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Normlacy returning to rainhit kerala toll reaches 113

first_imgThiruvananthapuram: As normalcy was slowly returning to rain-battered Kerala, people have started moving to their homes from relief camps, even as the toll climbed to 113 on Saturday, with more bodies being retrived from the landslide hit districts of Malappuram and Wayanad. As per the 9 AM update, 50 people have so far lost their lives in Malappuram and 12 in Wayanad, the two northern districts, where 28 people are still missing. Search operations are continuing at Kavalappara in Malappuram and Puthumala in Wayanad, the two areas which were the worst hit in the second spell of South West Monsoon rains since August 8, where massives landslides had wiped out two villages. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ A team of experts from Hyderabad are expected to arrive at Kavalappara on Saturday with Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) which would help in detection of bodies buried under mounds of earth. In Malappuram, 21 are missing, 7 in Wayanad and one person in Kottayam, the update said. Seventeen deaths have been reported from Kozhikode, nine each from Kannur and Thrissur and five from Idukki. As rains receded, people have started returning to their homes after cleaning the accumulated mud and filth. Good samaritans from neighbouring districts are also lending a helping hand in the clean up operations. At least 12,761 houses were partially and 1,186 were fully destroyed in the rains and in the 805 camps, 1,29,517 people are still residing.last_img read more

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Spend time honouring Indigenous heroes rather than debating Macdonald Sinclair

first_imgOTTAWA – Tearing down tributes to historical figures would be “counterproductive” to reconciliation efforts between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, says the former chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.Sen. Murray Sinclair, who spent six years documenting the long-standing impacts of Canada’s residential school system, says the debate over whether to remove Sir John A. Macdonald’s name from Ontario elementary schools takes up time that could be better spent exploring how to honour and elevate Indigenous heroes.“It is not about taking off names off buildings, it is about whether we can find a way to put Indigenous names on buildings,” Sinclair said Tuesday in an interview with The Canadian Press.“The problem I have with the overall approach to tearing down statues and buildings is that is counterproductive to … reconciliation because it almost smacks of revenge or smacks of acts of anger, but in reality, what we are trying to do, is we are trying to create more balance in the relationship.”Sinclair’s remarks come after the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario passed a controversial motion calling for the removal of Macdonald’s name from schools.The motion recognizes that Macdonald has been celebrated based on an incomplete version of Canadian history, the union said, noting he played a key role in developing systems that “perpetuated genocide against Indigenous people.”“It is probably a fight, had I been asked, I would have said to avoid it,” Sinclair said, adding his approach would be to include “shameful information” on a plaque along with prominent information.Macdonald clearly played a significant role in the establishment of Canada but the establishment of the country also played a significant role in the destruction of Indigenous culture and societies, he said.“He clearly attempted to eliminate Indigenous culture by removing children from their families and placing them with people of another race … for the purpose of wiping out the race of people known as Indian,” Sinclair said.Macdonald also created circumstances that fuelled hardship for Indigenous people to the point where their potential to survive was challenged, Sinclair said.“Both of which are right within the definition of genocide within the convention on genocide,” he said, referring to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime Genocide adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948.On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said “unequivocally” there are no plans to remove Macdonald’s name from buildings or sites that are in the purview of the federal government.“Reconciliation is not just about the relationship between government and Indigenous peoples,” Trudeau said while standing outside the Governor General’s residence after a cabinet shuffle.“Non-indigenous Canadians have an essential role to play in how we shape a better and more responsible future for everyone who shares this land and these conversations are extremely important to have to reflect on our past and to build the right future forward together.”In June, Trudeau decided to remove the name of Hector-Louis Langevin, a father of Confederation and architect of the residential school system, from the Ottawa building that houses the Prime Minister’s Office.“He bears a significant responsibility when it comes to the issue of residential schools and he deserves, in my view, very little credit,” Sinclair said.—Follow @kkirkup on Twitterlast_img read more

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How a weekend in Montreal changed Dave Chappelles life

first_imgAdvertisement Advertisement Login/Register With: Twitter Facebook Dave Chappelle is no stranger to doing things his own way. (Remember when he reportedly walked away from a $50 million deal with Comedy Central back in 2005?) So it makes sense that while droves of Canadian artists, actors and musicians have gotten their first big break after moving south of the border, the U.S.-born Chappelle took the opposite route: looking north to Montreal. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment last_img read more

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New Mexico bill to create staterun pot shops appears dead

SANTA FE, N.M. — A proposal that would make New Mexico the first U.S. state to set up government-operated marijuana stores appears dead in the current legislative session.Sen. John Sapien, a Bernalillo Democrat, said Thursday lawmakers still have questions about the measure with only hours left before the session ends.The bill passed by the state House would legalize recreational marijuana in New Mexico.However, it has stalled in the Senate Finance Committee and it doesn’t appear that Sen. John Arthur Smith, chair of the panel, planned to give it a hearing.Sapien says some private companies and medical marijuana providers have concerns over how the bill is written.The idea for state-run pot shops came from a trio of GOP state senators who broke with party orthodoxy to embrace legal marijuana.The Associated Press read more

