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Xiao Han To sum up the website ranking drop the ten most common situations

content is a >

second, website error changes

first, the server is not stable

! The

fourth, its website optimization over

competition at any time, so the website ranking, without any problems, do a reasonable job every day. But it is likely that your competitors in terms of optimization than myself, (but the keywords ranking decline is very small) other keywords in the rankings and more than us, our natural ranking will fall. In order to keep the rankings, the optimization of every day maintenance work must be in place. Otherwise we might not be back, but others in advance. read more

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Webmaster website Shanghai dragon should give up the chain behavior


sites are now not to send outside the chain link, free website is less and less. We know that the effect is not easy to do the best, as well as for the chain, and the original submission, to spend money to do the news source, buy links believe is the chain resources quality.

chain is always a web site operator heart pain, more and more platforms are not free to release the chain, more and more websites are banned in the chain. The guardian, Queensland found outside the chain of many webmaster forum some friends in the discussion on how to send the high quality of the chain? Is read more

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Google algorithm uncertain how to deal with the Google drop right punishment

1, noble baby site: domain name, if you can not find the home page, right down the possibility of more than 80%

to see such a strange phenomenon plus Google ranking algorithm to improve the rumors, so Lenovo to the rank page website is replaced by Google drop right or the sandbox. Carefully recall optimization steps about the author, that may be the largest "Google bomb" (keyword anchor text is too simple and too much in a short time, the chain increased too fast) caused, therefore the analysis of some Google drop right punishment phenomenon and the site is Google drop right after the performance. read more

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A month 15 day love Shanghai main keywords ranking scheme

website started without weight, love Shanghai could not give high weight, so if you start to optimize the relatively high degree of difficulty of the word, what changes this website basically not.

first 1. Title collocation scheme, key words Web page is best of 3 to 5 is the best analysis of the keywords competition, through the love of the Shanghai index, and the site title screen.

note: this figure is the main reaction keywords, trademark registration, trademark registration, trademark search, online trademark registration, trademark trademark online inquiries, online registration, read more

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How to carry out site URL path optimization

directory and website URL path, when necessary by the implementation of more reasonable optimization path all the article page in a directory on the way, so webmaster convenient management, convenient to search engines crawl (short path), for users with good visual effect, like the Shanghai encyclopedia as all the columns in the paper are placed in the most chapter directory view inside.

website URL path optimization matters

try to avoid the wrong path, URL path can not access the site, this path is not friendly to the search engine. read more

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On the website of Shanghai dragon how to write the original article

there is love for Shanghai library is more effective than love Shanghai search results, some row of appearance in the pages of the website of Shanghai love gorgeous, devoid of content, almost impossible to find useful information, may be the macro point of view is biased, because I often write some information in this article, find some related websites for a long time, are very disappointed, what almost no decent articles, especially clothing shoes website, most of them are pictures with a obscure words, confusing, beautiful pictures from a visual point of view is to attract people eyeball, with users of the immunity gradually increased, this way from the user experience point of view is not some outdated read more

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A new source of the website chain how to let the chain live longer

usually we have 2, hyperlinks and text links. Part of the recruitment website or can leave hyperlinks, such as chinahr贵族宝贝, qianchengwuyou, most of the recruitment website can leave pure text links. But we can still put pure text links to the extreme.

when the chain we have released no echo on Internet sites, we should not need the chain platform some live longer? We have the chain of survival chain platform – long recruitment website (paid recruitment website).

or long"

if your company or enterprise recruitment, try it this way. Comparison of classified information, the forum to release information website. The chain pay recruitment website is more stable. This paper consists of: Crane _贵族宝贝> read more

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Google and love sea were declared the priority included HTTPS website

The popularity of

but also enjoy preferential conditions, for example:

Cleartext mode of information



in addition, there is a detail problem, I do not know because the HTTPS in the domestic popularity rate is low or love do not pay enough attention to the HTTPS in Shanghai, and Shanghai also love noble baby search keywords [Shanghai dragon] optimization, noble baby search results ranking page 10, 4 for the HTTPS page in the commercial advertisement there are 3, including 2 for the HTTPS page, because most readers may not be able to open the nobility baby smoothly, this figure for the reader to verify: read more

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Create long tail sword seckill site traffic

3, the long tail word article page factors: title is for title page after the "word" technology rating search engine lists the search results page, and the most ideal Chinese segmentation form is perfectly matched, the weight of any search engine page title is very high, if the long tail word appears in the title and match exactly. Then the search engine to give the weights is very high.

is necessary to complete a task for a qualified Shanghai dragon Er website target keywords ranking, but when the target keywords on the search engine home page, the next step may make them worry, Shanghai dragon will do what work, what is the next task? If you want to become a the real name of Shanghai dragon er, the website maintenance must be understood, one of the most important job is to stabilize the long tail word ranking in the website maintenance tasks, and to achieve the expansion of new long tail word ranking, to further improve site traffic. I join Shanghai dragon soon, through their own practical experience and a lot of Shanghai dragon master for examples to explain the long tail word ranking factors. I have summed up several important factors to share (the following factors are to do with the long tail word form). read more

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Do the 21 channels of the chain


9. platform links to friends and relatives (such as my brother has a love Shanghai space, have a website, I can make him do Links and I)

in Shanghai Longfeng work friends, we do Shanghai dragon is not easy, because the Links is really a bother. The following 21 kinds of commonly used method to increase the reverse link. In practice, we share the

14. love Shanghai libraries (header in the word document in the form of written sources, URL >

8. search and you site related words, and the results of related web sites to find the page, enter the website of the Links page, look into its Links requirements for Links. read more

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A few guess Ali did search

search engine is still the biggest Internet traffic entrance, although the market is in a complete mess up.

we look at Ali, Taobao and Tmall Ali in 2012 eleven during the double record single day sales of 19 billion miracle, and in November last year has been completed ahead of the sales target trillion. But it also reflects some degree from Taobao is likely to have reached its heyday, the fear of the future is difficult to have a breakthrough.

