business has become a mainstream phenomenon in society, and many of them are active in the city held a series of youth entrepreneurship competition, and for the majority of young entrepreneurs are a good platform for entrepreneurs, promote their entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

10 on Sept. 14, 2015 Guangdong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship contest the semi-finals officially kicked off in Foshan, hundreds of senior tutor organizers carefully invited and mysterious large coffee have appeared, with training and entrepreneurship salon for players Ariadne, today and tomorrow, 160 projects from around the province and the team will be after fierce competition. Finally produced 14 projects into the finals. read more

sesame seed cake is a favorite food for many consumers, the rise of sesame seed cake to allow people to witness the spread of traditional Chinese food, but also set off a hot food market in this project. For those who want to invest in sesame seed to join entrepreneurs are not just for the pursuit of the interests of the development, but to see the farther. So, sesame seed join need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

in the taste of the sesame seed cake to join should pay more attention, sesame seed stores need to pay attention to what? The traditional taste has been unable to meet the needs of modern consumers, sesame seed stores need to pay attention to what? So in order to meet the needs of the consumers should choose a variety of flavors of the brand, Clay oven rolls is such a good brand, so that consumers not to eat greasy, fresh, for product sales and popularity is a good premise. read more

floor is one of the people familiar with the home building materials, and now invest in bamboo flooring store is good? Now a lot of new entrepreneurs have begun to join the ranks, if you want to worry about the business, you need to learn business skills. If you want to worry about the business, then choose the brand product right.

in recent years, the development of bamboo flooring industry is very optimistic about the market, the investment in bamboo flooring stores can get the ideal development space. But want to successfully set up shop, join the bamboo flooring chain industry, want to succeed must understand certain business methods. Grasp the operation of bamboo flooring industry is the key to success. Need to know a lot of methods and skills in this area. So how can we get better development? read more

now, the agent of a brand of products is the choice of many entrepreneurs, the risk is relatively low. However, there are many entrepreneurs believe that the products is very simple, as long as the agent of the products come and then sell on the line, but it is not, in the choice of products, entrepreneurs to think about many questions: is ready to develop products as a long-term career, or only as a supplement to existing products. Or some other purpose? The purpose is not the same, in the venture capital, time, energy and mode of operation is not the same, these factors often directly affect the final fate of the project. Entrepreneurs in the agent products should pay attention to the following three questions. read more

in such an era of interest, if the investment can not make a business to make money, such a business naturally there is no way to attract people’s attention. So, if you want to start making money, you also need to choose business opportunities. So, how much does it cost to open a dry cleaning shop? Today, as long as the mention of small capital investment, then it is definitely a dry cleaners. Indeed, about 50 thousand yuan can open a dry cleaning shop, which also makes a lot of money shortage of investors to start a business trip. read more

men’s market there is a lot of business opportunities, compared to the women’s market, men’s profits are more lucrative, so many people want to open a men’s shop. What’s the name of the men’s shop? Shop name is a lot of people are very worried, I do not know how to start, then, today we will provide you with a few good men’s clothing shop name reference!

the natural elements, Shuimunianhua, Yan Huang, men, men, Qingcang state Aibo men’s clothing, clothing, age size, fashion Gallery search, sweaters, jackets, Sunday week, Ol soft neon wardrobe, clothing, male male clothing tide. read more

snack pasta sales of a wide range of rice noodles on the need to be considered, as a popular item in Chinese snacks to join the project, the consumer market has been high in the line. At present, the domestic snack franchise market is saturated, if you want to make a Chinese fast food snack business, only the unique characteristics of the project to public health, talent shows itself, and the main consumers of green features is now the main choice of dining, Dianfeng noodle as a well-known noodle brand, has already won consumer recognition. read more

people’s living standards continue to improve, the best choice for a healthy life. Today, in our lives, health and health of delicious Western food, is very attractive. Milan Milan Western food? Excellent quality, the best choice for small business.