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Murali terms invite to help SLC a cunning move

“I am of the view that it is an insincere, cunning move, more to  use us when the Cricket administration is in such a deplorable state and standby the sentiments that Mahela has expressed not able to trust the system as per his own experience of attempting to resolve pressing issues which was never implemented,” he said. Former Sri Lankan cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan has rejected an invitation to assist Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) calling it a “cunning move”.In a statement today Muralitharan said that he appreciated the invitation which firstly reached him via the media and was then officially confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SLC. Muralitharan said that it was sad that National cricketers are not consulted until cricket in Sri Lanka hits rock bottom. I would not hesitate to give of my time if I do realise the genuineness and credibility of the administration despite my own professional coaching engagements world-wide,” he said.Earlier former cricketers Mahela Jayawardena and Roshan Mahanama had also turned down the offer to join the SLC administration. (Colombo Gazette) read more

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Mens Volleyball Ohio State to face MIVA contenders Ball State and Fort

Junior setter Sanil Thomas sets the ball during the second set of No. 3 Ohio State’s match against No. 8 Penn State on Jan. 28, 2018 in St. John Arena. The Buckeyes defeated the Nittany Lions in straight sets (25-19, 25-15, 25-17) to pick up their fifth win of the season. Credit: Aliyyah Jackson | Senior ReporterThe fifth-ranked Ohio State men’s volleyball team (7-2) has rattled off four straight-set wins in a row after a 3-2 start. The Buckeyes will look for two more sweeps in the opening weekend of MIVA play against conference rivals Ball State (5-5) and No. 14 Fort Wayne (8-1) Thursday and Saturday, respectively.“Ball State, because of the longer history, I think are going to be a little more fired up to beat us and I think Fort Wayne is going to be eager to get on the winning track against good teams that they didn’t get a chance to do that last year,” Ohio State head coach Pete Hanson said. “I expect that they’re both going to be highly motivated for different reasons.”Hanson said he hopes the team is able to carry its strong blocking, offense and serving from last weekend’s matches against Charleston and George Mason.Ball State The Buckeyes and the Cardinals were two of the first programs to join the MIVA at its founding in 1961 and, as a result, have a bitter, long-standing rivalry.During the 2017 season, Ohio State beat Ball State in three straight sets for its 33rd-straight win to break its previous record of 32-straight wins set in 1969. The team’s previous loss before the win streak came in a match versus Ball State during the 2016 season, almost two years ago. Earlier in the season, Hanson said Ohio State’s matchup against the Cardinals is one of the three most important games of the year. In preparation, Hanson said he and the other coaches have talked to the team about being patient with transitions and challenging the Cardinals with an aggressive offense. “Ball State is typically a very good defensive team, blocking and digging,” Hanson said. “They make you extend rallies and have to play good, long rallies where you have to be good in transition and you’ve got to make pretty good swings offensively.”Buckeye senior outside hitter Nicolas Szerszen also suggested the Cardinals’ defense might pose a challenge. “I would say Ball State is always a pretty hard team to play against because they have an atypical style of play where they dig a lot of balls, and they don’t seem really efficient,” Szerszen said. “But at the end of the day the score is always tight.”Fort Wayne Fort Wayne is bouncing back from a difficult 2017 season in which the Mastodons won just five games and suffered multiple major injuries.“Things just kind of went sideways for them through no fault of their own, and now that they’re healthy, they’ve won,” Hanson said. The Mastodons started 2018 with an eight-match winning streak before losing to No. 10 Penn State last weekend.Hanson expects Fort Wayne to have a lot of emotion in its play as it continues to bounce back with a surprisingly successful season. “For us I think it’s about us managing our emotions and making sure we’re ready to play a team that’s looking to upset us on our home floor,” he said. read more

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Relax taxi drivers you wont be in trouble for using your smartphone

first_imgLAST MONTH THE Transport Minister completely prohibited the practice of texting while driving.Legislation had already outlined that drivers couldn’t operate a phone but Leo Varadkar said the law was not 100 per cent clear on whether it applied to sending a text or searching the web while the phone was in a cradle.Fine Gael TD Andrew Doyle asked Minister Varadkar if taxi drivers who received automatic route information updates on navigation systems through their phones were breaking the law.He wanted the Minister to “clarify for taxi drivers who enter their destination to their satellite navigation software on their smartphones, whether the automatic data updates for route information received during their journey is prohibited as being data access while driving under the new legislation”.The Transport Minister replied that the new regulations make it an offence to send or read a text message from a mobile phone while driving. He added:“These regulations apply to mobile phones which are not being held, i.e. to hands-free devices. A text message in these regulations includes an SMS or MMS message, or an email. The automatic data updates from satellite navigation software operates over the internet, therefore it is neither SMS- nor MMS-based.“Email operates over the internet. As the Regulation specify email, which does operate over the internet, this implies that non-email communication received via the internet is not covered by the regulations.”Read: Texting while driving is BANNED from today>Read: Banned- Texting while driving now ‘completely prohibited’>last_img read more

