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Novice AdSense for help do you stand right

a few days before graduation, work can not be fixed, make a stand, alone when a friend! ~ is to learn financial management, in the second year, hooked on computer, slowly into the station for this industry, although the station also made a but also can not be called the


will do if stations were divided into several levels of words, I should be a small private, the next step is certainly to become a monitor! Of course, can become a graph king, punk, refusing to swim a river fish, such as commander, commander level is a lot of dreams…… read more

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Shanghai seeks innovation science and technology my poineering experience

me: founder of in Shanghai. Life lies in the pursuit of the cause from the creation, the pursuit of creation is my motto, but also the source of the company’s development momentum. Pursuit is a belief, everyone has his own pursuit, the pursuit is also different from person to person, different from each other. My pursuit is to continue to create, create brilliant career, creating a miracle of life. My pursuit is not what I want, but from my parents.

parental expectations are my motivation, read more

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Personal experience of friendship link

update today GOOGLE finally, my new PR followed. This half a month to meet this update, every day I insist on looking for Links, meet a lot of people and things in the process of looking for the Links, sometimes feel that these things often seem trifles set people thinking.

when looking for Links, because my site is built just 1 months and 10 days, that is to say half a month before my site is built only less than a month’s time, when PR=0 Alexa, "no date," the rankings included and little time every time I find people to exchange Links are just sent to the other site was refused, even some information is not… There are some more interesting, with me to say English "No door", anyway, at that time every day as if a network of beggars, with people begging, so-called friendship links. read more

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Video industry arrangement where commercial purpose belong


sitting on the High German map, micro-blog and Sina and many other unfamiliar street mobile terminal of excellent products apparently did not stop the pace of expansion in the capital, recently we are in a heat transfer to the strategic investment PPTV, according to the electric grid blog, now the deal has to sign the final decision time. In fact, before the PPTV and sudden scandal is the largest Sohu in the negotiations with PPTV also entered the deep level, just because then PPT complex financial situation and opinions within a Sohu is not unified, this makes the transaction to be stranded. Now Ali to regain the deal, from the middle waded in and what state of mind? read more

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Website protection from a hacker’s point of view

one, looking for a good space service,

Chinese hackers alliance invasion has long past, I also happened to see. The Chinese black Union as one of the big three of the hacker community, has a strong technical support, site is almost impossible. Then through what intrusion? Perhaps your website is on! All static HTML, nor is there any the storied building, but was invaded. This is the use of A. Especially the virtual space users, other sites use Ming boy or ah D will find your site on the server, and then use other website vulnerabilities easily invaded server, and then to find your site… Of course, good quality is the server can prevent the marginalia, my website server is anti marginalia. read more

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Yu Lijuan senior vice president of Tianya community do community marketing with Chinese characteris

August 6, 2009, the "2009 and fourth annual new marketing annual meeting of iResearch" sponsored by iResearch, opened in Beijing Kerry center. This annual meeting is one of the heavyweight meeting iResearch annual, annual meeting will be from the network media marketing value, network marketing model of innovation and development trend of the economic crisis, can stop the network marketing, steady growth in the current economic environment for network marketing, how those changes reflect the value of Internet marketing, how to adjust the network advertising how to analyze the main advertising strategies, new requirements and other aspects of viewpoint and discussion. read more

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How should the daily basic work of SEO be carried out

many webmaster often ask this question, SEO every day in the end should do what, no matter how to do, ranking is not up, and even do sit, there is no clue. In fact, everyone in the Internet to see things are stereotyped, say do SEO is to adhere to the day, the hair of the chain, looking for Links what, after all that said the truth, so many people do, but the effect is still not very good.

but you have not noticed that every word.? yes, a good web site SEO is indeed the proper maintenance, from the aspects of the chain, but these are not the content of the website, let you casually looking for a place to leave their promotion site, then to some online too more from the Internet to find the things thrown on the line, so, you’re wrong. read more

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How to do a good user experience by using password obsessive compulsive disorder

recently discovered a new term, password obsessive compulsive disorder, from some news reports. Computer passwords, e-mail passwords, credit card passwords, QQ, MSN, Fetion and other communications tools, as well as Taobao, excellence, Dangdang and other web passwords…… Modern people often forget the password, often for mental fatigue, in a trance, and even had a serious mental disorder. Because many people will remember the password to remind yourself often got obsessive-compulsive disorder, others are often difficult to get the password no rest, setting too simple and easy to remember but if stolen, too difficult to set yourself and remember, in the course of time, become anxious psychological anxiety, seriously affect physical and mental health, this is the "password obsessive-compulsive disorder". read more

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300 thousand doctors 86 million users spring doctor business model will go from here

Abstract: through four years of accumulation of about 300000 doctors, 86 million users, data resources, the average daily answer 270 thousand questions, such a huge base, the spring rain doctor business model will go from here?

has accumulated about 300000 doctors, 86 million users and data resources through four years. The average daily answer to 270 thousand questions, such a huge base, will the doctor’s business model go from here?

this is Dr. Liu Chengping, chief marketing officer of spring rain doctor, who is on the grand health online salon with new wealth and hard eggs. The text reads: read more

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How to let other sites give you free flow

so-called traffic domain name is that you do not spend time to promote, there will be traffic to the domain name, for such domain names, we can play our Chinese expertise: "bring doctrine."". Well, what’s the use? For these traffic, that can be used to advertise their website, can also be used to do parking to make money.

