in January 24th 2013, the first Qinghai Linhai chase kite ditch through the activities held a press conference in Xining. The hiking activities will be held in Datong kite ditch in February 2nd, there will be more than 300 lovers walking in winter, feeling happy hiking linhai.

this event is sponsored by the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, Datong County People’s government, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, Qinghai mountaineering Management Center Co hosted. In the beautiful landscape of Datong, "as the theme, in the entire 10 km hike through the forest, players can not only experience the happy winter forest on foot, and can enjoy the kite ditch natural oxygen bar in the beautiful scenery. The hike starting from the East gorge in Datong County of Zhenkang village, Linhai along the southeast across the road about 3 km from south to north, then walk nearly 3 kilometers, then to the northwest direction, through the back entrance area of Kangle village. read more

This week is the elevator safety awareness week, at present, the total number of elevators in the city with more than 7000 units, and the annual growth rate in the high speed of the elevator industry, can guarantee the safety of the people travel? Reporters from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, I will introduce the "Xining City elevator safety management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), to clear the main responsibility of the elevator, and the elevator maintenance unit shall at least every 15 days to lift a maintenance. In recent years, with the rapid growth of the elevator, the public is more and more focused on the use of elevator safety. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, at present, although I had not occurred elevator major accidents, but the elevator management but there are still many problems: such as the old residential elevator used in the process of aging, sometimes failure; new residential owners decoration, the decoration company don’t take care of the elevator, resulting in a new use the elevator and elevator damage; maintenance is not timely, not in place and other issues. According to reports, the measures clearly stipulates that the city, district (county) people’s government should strengthen the leadership of the elevator safety supervision and management, coordination and improvement of elevator safety supervision and management of major issues. City, district (county) special equipment supervision department is responsible for the elevator safety supervision and management within their respective administrative areas, and in conjunction with relevant departments to establish elevator safety management coordination mechanism. At the same time, for the use of the elevator unit is not clear, the main responsibility is not clear, the "measures" clearly stipulates that the use of elevator management responsibility unit is the first person responsible for the safety of elevators. The "measures" the introduction of elevator maintenance has also been clearly defined, responsible for elevator maintenance unit to the maintenance of the elevator safety performance, and should establish elevator maintenance records; elevator maintenance for every 15 days at least once maintenance; in accordance with the relevant technical specifications and safety standards, every 6 months of maintenance of the elevator for a self testing, and to use the elevator management responsibility units issued reports.   read more

11 month 10 days, the Communist Youth League of Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial Commission for the prevention of juvenile delinquency special group office, provincial Juvenile Protection Committee Office, Qinghai Nationalities University jointly held the "youth and peer" 2016 Youth Legal Publicity theme educational activities review meeting, exhibition and exchange activities, and the Moot Court Competition, on the first Qinghai youth youth rewards prize essay, comic collection and the youth legal drama law match in the 25 winning group and 80 individuals. read more

during the two sessions this year, the delegation of the province hopes to support the development of the country and promote the application of new energy automotive industry in Qinghai to raise concerns. Recently, the province formally formulated "Qinghai province to speed up the implementation of new energy automotive application program", and strive to Xining city this year will be included in the new energy vehicle demonstration city ranks, for new energy vehicles as soon as possible fall flowering. read more

computer has now become a household electrical appliance, computer desk is a furniture, many families can not lack at home, however, want to have a good Internet experience, nature also need a comfortable chair for computer. After all, a good computer chair can make a person in the work of the mood is happy, on the contrary is a bad computer chair can make a person’s mood.

simple method to know what brand of good home computer chair is: on the one hand is the sales situation of computer chair, computer chair that several best selling the most popular is recognized as the best, on the other hand, is to see how the man bought the computer chair evaluation, computer chair all that is really the best. What brand of home computer chairs? Then Xiaobian to talk about what a good home computer chairs. read more

lying in bed is stewed, plus the mat is Teppanyaki, get out of bed after steamed out to the barbecue, swimming pool is boiled, fried was back on the road, but also back home." At present, the summer heat, some cities in the mainland like a stove, some users have to cold humor to cool. At the same time, a "let outsiders jealous of Xining: I 20 degrees the piece all over the network, cool Xining will become a national network of key words this summer.