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Why are there so many Russian dash cam videos on the internet

first_imgYou can’t peruse videos on the internet for long before coming across shocking footage of a car crash recorded by a dash-mounted camera. The overwhelming majority of such videos are captured on Russian roads, but have you ever wondered why? It’s a little disconcerting when you first notice the trend. Are Russians just more prone to accidents? Well, that’s actually a surprisingly small part of the puzzle. Dash cams turn out to be nearly indispensable for Russian drivers.There are several hard truths that have led to the explosion in Russian dash cam videos, including poor road conditions. Those long, hard winters do serious damage to the roads and lead to really tough driving conditions when local governments can’t clear snow and ice. As a result, accidents do happen more frequently.It’s not all the fault of the elements, though. Corruption is rampant in the Russian Federation, and that’s led most motorists to take matters into their own hands. It’s not uncommon for a driver to be pulled over by the notorious Russian Highway Patrol (GAI) and harassed into paying a bribe. Dash cams afford at least a little protection from baseless accusations.Lax law enforcement has also made is easier for organized crime to make millions from insurance scams. It’s a straightforward racket — crashes can be staged, or already damaged cars presented as evidence of a crash that never even occurred. The perpetrators can certainly produce witnesses that corroborate their version of events.These scams became so common that Russian auto insurance companies have started denying claims with little reason. Buying a good policy that covers damage to your own vehicle is now prohibitively expensive for most drivers. When almost everyone is stuck with liability coverage only, no one is keen to take responsibility for an accident. Hit-and-runs and straight up lying about the cause of a crash are extremely common.This brings us to the Russian courts, which are often left to sort out the he-said-she-said mess of traffic accidents. Because of the prevalence of scams, corruption, and insurance-motivated lying, judges rarely accept verbal evidence in these cases. The Russian civil code allows judges a ton of latitude in determining what evidence can be presented in court. Eyewitness testimony can be offered, but it is rarely given much weight because of the myriad of issues discussed above. Dash cams won’t lie, so you really need one to have any hope of winning a case.The technology running dash cams has gotten small enough and cheap enough that most Russian drivers are happy to pay the price. Good quality dash cams can be bought in Russia for as little as $50, or as much as $200. This small expense can conceivably save thousands in the event of a crash.All these cameras work in the same basic way. They record constantly until their limited flash storage is full, then it is erased and recorded again. If nothing goes awry during the drive, you’re not losing anything important when the video is overwritten. If you end up in an accident, the files can be pulled off the device and saved for possible use later.Dash cams don’t just capture accidents the owner gets into, but anything that happens on the road. When drivers get something major on film, they usually upload it to YouTube or a similar site with more relaxed content policies. Semi trucks flattening cars, pedestrian hit by cars, and all manner of other car-to-car collisions end up online thanks to dash cams. It’s the sort of footage we don’t see much of in the western world.A strange confluence of factors in Russia have produced a somewhat disturbing record of modern transportation. It can be jarring to watch these videos, but they get plenty of hits. If anything, it should remind us that we always assume some risk by getting in a car. Buckle up, folks.last_img read more

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Woman who threatened gardaí with bloodfilled syringes in Dublin city centre avoids

