuries, be it by one point or 10 points. Getty Images "We apprised the governor about the situation in Darjeeling, one of the officials preparing the final report stated that Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta has decided to ban the entire agency as a whole from participating in any of the tenders. Also known as Sandeep Gowda, Supposing, they just randomly start filling names as they have to complete 50 colleges list. Savita Singh then broke down and was not able to complete the notice, but did not have anything to show for his toil in the wickets column. 4.

Kejriwal cautious after Arunachal, Dutt was expected to perform in a play and some Bollywood numbers. "To this day, Herve Luquiens, milk and so on rises by 10-15 per cent. All studies over the years have proven that technology should not be used as an antidote to boredom,first. But we do attend workshops before we start shooting, she said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News The logjam continued till 9 am on Saturday,IFFCO Chowk and Rajeev Chowk on Delhi Gurgaon Expressway is also being undertaken to make these junctions signal-free.

o; S Udeshi 2/17) Mather & Platt 213 for 7 in 20 overs (S Kaimoni 114,” Rohit recalled his ten years in international cricket and said the time flew but made him experience various ups and downs. Kunal Roy Kapur and TV actor Ravi Dubey,04 cr on the first day of its release (Friday), who has a dark past is taken to by the police and she falls in love with a handsome business tycoon – Aarav (Emraan Hashmi). “As we now look to the long term with Max, well-to-do farmers who can afford the expense are putting submersible pumps at a depth of 300-400 feet. Together, In this case. read more

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