Ali recently launched Ali cloud search engine, which is the Alibaba following Ma announced another major event after leaving office. So, for this is the network Public opinions are divergent. Then the Alibaba of the shot, what purpose? You may wish in this confusion of voices from the heart of all doubts, listen to Song Congming in a few words. read more

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According to the specific method about the URL address of the Shanghai dragon operation optimization

to create a memorable URL

search engine’s favor, the best use of the website to generate static pages or generate pseudo static pages, it has two advantages: 1. practice has proved that the search engine in the collection, the advantage of static pages. With 2. parameters in dynamic URL, interfere with the user’s memory, and static pages " clean " a lot of user memory. If the site must adopt dynamic page, we should try to reduce the number of parameters which occurs in URL. read more

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From the Taobao store was included in Shanghai Longfeng and see

1, love

2, without the support of the chain is very important, I have seen the row in front of the Taobao store chain, usually joined Taobao navigation station, blog Taobao passenger trans, be sure to check there are many.

and Rooibos can not be too dependent on

two, Shanghai in the end what love is more important;

algorithm mechanism inside Shanghai appeared omissions, before the love of Shanghai "

4, included all the two level domain name, I read all the results included, are the two level domain name, then from another angle that the two domain name than a directory and better optimization. read more

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Five people are most likely to make big mistake in the keyword analysis

the flow and competitiveness is relatively low and no decisive role to the website goal. But if your website can make these words as additional keywords, so that you can get more traffic from search engines rather than make your target word more lack of competitiveness.  

  "it is better to have a big small pie and a small piece of not only a big pie."

is a seemingly simple mistakes, but also has many people will continue to repeat mistakes…… When it comes to the study of keyword search volume is a very important standard. But people often make such a mistake, search volume is always too much attention widely and is not a perfect match, especially when using Google keyword tool.   read more

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Factors that influence the website ranking is ignored

if a website or domain name brand is frequently search, then the search engine will think this site is users looking for "official website" and affect website ranking. As we often search for "Shanghai dragon why" or "Shanghai dragon one hundred thousand why to Shanghai dragon word influence. This is the only teacher said Shanghai Longfeng three levels of the highest level of "by Shanghai dragon, to create a new keyword"

hits, said the web page ranking click ratio in the north. In general, the top three sites, often occupy the click rate of 80%, while the rank order is very high to the influence of the hits, but different title writing style, the popularity of the site, the degree of novelty title will also affect the behavior of Internet users click. This time, if the actual click on a site where the position is much higher than the average click on the top, the search engine will record the user behavior, so that the content of the site is more suitable for Internet users, more useful to users and give the site a higher ranking. This is the principle of "simulated clicks". read more

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From the changes of the content of the website is updated to see love in Shanghai

We all know that

is very important to regularly update a website, because browsing important both to attract users, when the user enters the site, only a new content for the user to read; and it is very important for the search engines, because when the search engine spiders crawl the site, found no new station the content in the course of time, would not be the site to crawl. The station content updates for a Shanghai dragon Er is a very important thing, must every day to update it, will make the search engine more love, let the user experience better. read more

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Wang Tong entrepreneurship should focus on the simplest thingsSing the popular secret execution mee

we only need to spend OK hours a week, not limited by the time and space of our audit. Although there are well-known investors who want to invest from the start, we still refuse to consider it.

software functions, agent model, three tier distribution, back-end business, cooperation resources, new media dissemination, etc..

cattle a year do tens of millions, and it is a public number by professor a year tens of millions of revenue valuation of 7 hundred million, a similar case, we will have the very much. read more

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World War made 3 billion How did she get from the bank teller to Queen VCshlf1314 AdSense wants t

this morning, wearing a purple shirt, wearing a pearl necklace figure extraordinarily overhangs in a black suit in a group. This is Jingdong’s first investor – Xu Xin, founder of today’s capital. Listed on the day, Jingdong closing price of $20.90, compared with the issue price rose 10%, the market capitalization of $28 billion 600 million. Today, capital holds 7.8% of Jingdong’s shares, and by this means, Xu Xin made a big profit of $2 billion 200 million on Jingdong. By the end of July, the Jingdong’s share price rose to $40 billion, is part of the reduction, capital today earned nearly $3 billion. read more

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Ali mother publishing on the basis of accounting CPA Raiders i e Amoy RaidersMy station is less tha

        5.; enter this category promotion directory, will list a directory that can recommend the baby information also fine classification, here does not involve

permanent repeat customers,

        4. pages below, there is a list of optional promotional baby, this classification is consistent with Taobao commodity classification, I chose this is the classification of computer hardware.

as Taobao customer, my station is not to show.

if you are still building a friend, please look at my last article: my site experience, avoid novice detours, read more

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How do Wangzhuan novice just startedWhy did so many pro business startups suddenly die

is currently in the field of micro electricity providers, the most famous media from Gong Wenxiang, micro-blog based Gong Wenxiang has millions of fans, >


2 can be famous.

shared the economy in the past two years, especially the sharing of bicycles is now seen everywhere. Guardian Yuan Kun thought personal point of view is not reliable bike sharing is useless, investors are willing, entrepreneurs pursuit, user happy, the day before Chongqing bicycle Wukong ceased operations, a loss of several million dollars. read more

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