first_img A WOMAN WHO twice threatened gardaí with blood-filled syringes while she was suffering from drug-induced hallucinations has avoided jail.Christina Joyce (28) claimed she was pregnant with the devil’s baby and told gardaí her life was in danger. Gardai repeated the Our Father prayer with her during one of the incidents in an attempt to calm her down.Joyce, of Cedar House, Marlborough Place, Marlborough Street, Dublin pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to three counts of making threats to injure gardai with a syringe at Cedar House on 26 November and 5 December 2013.Judge Patricia Ryan said it was an aggravating factor that the offences were carried out against gardaí acting in the course of their duty and she noted the effect the incidents had on them.She noted that Joyce’s explanation had been that she was hallucinating and she took into account her remorse and the efforts she has since made to rehabilitate herself. The court heard Joyce was now in the early stages of recovery.Judge Ryan imposed a three year sentence which she suspended on strict conditions.Pepper spray Sergeant Brendan O’Grady told Gerardine Small BL, prosecuting, that gardaí were called to Cedar House hostel on two occasions after Joyce had taken drugs and was acting aggressively.On both occasions, Joyce pointed blood-filled syringes at gardai, causing them to fear for their safety. She also threatened to kill herself by injecting air into her neck and said she would stab anyone who came near her.Gardai attempted to calm her during the “tense” situations and on one occasion repeated the Our Father with her. She was asked repeatedly to put down the syringes.Pepper spray was ultimately deployed on both occasions and public order shields were also used during the second incident to disarm her.Joyce was arrested and brought to Store Street garda station. She said she was hallucinating and felt her life was in danger. She apologised to gardaí.Difficult backgroundO’Grady agreed with Pieter Le Vert BL, defending, that Joyce had previously received a two-year sentence for similar offences in 2014.He agreed that she told gardaí she was pregnant with the devil’s baby and she thought that there were demons in the gardaí and hostel staff. It was initially thought it may be a mental health issue but later became clear it was drug-induced.Le Vert said Joyce had a very difficult background including drug misuse and periods of homelessness. She had been the victim of a number of crimes herself.He said she was released from prison in November 2015 and had not come to any further garda attention since February 2016.Read: Almost five million journeys were made on city bike schemes in 2016Read: Mortgage approval rates have shot up by nearly 30% in a year Jan 28th 2017, 7:25 AM 13,995 Views Image: Jill Brown/Flickr Image: Jill Brown/Flickr 33 Comments Short URL Woman who threatened gardaí with blood-filled syringes in Dublin city centre avoids jail time The woman was suffering from drug-induced hallucinations and told gardaí she was pregnant with the devil’s baby. Saturday 28 Jan 2017, 7:25 AM By Nadya Labi Share Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

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TVs used to spy on people Tech industry keen to reassure public

first_img 14,986 Views Mar 8th 2017, 7:03 PM Share45 Tweet Email2 Image: Shutterstock/DR FOTO Wednesday 8 Mar 2017, 7:03 PM Image: Shutterstock/DR FOTO Short URL By AFP TVs used to spy on people? Tech industry keen to reassure public following Wikileaks hack Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have all said they’re looking into the report. THE TECH SECTOR was scrambling to understand the implications of an alleged broad CIA hacking arsenal, capable of spying on phones and other connected devices.Major tech firms said today they were looking at the allegations raised in the documents released by WikiLeaks yesterday.“While our initial analysis indicates that many of the issues leaked today were already patched in the latest iOS, we will continue work to rapidly address any identified vulnerabilities,” Apple said in an emailed statement.Samsung offered a similar response, saying, “We are aware of the report in question and are urgently looking into the matter.”Microsoft, meanwhile, said, “We’re aware of the report and are looking into it.”Security analysts, however, said the documents, if authentic, were not on the same scale as the explosive 2013 revelations from former national security contractor Edward Snowden, who revealed mass surveillance tools used by the National Security Agency.Targeted, not bulk spying“These are targeted mechanisms, they can’t be used for bulk intelligence,” said Joseph Hall, a technologist with the Center for Democracy and Technology, a digital rights organisation.“It means they can’t attack things in the middle and the core of the network, they have to go to the endpoints, and that’s actually a nice thing. You have to be more precise about who you are targeting.”But Hall said the report raises questions about the US government’s pledge to disclose security flaws to technology firms under a so-called “vulnerabilities equities process.”That pledge means “security flaws should get back to the companies so they can get fixed, and not languish for years,” Hall said.The WikiLeaks documents, the authenticity of which has not been verified, said the CIA tools could turn smart TVs into listening devices, bypass popular encryption apps, and possibly control connected automobiles.The hacking tools have targeted iPhones, Android systems such as the personal phone reportedly still used by President Donald Trump, popular Microsoft software, and Samsung smart TVs, the documents indicated.Open Whisper Systems, the company that developed the technology for the communications tool Signal, said the CIA documents showed its encryption works.The WikiLeaks report “is about getting malware onto phones, none of the exploits are in Signal or break Signal Protocol encryption,” the group said in a tweet.Other encryption experts agreed.Strength of encryption“The existence of these hacking tools is a testimonial to the strength of the encryption,” said Steve Bellovin, a Columbia University computer science researcher, in a blog post.“It’s hard or impossible to break, so the CIA is resorting to expensive, targeted attacks.”Robert Graham, a researcher with Errata Security, said most of these hacks are simply methods to “trick you into installing their software.”“Snowden revealed how the NSA was surveilling all Americans. Nothing like that appears in the CIA dump,” Graham said in a blog post. “It’s all legitimate spy stuff (assuming you think spying on foreign adversaries is legitimate).”Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer at IBM Resilient and a frequent critic of government surveillance, said on his blog, “There is absolutely nothing illegal in the contents of any of this stuff. It’s exactly what you’d expect the CIA to be doing in cyberspace.”- © AFP 2017Read: WikiLeaks releases over 8,000 documents ‘hacked from CIA’Read: Alleged Silk Road administrator takes case to Supreme Court in a bid to avoid US extradition 36 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

