rural this treasure, a vast territory, containing endless treasure, as long as the good excavation, will be able to become a source of wealth for countless people! But the key is, many people do see a piece of land, but did not know how to find, even if found, do not know how to choose, let Xiaobian weapon!

The method to find the

1. through a friend as well as the word of mouth effect, 2 through advertising and their own understanding, the other way to find new business opportunities, read more

New Year’s Day holiday is coming, you want to do some part-time during the holidays to earn a lot of people outside the block. New year’s day selling what to earn? The following four suggestions for most entrepreneurs, let us take a look at it.

A,   winter thermal underwear; we all have to wear underwear, so long as many people, certainly good sales. Sell warm summer clothes with underwear, thermal underwear is a good package, only need to take a set of samples to come out and do it, not all can be removed the bag like summer clothes hanging up as well. read more

now, the rich two generations have set foot on the pace of entrepreneurship, want to find their foothold. These days, there are friends in WeChat circle of friends to share: today, micro-blog ordered a milk tea, milk tea was actually open to Ferrari!" The micro-blog

  the mention of driving a Ferrari to send tea this thing, the boss shook his head: "we are for this distress, because then there are a lot of people some tea, will have been staring at to ask:" boss, today is Ferrari to send me? When we stopped to our unit downstairs, my colleagues and I have come down to enjoy In the end is to buy milk tea or look at the car, and sometimes really let us very distressed."

2013 two people both graduated after returning home, the family had to arrange for their good work in people’s eyes, "but we are too rebellious, for their own dreams put home painstakingly arranged his job." The boss said to reporters. After

read more

now because of the relaxation of our country whole family planning policy, so in the next period of time, our country will usher in a tide of fertility and the maternal and child market will also start to become hot up, then open the baby products stores which have purchase channels?

now many entrepreneurs to put into the eyes of maternal and child supplies market, opened a successful maternity stores, the secret of success lies in the purchase channels, the goods cheap, then your profit value is higher, the following small for everyone will answer what three is the three common maternal purchase channels shop. read more

Taiwan snacks and drinks are popular, the market demand is very strong. It is a good choice to open the Taiwan beverage store. Each industry has its own rules, in the end what needs to pay attention to open Taiwan drinks? The following Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the next. I believe you will learn a lot of knowledge.

first, not too close to the school, about fifty meters, can not be too far, in particular, can not cross the fork. Because it is too close, the students just out of school, but also did not expect to buy something to eat, or want to buy, too many people, the teacher is still around, teachers are not elementary education spending; and is too far away, the parents may have been picked up the home swiftly. Fifty meters, the largest number of people, the car is difficult to walk, all students sitting in the car, they will want to buy good, and parents feel anyway also go out, let the children go to Taiwan to buy a cup of drink and drink, or buy some snacks to eat is also very good. read more

With the flourishing development of

education market, composition training is one of the most promising investment projects. The entrepreneurial choice is not only to grasp the key subjects in Chinese education, but also facilitate the development of training.

because of composition training stores in the market has always been a popular project, therefore, for entrepreneurs, the industry’s correct location is conducive to the development of the industry and. Even so, there are a lot of entrepreneurs in the market will mistakenly believe that as long as the bustling place is good business. In fact, for different projects, must have a different business address. read more

once married woman gave birth to a child, it is difficult to engage in their own careers, hold up half the sky, but now his, Xiao Bian will take several edge kids doing good for your project, to bring new hope for mothers, new life!

how to make money while the children? Convenient bag plastic convenient bag is the most extensive, the most common, the largest number of disposable consumer goods, bring convenience to people. Plastic bags are closely related to people’s lives, whether it is to the supermarket shopping, or the market to buy food; regardless of urban and rural areas, seasons, or daily life, the basic necessities of life everywhere. According to preliminary statistics, the per capita consumption of at least 1 per day, a market needs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per day, the market is huge, never dried up. The production of plastic bags without brand, small investment, quick returns, economic stability. The most common market to vest bag as an example: 18 cm wide raw material can be produced per kilogram of 300-500, market wholesale price of 0.8-1 yuan per hundred, each bag sold 0.8-1 cents, the material is 2.0-2.5 yuan / kg, per bag cost for 0.4-0.5, each bag can be Li 0.3-0.6. According to the daily production of 100 thousand calculations, the daily profit of 300-600 yuan, the larger the bag, the more upscale, higher profits. read more

chicken market to join in the project to choose the farmer market chicken, chicken farmers market to join what advantage can persuade you, if you want to know, please see below, look for the farmer chicken market advantage can join the move you.

farmers market advantage

1, assist site selection and evaluation

to assist franchisees for fieldwork to seek to assess the feasibility of the shop, shop. Through the region, business district, customer survey to provide turnover estimates, operating profit and loss estimates and other information for the franchisee reference. read more

garment industry’s popularity is self-evident, many people who want to start a business will also consider the industry, in recent years, the domestic clothing franchise industry is very hot, a lot of investment in garment industry of people walking on the road to build up the family fortunes. The types of clothing market stores and clothing brands are increasingly rich, but this competition pressure is more and more, how to make a clothing store in the competition? Here to give you a detailed analysis of entrepreneurs. read more

open a supermarket, although not doing big business, but almost every owner wants his business can be booming, so as to attract more customers, to earn more money. In the present, regardless of the city or the countryside, the size of the supermarket more and more, the increasingly fierce competition between the retail industry, the business is difficult to make the current universal phenomenon.

as a retail business, retail supermarket is the root of our survival, and then have to operate a difficult business. Some retail businesses for business problems, began to seek solutions, and through their own hard work, so that their own supermarket out of the woods. In the supermarket operation for many years, I have accumulated some business experience, and now come out to share with you: read more

current era is an era of entrepreneurial innovation, traditional industries must rely on transformation and upgrading to seek new opportunities for development. Qingdao city in carrying out the management activities at the same time, continue to promote reform and innovation, to promote the traditional enterprise achievements of new development.

"last year, the city through the aspects of support, has established a perfect entrepreneurial ecology environment, a large number of innovative youth introduced a lot of good and new products." Qingdao Municipal People’s Congress, Hao Feng (Qingdao) Food Co., Ltd. Ma Tiemin, after investigation found that the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovative activities for the city’s traditional enterprises have brought unprecedented opportunities and challenges. read more