Milan Milan restaurant with the food itself nourishing effect, a warm, active blood tonic effect, not only make people more warmth rising from the bottom of my heart, Chinese hearthside reunion festival. Grilled steak, pasta, pizza, Teppanyaki, appetizing meals, soup, salad, choice of Western Taiwan Island, fried rice, noodles, rice lunch sandwiches, snacks, desserts, coffee, tea drink, drink Smoothie milante, Fresh Juice, art, wine, red wine and ice cream. read more

in our life, for food, always very love. So, how to choose to join sibeisi ice cream business? High quality entrepreneurial projects, is the first step of our successful business!

joined sibeisi ice cream? What are the practices?

sibeisi ice cream practice as its brand, its taste, its story, like a romantic encounter. A Spers ice cream, frozen ice cream is not only two hundred grams of the product, but a fusion of infinite love and romantic exquisite story of the life of Spers. Spers ice cream practice creative and simple operation, which makes Spers ice cream stores are delicious zero burden, you can enjoy ice cream: Spers ice cream is made of pure natural ingredients, natural, fresh one, fat free, sugar, low fat, low sugar, high fiber, rich in vitamins, probiotics and precision production and antioxidant. Spers ice cream practice has been in continuous innovation, based on the forefront of the catering market, proactive, innovative, with a unique business model, establish company brand image and market credibility, Spers magic ice cream approach provides a good platform for the accumulation of wealth for the majority of investors Spers ice cream. read more

no matter what kind of business we run, if we can seize the hearts of consumers, this business will be more successful. In short, the business is easy to understand words is to do business, big business is business, small business is operating, such as the operation of a small supermarket, or operating a smoke cabinet. Do not think that these small businesses do not need brains, it can be learned! How to do a good job of these small businesses, how to seek development in the business, which is the next question to be considered. read more

site for the shop owner has always been one of the most difficult choice problem, bad location may affect the latter sales. And each store location is different, each store operators have their own site selection skills, to the fun of self-help small pot shop, to introduce the location of what skills.

a, business district choose

in the business district on the one hand, to consider the restaurant’s own market positioning, on the other hand to consider the stability and maturity of the business district. Restaurant market positioning is different, to attract the customer base is not the same, the choice of business district is different. In the case of Beijing, divided into municipal commercial district (Xidan, Wangfujing), district level commercial type, fixed point (target) consumption type, community type, agency business dual-use type, such as different types of tourist interest, as a small investment in small fishing Hot pot Hot pot shop, mainly on the side of the district choice in the dual-purpose type community type and two types of community business district, the two district shop in the relatively low rent, traffic is also very big, very suitable for Hot pot shop. read more

even selected famous brand glasses, even if the service in place, even if the true realization of the high quality and inexpensive products, however, because the products lead to improper maintenance, product quality can let the consumer satisfaction, all efforts can only be wasted. However, for those who do not have entrepreneurial experience, product maintenance work is not good. So, how to open the glasses store product maintenance?

below the glasses store product maintenance skills sharing. read more

In recent years, the development of

beauty industry is very fast, but also an industry worth considering during this time, the successful operation of beauty salons, need five points, one is to choose a good location, the two is to determine the market positioning, the three is to choose the best talent, four palm business skills and the grip of the industry, five is the choice of products and brands. As long as you do these five points, success will belong to you.

1, choose the right address: beauty salon is an out of the blue service business shop, you need to specify the address and the business district to expand their business, therefore, the choice of the address is very critical. read more

cigarettes according to the price and quality of the different, will be divided into high-grade and low-grade. In the whole cigarette business big market, high-grade cigarettes will undoubtedly greater profits, naturally more attention by operators. In fact, the high end of the high margin of cigarettes, profits, to enhance the profitability of retail customers, increase sales revenue has a great role in promoting. From the current market situation, high-grade cigarette sales are mainly concentrated in the city and some of the "three place", the high-grade cigarette sales are relatively stable, considerable gains, so the majority of city retail customers. read more