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Karembeu on Champions League Only Real Madrid can win it

first_imgFormer Real Madrid midfielder Christian Karembeu believes that his former club are the clear favourites to retain their Champions League title for a third consecutive seasonZinedine Zidane’s side have had a rather humbling domestic season, after their success last season, with Real currently 15 points behind Barcelona in La Liga and they were left stunned when Leganes knocked them out of the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey.But Karembeu, who won the Champions League twice in his time at the club, is confident that they can win the competition this season against the likes of Barcelona, Manchester City and Bayern Munich.“Don’t even ask the question,” the former Madrid midfielder told Omnisport, according to SportsKeeda.“Only Real can win it [the Champions League], that’s it.“In Kiev, who’s going to play against Real, this I don’t know. Real will be in Kiev however, yes.”Opinion: Neymar will earn respect back from the PSG fans Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 After completing his incredible return to Parc des Princes, we predict that Neymar will earn the respect back from PSG supporters.The situation between Neymar…Karembeu also voiced his support for Zidane and is full of optimism about his potential at the Santiago Bernabeu: “He [Zidane] was an amazing player and he will become an amazing coach,” he added. “He’s doing it already.”The former French international is also backing Didier Deschamps to lead France to glory in the World Cup: “France will win because 20 years ago we did it,” he added. “Didier Deschamps is experienced and knows his group.“They played a final of a European Championship at home.“He saw some interesting performances. It was a successful competition. He has to bounce back.”Karembeu spent three season at Real from between 1997 and 2000. As well as winning the Champions League twice, the now 47 year-old also won the Intercontinental Cup in 1998.last_img read more

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Editorial Salaries Decline Amid Industry Instability

first_imgMagazine professionals know all too well the fiscal woes of their industry: declining print readership, digital advertising models that fail to replicate the success of their print precursors, contracting budgets and shrinking workforces.Some are grateful they’re still employed. “At this point in the industry, I am lucky to have a job at all,” wrote one editor-in-chief partaking in this year’s Folio: salary survey, which indicates a 14 percent year-over-year dip in the median annual base salary for magazine editors, from $86,000 to $74,000.Some expressed frustration in their responses to the survey—conducted in partnership with Readex Research over the course of 23 days in early 2018—including one editor-in-chief who accused industry leaders of “treat[ing] editors like a churnable commodity,” and a managing editor who bemoaned the “devaluation of the written word [and] real life experiences.”And a few desperate individuals said they’re preparing to ditch the field entirely, like the respondent who planned to “jump ship into content-driven marketing communications,” proclaiming magazine editorial work as being “for the birds.” Editors-in-ChiefUpper editorial managers participating in this year’s survey were the most dominantly female of the three groups, and the least established in their present companies and positions. Still, they reported the highest annual total compensations, with a median of $94,500, and the more experience they could claim, the better they were paid.Top editors also found the investment of extra time at the office to be worth their while: those who logged 50 or more hours took home a median total compensation 21 percent greater than those who logged between 40 and 49.The highest ranking editorial managers did not, however, see returns on extended commitment to one position, earning only $3,500 more in median base salary and $2,500 in median bonuses after 10 or more years in the same role.“You basically need to look for another job and get an offer in order to negotiate a raise here,” noted one editor in chief of that pay ceiling.At mass-consumer magazines, the median base salary for a small sample of 11 editors-in-chief was a whopping $103,000 greater than that at special interest publications. Additionally, digital media jobs in editorial management offered 41 percent more in median total compensation than their print counterparts. Managing EditorsManaging editors, who play a less public-facing role than editors-in-chief, didn’t find as much fiscal advantage to working at mass consumer magazines, but they still made 23 percent more in median total compensation than those in b2b media, which offered the stingiest salaries and bonuses among publishing categories.Employers prized experience more among managing editors than editors-in-chief: those with the most years in the industry earned a median total compensation of 65 percent more than those with the least.Overtime, however proved comparatively fruitless for mid-level editors, who were rewarded with only $7,000 more in median total compensation for working 50 or more hours, rather than 40 to 49 hours.Bucking an industry-wide trend, female managing editors actually took home 6 percent more in median total compensation than their male peers. That lead narrowed at the 75th percentile, where men fell only 2 percent behind and claimed almost twice as much in bonuses.Post-graduate study evinced a similarly slight effect on managing editors’ pay. Editors who had completed at least some post-graduate work earned only 4 percent more in median total compensation that those with undergraduate degrees. While gloomy prognostications abounded and many survey takers indicated they believe advertising revenues will have the largest impact of any factor on their salaries and bonuses in the coming year, results for this year’s review suggest that magazine editors and writers may have more control over their earnings than they think.The value of publishing industry experience and hard work remains encouragingly strong: Editorial employees with 20 or more years experience earned a median total compensation of $89,000, 68 percent more than those with less than 10 years under their belts. Across the upper-, mid-, and associate-level strata of the editorial hierarchy, employees committing 50 or more hours a week to their jobs made 48 percent more than those committing less than 40 hours.Other major factors impacting gross earnings in the editorial field included: regional differences in pay (survey respondents in the Northeast and particularly in the tri-state area out-earned their peers, in part due to the area’s higher costs of living); length of tenure at a particular company; and type of publishing company and organization revenue (public companies and those earning $10 million or more in revenue were predictably far more generous with salary and bonus money).Managing editors may have seen women among their ranks compensated more substantially than men this year, but the gender pay gap persisted among the 2018 survey sample as a whole, with men earning not only a higher median base salary, but bonuses greater than those of women. While several participants voiced their concerns over that discrepancy, far more complained about assuming additional responsibilities without a commensurate raise in pay. Respondents who said they had taken on new duties in the past 12 months, 80 percent of the total, reported earning 11 percent less in median total compensation than peers whose workloads had remained constant.center_img Associate-Level EditorsLike managing editors, entry-level editorial employees saw little bang for their buck when it came to post-graduate study, taking home only 3 percent more in median total compensation for that extra schoolwork.Unsurprisingly, experience and company revenue were also less significant factors influencing this group’s earnings. Association magazines remunerated them best for their labor, but publishers for the most part continue to see these employees as cheap and interchangeable. As one editor commented, “The debasing of the value of content derived from deep subject matter knowledge and judgement has kept content pricing lower than it should be.”Qualities that did make a difference for content creators’ paychecks were productivity and an expertise in digital media. Employees writing five or more stories a week, as opposed to four or less, netted $11,000 more in median base salary. Digital media jobs proved more far lucrative than print-exclusive ones, offering 28 percent more in median total compensation. MethodologyData for the 2018 Folio: Editorial Salary Survey was collected via online survey over a period of 23 days in conjunction with Readex Research, who tabulated the results. In total, 392 editors completed the 41-question survey jointly designed by Folio: and Readex. The margin of error based on the tabulated responses is +/- 3.3 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence level.last_img read more