cool climate people forget

this summer, in contrast to the continuous high temperature weather across the country, Xining’s unique cool climate has attracted the attention of many users, while allowing a lot of foreign tourists have come to Xining summer. Net friend Juan son from the hot Shanghai to Xining to cool, through the micro-blog issued a joke here cool climate, so that her fans envy. Bowen said: today, the country ushered in a new round of high temperature hot summer weather, the temperature over 40 degrees, Xining is only about 21 degrees! I’m sorry to say hello to my friends in Shanghai. In such a cool place, dinner can eat hot pot, sleep at night, do not need to blow air conditioning, but also cover the quilt." Netizen "sleepless night" in contrast to Xining here talk about the cool climate and hometown said: "this season, off the air conditioning fan is in a sauna, if the fan is closed, can be steamed faint. But in Xining, the big summer would like to steam a sauna but also to spend money to the beach, do not run a few steps do not want to sweat, so cool climate really make people forget!" read more

west district population is relatively concentrated, transport hub is the city of Xining’s air pollution control in the four corners of the world, the task is arduous. In order to further promote the work of air pollution in the area to carry out the day before, the West District People’s Congress, organization of the provincial, municipal and district three people’s Congress on the west area of air pollution control work carried out inspections.


inspection team went to the original car six days, Han Jia Shu Yuan Mai company construction site, 109 State Road in pengjiavillage sections, on-site inspections of the coal gas renovation, construction site dust control, road cleaning work. The inspection team believes that the West District, the district government attaches great importance to air pollution control work, by taking effective measures, comprehensive remediation of the area of construction sites, demolition sites, processing enterprises, coal pile sites, road excavation sites, West District comprehensive management of air pollution has achieved initial results. read more

The four session of the twelve National People’s Congress

12 media center in Beijing held a press conference, the people’s Bank of Chinese governor Zhou Xiaochuan, deputy governor Yi Gang, Pan Gongsheng, Fan Yifei and so on "whether the monetary policy adjustment" and "how to treat the down payment loan" Internet financial supervision "and other hot issues answered questions from reporters.

will not rely on monetary policy to achieve economic growth

for monetary policy will not turn loose, Zhou Xiaochuan said, Chinese will rely more on domestic demand rather than exports to achieve GDP growth, so it does not rely on monetary and exchange rate policies to achieve the goal of economic growth. read more

9 14 morning, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial poverty alleviation and development work team leader Wang Guosheng chaired the provincial poverty alleviation and development work leading group meeting.

Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, the leading group leader Hao Peng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, deputy head of the leading group, attended the meeting, attended by the Deputy Secretary of the CPC Committee of the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China ( read more

July 9th, Wang Ping, director of the provincial political and Law Commission, a group of nine people, accompanied by Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee, deputy director of public security, public security bureau director Liu Tianhai, such as the leadership of the Municipal Public Security Bureau to inspect and supervise the work of the

7 9, 2009, Wang Ping, director of the provincial political and Law Commission, a group of people in the Party committee, deputy secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau Liu Tian, Chang Zhenan, accompanied by the leadership of the Municipal Public Security Bureau to monitor the work of the investigation of the. Deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary, Shen Sen, deputy director of the PUC Party committee, Gao Keyu, Wang Xiaohua, Ma Jing Quan, director of the Political Department of the spring element, and subordinate units, mainly responsible for various departments and more than 50 people attended the meeting. read more

With the development of entrepreneurial projects in the first instance, the fourth session of the Qinghai Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition "war" was lit, the contestants will launch a "flame" in the next 20 Yu Tian awards for entrepreneurship. Currently, the preliminary work is being carried out in an orderly manner, the results are expected to be announced in September 13th. The Qinghai Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship competition aroused the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs in the province, the Organizing Committee received hundreds of outstanding projects from around the country. As of now, the primary screening of excellent project 59, including e-commerce, advertising design, agriculture and animal husbandry, biological science and technology, 3G communications, high-tech products and other projects, the screening of the preliminary work has been completed, the project entered the contest examination link, by the competition leading group and the expert review Committee of all screened entries according to the preliminary evaluation standard for evaluation. The expert review committee in strict accordance with the standard for evaluation contest requirements, the spirit of "openness, justice and fairness" principle, in accordance with the scores level order, selected 40 outstanding works of entrepreneurs to participate in the semi-finals, then, the "start on the road we walk along" column, Qinghai Committee of the Communist Youth League official website, WeChat will announce the finalists rematch project list synchronization. Reporters learned from the contest jury, contest score includes 9 main content. The feasibility of the product service mainly on the product or service, for this product mainly on the service user group is reasonable, which solve the problems of user, enter the time point is appropriate, accounted for 25% of the total; the team project mainly inspects the founding team integrity, complementarity, background and resource integration ability, accounts for 30% of the total score; the market and the competition project mainly on the market capacity, prospective, growth, project competition barriers, market strategy (plan) and the implementation of the implementation, accounts for 15% of the total score; business model project mainly inspects the business model design is reasonable and feasible, accounts for 15% of the total score; operation methods to investigate the operation state of the project project and current operating conditions, including financial data, user data, customers, accounts for 10% of the total score total score of other projects; 5%.   read more

the afternoon of March 15th, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau seized by detachment in the West District 54 West Road No. 41 platinum Xin tobacco supermarkets seized a large number of infringing goods, and destroyed a selling dens.