, let’s do some simple research on these flow meters:

looking for traffic meters, looking for big web sites, the use of Internet users habitual mistakes bring you traffic, these domain names are called "TYPO Domain"". read more

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Experience in sharing City individual and operator recruitment network

at the beginning of 2009, influenced by the global financial crisis, most domestic recruitment giants suffered serious losses. At the same time, it has also created favorable conditions for the development of regional talent networks.

I am in Hunan, Yiyang, individuals operating Yiyang talent network,, Yiyang recruitment network, Yiyang talent newspaper and other recruitment sites.

after a year of development, Yiyang talent network Baidu has occupied the first position, at the same time, it is better to occupy the market, making Yiyang recruitment network in half a year ago, have also achieved good results, complement each other and talent network, to support, to consolidate the certain status. read more

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A fact about website optimization SEO

on site optimization, there are a lot of people are involved, learning, research, which is an emerging industry, said the industry, but in fact there are such a group of people, has been trying to do some things, some of my friends have achieved some results, but some are still groping.

in recent years. The article on the SEO, and the case seems more and more, however, is still not clear, there are a lot of people have begun to claim to be an expert, in fact, people in the industry understand that the so-called experts, but is also a study, have some experience, but may each have biased. read more

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Bill Gate’s law of success

‘s first rule: adapt to life,

life is not fair, get used to it. Destiny is in one’s hand.

second rule: success is your personality capital

the world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself.

success is the highest state of life, success can change your personality and dignity, conceit is stupid.

third rule: don’t expect

for nothing

just graduated from high school. You won’t make 40 thousand dollars a year. You won’t be a vice president with a car phone, until you earn both. read more

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Deliver product value branding ideas mobile apps interesting drop UPS

May 22nd, Twitter officially announced the patent drop-down refresh, the patent is presented in a year ago, although the company reiterated that this patent is used only to protect themselves, not to initiate proceedings, but there is no doubt that the industry is still a threat.


pull-down refresh this operation first by Tweetie founder Loren BriceMar Te (Loren Brichter) to the invention, is now widely used in a variety of applications, Sparrow, Facebook, Sina, micro-blog, and even the native iOS system are also in this way. The theory is that the drop-down refresh is suitable for application in accordance with the time sequence from the new to the old alignment of feeds, read the old content in this scenario, the user will naturally drop down to find updated content, so it is very reasonable drop-down refresh. read more

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Local website operation experience characteristic traction information navigation classification a

development is the local website is the "fast and furious", less than 2 years, the country basically every city has its own local network, but which do well again a few? The technical difficulty of the local website, operability attracts countless webmaster want to a cup of soup, ask: your local web search engine keyword ranking first in the local


want to do a website is not easy, want to do a service for the local people where the website is not easy, so should the local website owners do? How should they go to the local site operation read more

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From the operational point of view talk about coupon play and routines

seemingly small coupons are not simple, it is an economic issue, but also consumer psychology problems, but also operators need to grasp the important operational strategy.

first lead coupons, then orders, almost everyone online shopping fixed process. Whether it is B2B/B2C, or O2O, electronic business platform activities always indispensable coupons figure, and even most of the time, electricity supplier activities can almost equal to coupon activities.

618 or two, 11 or so, as the year and the end of the two electricity supplier ceremony, coupons are flying everywhere. read more

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How to quickly make money at the local site general chapter

1, there must be a local site,

2, must know how to make money after the site,

3, be sure to know how long this money will last and how long it will take to transition or upgrade its site or make money.

4, be sure to sum up yourself,

5, be sure to bring out your own experience and share

with your friends

began to stand the friends winded a few words

start now,

27149 has been the local site for nearly 10 months, but I have a profit of more than a year, that is 24149 of the construction site and end when it has made a profit, which is an important content to share the experience of today. read more

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‘m still a station master

today is 3.15, this computer has been with me for one year, and it has been a year since I was a station. I learned a lot of things in a year, very quickly. Begin to do a website I was a little accidentally, but is completely out of love for the computer.

now I spend more than 6 hours online every day, every day will refresh the website, check included and Alexa ranking. I don’t know. I’m not a junior webmaster. I haven’t made any money with a website yet. In order to allow the site to operate, in fact, it can be said to support, I have done a lot of things, such as: help users do pictures, decorative shops, dress up space, the best time to do network maintenance. The money earned is used to promote websites and improve server quality. When it comes to my server is really irritated, do not stand up to a year I had three space, although not expensive, but the quality is really flattered, the industry on this issue I dragons and fishes jumbled together! Do not want to say what, hope you can buy in the space to wipe their eyes open. read more

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‘m always copied never surpassed

free online picture generation, in the vertical division of the Internet, my seems always destined to go a little farther than others. Initially, Cai Liwen with his sharp eyes, without hesitation, put a lot of money, is expected to not profit in three years, creating the first domestic online picture generated website. I did not expect just half a year later, he met with Ali Mama, Taobao, Tencent, Baise, Comsenz mall and other well-known enterprises to cooperate, after one year, the PR value is up to 6, the number of the members reached 200 thousand, the focus of a freeze on it. read more

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Grassroots truth Dream silently work

Baidu seems to have included my blog

in April 18thBut

seems to be in late April to put me out of.

‘s original 20 page is not 20 pages now,.

Google has collected 47 pages for me,

you mean you’re so mean,

, Baidu?

, this is what I’m looking at this time,

bothered to look at

I don’t want to use anything, SEO

SEO I won’t,.

doesn’t want to live for Baidu,

also saw many articles in ADMIN5,.

only honestly do the station (blog)

seriously adhere to the original

every day read more

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