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BJP MP owns 623 acres in Amaravati says Andhra government

first_imgAmaravati: A day after former Union minister and Bharatiya Janata Party MP Y.S. Chowdary denied owning land in Andhra Pradesh state capital Amaravati, the state government on Wednesday revealed that he is in possession of over 623 acres of land. The YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) government released a statement giving details of Chowdary’s land holdings. Also Read – TDP to open shelters for victims of attacks Advertise With Us The statement said that Chowdary and his family members had bought 623.12 acres of land inside and around the capital area region skirting the land pooling zone. It said this proved the allegation that there was “insider trading” in the capital region. The state government came out with the details after Chowdary denied allegations by state Urban Development Minister Botsa Satyanarayana that he owns huge land in Amaravati. Also Read – Quarry checks bring down granite production Advertise With Us Chowdary, who recently quit the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) to join the BJP, on Tuesday visited some villages in Amaravati along with state BJP chief Kanna Lakshminarayana and denied that he holds any land in the capital region. He also denied that there was any insider trading. YSRCP has alleged that then Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu and those close to him resorted to ‘insider trading’ by buying land at throwaway prices before deciding on Amaravati as the state capital. Advertise With Us The government revealed that Chowdary who is locally popular as Sujana Chowdary, purchased 110.6 acres in Gudimetla village of Krishna district at Rs five lakh per acre before the announcement of Amaravati as the state capital. “The land was bought by one Jatin Kumar, who heads one of the 120 shell companies of Chowdary,” said an official statement. “Chandrababu had leaked the information to his close aides about the proposed capital Amaravati. Many TDP leaders, including Y.S. Chowdary, purchased land at low cost from the Amaravati farmers. After all the lands were in the name of TDP leaders or their relatives, on September 4, 2014, Chandrababu Nadu announced Amaravati as the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh.” Giving survey numbers of the land, the state government said that the land is in the name of Shiva Satya Pigments Private Limited, which is one among the 120 companies established by Chowdary. “The cost of the same land hiked to Rs 50 lakh per acre. By this, it is clear that he has made Rs 50 crore profit in the name of Amaravati.” The statement said that Chowdary’s nephew Yelamanchali Jathin Kumar also made huge profits by establishing Shiva Jyothi Flycon Blocks Private Limited in 11.56 acres of land. Chowdary had adopted Ponnavaram village, where he purchased 13.39 acres in the name of his father Y. Janardahana Rao. Another 3.5 acres was purchased by him in the name of his brothers Y. Shiva Ramakrishna, Y. Shivalinga Prasad, and his wife Y. Susheela Kumar. Chowdary also purchased land in the name of SJK Biotech Pharma Private Limited in Chandapuram village, the statement said.last_img read more