inspection, law enforcement officers after careful investigation, found a residential front parked a white van is very suspicious, after law enforcement officers found that the van and platinum Xin supermarket has many counterfeit tobacco "mutual aid" series of liquor and all kinds of counterfeit cigarettes. Law enforcement officers immediately seized fake "gift" eight workshop "god-given" 30 bottles of liquor, 1 bottles of liquor, eight workshops "Tiancheng" eight workshop 7 bottles of liquor, "4A" eight workshop 1 bottles of liquor, 7 bottles of liquor tianyoude brocade "," colorful "mutual aid" 10 bottles of liquor, safflower Lang "10 years of aging 4 bottles of liquor," Guo Jiao 1573 "2 bottles of liquor, 7 bottles of liquor" Jiannanchun "," the Yanghe River "7 days of blue wine bottles, involving more than 2.01 yuan. Seized fake soft "Chinese" 1 cigarettes, "furongwang" 2 cigarettes, "Su smoke," 10, "Yellow Crane Tower", "lucky Lanzhou cigarettes 2" 3 cigarettes, involving 2550 yuan. The total value of goods amounted to 2.2 yuan. read more

Qinghai Lake bicycle league from Chengdu to the land of abundance Shanghai from Shanghai, Wuxi to the East Hawaii Jiangnan reputation of Xiamen to the cultural city of Guangzhou, after the five race, the finals will usher in the first league in July 2nd. The finals in front of the 20 elite will gather in Qinghai lake, the interpretation of a bicycle enthusiasts carnival.

reporter learned from the Organizing Committee of the lake, the competition is still divided into four groups: Men’s road group, men’s mountain group, women’s mountain group and the group of public riding. The men’s team in the finals of the League limit reported 150 people, men’s mountain group limited reported to 150 people, women’s mountain group limited reported to 150 people. After the Organizing Committee of the first 20 players in the tournament before the invitation, there have been nearly 200 players to participate in the determination. The men’s road race starting point set in Baifo temple, end point set in Wang Luobin square. The starting and ending points of the mountain group are all located in Wang Luobin square. read more

this year, the West District of Xining to landscape construction, infrastructure transformation, livelihood projects as the starting point, through seven small urban construction projects focus on promoting the pace of construction of the best livable environment.

this year, West District completed area 36 bankrupt enterprises living area and the "three noes" comprehensive hospital building maintenance and renovation, renovation of roof 11 building more than 1 square meters, renovation of drainage pipe network 8 nearly 3 kilometers, road maintenance 17 8600 square meters; on the Northwest Village Park Road and drainage, street lights, sidewalks, sewage pipe network the transformation has completely changed the villagers sunny travel a gray, rainy night, black mud feet travel difficult situation; 6 million yuan investment in the sea, Lake Road, Kunlun Avenue, Tongren Road, the Yellow River Road, West Main Street, victory road, beautiful appearance, good quality of the installation of more than 4 meters of car guardrail; investment more than 200 yuan, the total construction area of 4320 square meters of cattle Long Xiang Road through the project, the Lane East the Yellow River Road, West Lane meteorological; investment of 1 million 500 thousand yuan, on the road two Lane Lane, building research The side of more than 1 square meters of solid wall were twelve animals, like the culture of blessing and family names for the content of the facade landscape transformation, 4 new beds, leisure stone chair at 8; for the government to the village hall in pengjiavillage section of more than 3 square meters of wall repair paint, the pavement Tong Village walk road 1537 square meters 154, a replacement for the broken door, planting cloves, elm and other trees 36 thousand; to start the implementation of 54 street, street style Xing Hai Lu area renovation project, completed by the end of November is expected to. (author: Xi Tao) read more

Recently, Pingxi Expressway rhyme ieguchi toll station for municipal road reconstruction are frequent congestion, in order to ensure the smooth road, October 17th, the Provincial Executive Council to coordinate provincial highway traffic police detachment, highway five traffic police brigade, rhyme ieguchi highway law enforcement brigade and other departments, once again deployed rhyme ieguchi toll station pat Paul chang.

the Provincial Executive Council requirements to ensure smooth work in doing pat at the same time, actively coordinate the Provincial Department of transportation road network emergency command center and emergency command and coordination play role, coordination of relevant departments of Xining City, to speed up the municipal road (huzhulu) the construction schedule, for the early days of completion, to provide a good traffic environment.

the Provincial Executive Council to remind the majority of passengers, urban sections during the reconstruction, Pingxi Expressway especially rhyme ieguchi toll station traffic is particularly large, please pay attention to the information of traffic information and road traffic conditions, from Bayi Road, South Ring Road and other roads to bypass or wrong peak travel, eastbound traffic can also choose from Xiakou toll station went together to smooth traffic environment.  
read more

recently, in the mediation and supervision of labor supervision departments Chengdong District of Xining City, 53 migrant workers from Chongqing to Guangsha Chongqing first construction (Group) Co., Ltd. Qinghai branch Haodu Project Department of arrears of wages of 464210 yuan and 40 thousand yuan living expenses.

