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Get a lot of traffic from the Shanghai love the home page and the inside pages of double

1, frequently updated information within the page;

2, page code and keyword optimization;

second, the optimization of

first we said the chain, and not let you go sending spam links, but there is a correlation to the chain, the chain in the right high on the site. Why can the website will give you a chain? Links is certainly not, unless you have a relationship or RMB. This is a principle of reciprocity, so small sites to let website links it to the website to provide information content. A few days later, everywhere was reproduced in the Baidu spider ah, noble baby spiders ah, around your site climbed on, because there are your links. read more

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Small business website promotion method Shanghai Longfeng detailed optimization flow


2, mining long words and keywords in small e-commerce sites are engaged in many popular products, so many of them are popular keywords, we are doing the word did not need to make great efforts to participate, need to make full use of advantages of mining expansion of the long tail key word (Analysys Encyclopedia: long tail keywords). This kind of keyword targeted, high conversion rate, optimization ranking is not difficult, long tail keywords is a beat competitors to win. The long tail word to long-term collection, can use the keyword tool and nobility baby love Shanghai index search query, and love Shanghai know and find the needs of users in search ask. read more

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