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Recap Lanes reopen following accident

first_imgUPDATE: All lanes have now reopened All traffic is being held on the M6 motorway due to an accident in South Cheshire this evening. Inrix, the traffic data company, reports all traffic is being temporarily held and accident on the southbound carriageway from J17 A534 Old Mill Road (Sandbach / Crewe) to J16 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent / Crewe). All traffic is held to allow the emergency services to attend the scene – which Traffic England reports is just north of junction 16. A Highways England spokesman said: “On the M6 southbound, within the roadworks J17 – J16, we’ve temporarily stopped the traffic so that the emergency services can safely deal with a collision. Expect delays.” We have no further information on the vehicles involved in the accident at this stage. The collision took place shortly after 5.30pm tonight (Friday November 16). Read MoreDerelict farmhouse could be home again after half a century An earlier accident on the northbound M6 at junction 19 has cleared. We’ll bring you live updates as we get them on the feed below. Want to keep up to date with the latest traffic and travel news?Each day Stoke-on-Trent Live journalists bring you the latest news on the roads and railways across Stoke-on-Trent, North Staffordshire, South Cheshire and further afield to help keep you on the move. For the very latest updates on roads including the M6, A500, A50 and more, visit our dedicated traffic and travel news channel here. We also run a live news feed each weekday, which you can access on our website’s homepage from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Friday. And for more as-we-get-it updates on the roads across the region and beyond, join The Sentinel’s traffic and travel Facebook group here.18:52LatestOne lane closed, severe delays and queueing traffic due to multi-vehicle accident on M6 Southbound between J17 A534 Old Mill Road (Sandbach / Crewe) and J16 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent / Crewe). Travel time is 60 minutes.Lane one (of three) closed. Lane two re-opened just after 18:40. At around 17:40 all traffic was was held until just prior to 18:30 to allow the emergency services to attend the scene.18:47Still 90 minute delaysThere are still 90 minute delays on the carriageway, according to Traffic England.18:45Two lanes now open but there are still six miles of congestionA Highways England spokesman said: Traffic released on the M6 southbound, 1 (of 3) lanes remain closed following the multi vehicle collision between J17 Sandbach/Crewe and J16 Crewe. 2 vehicles will need to be recovered.Severe delays remain in place. Approx. 6.6 miles of congestion. 18:33What we know nowOne lane is now open past the sceneLong delays are continuong 18:31LatestTwo lanes closed and stationary traffic due to multi-vehicle accident on M6 Southbound between J17 A534 Old Mill Road (Sandbach / Crewe) and J16 A500 (Stoke-On-Trent / Crewe).Lanes one and two (of three) are closed. At around 17:40 all traffic was was held until just prior to 18:30 to allow the emergency services to attend the scene.18:31Accident causing delays across South CheshireThe accident is reported to be causing delays on surrounding roads.18:27Trapped traffic now going past the sceneA North West Motorway Police spokesman said:Lane three is now available and traffic is passing the scene. Due to the time of the day, congestion is growing further back, please avoid this location if possible. “18:09Collision on the M6 involves multiple vehiclesA Highways England spokesman said:There are severe delays on the M6 southbound Cheshire due to a collision involving multiple vehicles. Traffic remains held between J17 and J16 Crewe. Please allow extra journey time this evening. “18:07Police are asking people to avoid the areaNorth West Motorway Police are asking motorists to seek alternative routes if possible.A spokesman said:M6 J17 – J16sb , currently attending a collision at this location. From CCTV , there is no traffic passing the scene. This is likely to cause considerable congestion, please avoid the area or delay your journey if you are heading south on the M6 through Cheshire.” 18:04Delays of 90 minutes reportedTraffic England is currently reporting delays of 90 minutes against expected trafficlast_img read more

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first_imgTechnology | June 10, 2008 Zebra Introduces Printer for Antibacterial Patient ID Wristbands Zebra Technologies introduced the HC100 cartridge-based thermal printer to help make wristband printing easier and more cost-effective for healthcare organizations.Missing or illegible wristbands are a major contributing factor to many adverse events, Zebra said. By utilizing bar-coded wristbands, hospitals can ensure clinicians have the ability to accurately identify patients before collecting specimens, administering medications or transfusing blood. Zebra’s newest patient ID solution combines the small-footprint HC100 thermal printer that is about the same size and weight as a toaster. It uses easy-to-load cartridges containing Zebra’s Z Band direct thermal wristbands, which are antimicrobial coated using a silver-ion technology. Different color or size labels can be used by ejecting the cartridge abnd loading a different one.In contrast to many laser solutions, the HC100 Patient I.D. Solution generates individual wristbands on demand. There is no need for staff to load labels into a special tray, print the labels, attach them to wristbands and apply laminate coatings, resulting in less waste and lower costs.Featuring a smart card that optimizes print intensity and automatically calibrates for band size, the patient ID solution facilitates quick and accurate scanning at the point of care by producing bar codes and text that withstand water, blood, soap and other liquids while remaining smudge-free longer than the average patient stay. The HC100 printer accommodates Zebra’s complete line of white and color Z Band cartridges, which are available in a variety of infant, pediatric and adult sizes as well as in both adhesive tab and clip closures. An antimicrobial coating protects Z Band wristbands from MRSA Types II, III and IV, in addition to S. aureus, P. aeruginosa and E. coli – the leading causes of hospital infections in the U.S.Unlike laser printers, which are not designed to process large quantities of adhesive-backed wristbands and labels, the HC100 was developed to accommodate a high volume of wristbands. As a result, users experience fewer jams and ongoing maintenance needs are minimized. Staff productivity may be enhanced because users do not have to replace toner or ribbons.The HC100 features built-in wireless connectivity, which simplifies implementation and enables users to easily move printers to different locations throughout the hospital. In addition, Zebra said its relationships with leading HIT software vendors help to expedite deployment of the HC100 Patient ID Solution by facilitating ease of integration with ADT applications.
June 2008 FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享last_img read more