Xining City East District labor supervision department received the Xining municipal labor supervision office to do the case of migrant workers after the complaint, immediately organized the company in charge of Chongqing and migrant workers held a forum on behalf of the proposed solution. The Guangsha Chongqing first construction (Group) is mainly responsible for the developers Co. Ltd. Qinghai branch are the project department to properly solve the funding problems in the field of negotiation, in which 53 migrant workers get wages. After the mediation of labor supervision staff, the project department to raise funds, began to pay wages for migrant workers. read more

Yesterday, reporters from the Provincial Highway Transportation Management Bureau, Xining bus station, province highway transportation service station common application online booking system, the two station under the 8 car passenger station successfully launched remote booking service, 8 passengers in the car station to buy a return ticket and get the. This is the telephone booking, Xining post outlets selling ticket business, smooth road network and Ctrip online ticketing business, and a convenient passenger ticket convenience measures. read more

March 4th reporter learned from the parties concerned, Xining airport is expected to open in May this year, South Korea, Hongkong and Taiwan routes. Passengers will go to these countries and regions will not have to transfer from different places.

it is understood that the province is actively coordinating tourism, aviation and other aspects of the opening of a number of international and domestic routes into the green, flying into the province’s tourism charter flights. Currently, has been identified from Xining to Guiyang flights to Sanya. In the summer, will be opened in Nanjing to Xining tourism charter flights increased over last year. In the middle of this year, has been preparing for the opening of the Xining to South Korea’s charter flights, charter flight lasted until October, a total of about 20 weeks, once a week. South Korea has recently sent to the green line, flight operations has entered a critical stage. At the same time, wait until after the completion of the transformation of the international transit Hall of Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, China Eastern Airlines will open Xining – Xi’an – Hongkong route. Xining to Taiwan airlines to open the matter is in full swing negotiations, China Airlines has shown a strong interest in this route. (author: Zhao Linsong)
  read more

In order to further deepen the fire safety of the "Big Five" activities, a comprehensive city cleaning fires campaign upsurge, Xining public security fire brigade in September 26th in the Department within the city to carry out cleaning fires campaign, and the establishment of the 11 inspection team deep social unit line, actively carry out fire safety hazards and fire violations focus on remediation, has achieved remarkable results

in order to further deepen the fire safety of the "Big Five" activities, a comprehensive city cleaning fires campaign upsurge, Xining public security fire brigade in September 26th in the Department within the city to carry out cleaning fires campaign, and the establishment of the 11 inspection team deep social unit line, actively carry out the hidden dangers of fire safety and fire protection law the behavior focus on remediation, has achieved remarkable results. As of now, the city’s supervision and inspection dispatched 2596 passengers, check the social unit 1184  home, found hidden fire danger in 426, issued a "ordered rectification notice" issued 195 copies of the administrative punishment decision book 42, the temporary seizure of 23, ordered three stops 9, detained 2 people, fined 458 thousand yuan. The number of fires and direct property loss down 25% last year and 15.5 times. read more

learned from the East District, to turn the style of the letter, the transfer of wind, the district is to convene two sessions of the District issued a strict discipline transfer wind notice, with practical action to practice the party’s mass line.

eight are not allowed to turn into a specific style of action. This year the requirements and attend the eastern NPC and CPPCC Party cadres and staff should strictly abide by the discipline, conscientiously implement the provisions of honesty and self-discipline, obey the arrangement, do the following "eight prohibitions": no special circumstances will be allowed to leave, not to be late for early withdrawal, absence meeting. For special circumstances can not participate in the general secretary of the General Assembly should be asked to leave. It is allowed to visit condolences to the NPC deputies and CPPCC members name give gifts, coupons and other gifts,; are not allowed to accept any business or personal publicity products, souvenirs and local products, gifts, gifts, securities and commercial prepaid cards. Are not allowed to arrange the NPC deputies and CPPCC members and relevant staff to business entertainment consumption. It will be allowed to participate in the dinner or illegal enterprises. Shall not be allowed to smoke in the venue and other public places. We are not allowed to participate or disguised participation in gambling activities etc.. We are not allowed in the hall to "small", dozing, phone calls, random walk back and forth, the meeting has nothing to do with things. We are not allowed to have other acts in violation of the provisions of austerity, against waste. Delegates, members of the participants took a new look, combined with the mass line of educational activities for the economic and social development of the eastern region speak freely, suggestions, the meeting atmosphere than ever warm. read more