Kentucky falls short…in post game press conference

first_imgCollege basketball and Kentucky are probably the last two things in the world most Badger fans want to talk about right now. But after suffering a last second, heartbreaking loss to the Wildcats Saturday night in Arlington, there might be a small silver lining for the Badger nation in the form of Kentucky freshman forward Julius Randle.After an impressive performance during the game, where he was second among Wildcats scorers with his 16 points, Randle followed it up with this less than glamorous moment in the postgame press I came across this from the post game. Come on UK student athletes!— Jon Arias (@jonariasradio) April 7, 2014 Kentucky head coach John Calipari has come under some scrutiny for his one-and-done style of coaching, where his recruits typically stay for their freshmen seasons, mainly because it’s mandated, and then jump ship for the NBA after their first campaigns.With an almost yearly process at Kentucky that encourages even more of a revolving door policy than is already commonplace in college basketball, it’s not really a secret that a college education is hardly a main focus of the athletes.Randle’s lack of knowledge of the term ‘attainment’ may have something to do with the one-and-done idea or it could have been just a momentary slip up — it’s not exactly the easiest task to think deeply after just having played an entire basketball game.Still, for the an organization like the NCAA that prizes a college education above all else, including sports, the slight blunder makes you wonder a little about the state of the education of athletes as a whole.Eight teams in the NCAA tournament this year actually fell below the NCAA-mandated Academic Progress score of 930, which is equivalent to only a 50 percent graduation rate, according to an AP story from March, although Kentucky’s most recent score from the 2011-2012 season was 963.h/t Jon Ariaslast_img

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