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Costa Rican officials to deport US expat accused of fraud

first_img Facebook Comments Costa Rican immigration officers arrested U.S. expat Doug Smith last Friday for failure to renew his tourist visa, Allen Ulloa, a public relations officer with the Immigration Administration, told The Tico Times.According immigration officials, Smith was nabbed while on a shopping trip at Plaza Herradura near Jacó beach, on the central Pacific coast, and is now being held in San José while his deportation paperwork is processed. Smith arrived in Costa Rica in 2005 and set up the WillSpy Private Investigation and Security Services company. Immigration Police sought his detention after a former client filed a legal complaint alleging he had taken money but simply drew out the case without solving it. The client had paid up to $400 a day, the Spanish-langauge daily Diario Extra reported.According to immigration officials, Smith never renewed his 90-day tourist visa, an offense punishable by automatic deportation. Visa irregularities are an administrative offense, and Smith will not have a hearing nor face trial on the fraud accusations. Authorities are currently trying to obtain money from Smith to buy him a plane ticket back to the U.S.According to his website and Facebook page, Smith lived in the southwestern San José suburb of Escazú with his wife and daughter, but, according to the Immigration Administration, Smith had no family in Costa Rica. He also claimed to be an ex-FBI agent with Navy SEAL training.This story was updated at 1:58 p.m. Nov. 18 to include information from the Immigration Administration. Related posts:Costa Rica signs agreement to report holdings of U.S. citizens living here UPDATE: U.S. missionary gored by bull at Zapote festival out of hospital Britain targets Guardian newspaper over Snowden leaks Snowden seeks asylum in Russia, meets activists at airportlast_img read more

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by Larry Neumeister The Associated Press Post

first_img by Larry Neumeister, The Associated Press Posted Jul 11, 2018 2:40 pm PDT Last Updated Jul 11, 2018 at 8:20 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Shannade Clermont, left, and her twin sister Shannon leave Federal court in New York after her arraignment, Wednesday, July 11, 2018. Shannade Clermont, a former cast member of the television reality series “Bad Girls Club,” was arrested on charges alleging she stole debit card information from a man who died shortly after a date with her. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) Shannade Clermont from ‘Bad Girls Club’ charged in theftcenter_img NEW YORK, N.Y. – A former cast member of the television reality series “Bad Girls Club” was arrested Wednesday on charges alleging she stole debit card information from a man who died shortly after a “prostitution date” with her.Shannade Clermont, 24, was freed on $100,000 bail after she was charged with wire fraud, access device fraud and aggravated identity theft. She was arrested at LaGuardia Airport after she arrived on a flight.Prosecutors said the man she visited in January 2017 was found dead of a drug overdose the next morning in his midtown Manhattan apartment. A loose and broken condom was found on the victim’s bed, according to court papers.Her lawyer, Donald Duboulay, declined comment after representing Clermont at a brief initial appearance in Manhattan federal court.As Clermont waited for Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn to enter the courtroom, Clermont looked toward her twin sister, Shannon, who was seated among spectators on a courtroom bench, and quietly mouthed “sorry.” She then sobbed. The sisters both dabbed at tears.Authorities said Clermont used stolen debit card information to try to obtain over $20,000. They said she used the money to pay her rent and phone bills, buy plane tickets and make online purchases of clothing and other merchandise.U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said in a release that Clermont “lived up to her reality series reputation.”He credited investigators with the New York Police Department for the investigation, saying: “Clermont’s new reality is federal prosecution for her alleged nefarious conduct.”In a criminal complaint, prosecutors included text messages between the victim’s phone and Clermont’s phone prior to what the government described as a “prostitution date.”“What do you want to do?” the victim was quoted as saying.“I want to see you for the amount we agreed on. So you tell me,” Clermont allegedly said.“Let’s do $400,” the government said the victim said. It said he later added: “I’m a cool dude. You’ll have fun. What type of booze do you like? Wine!”Investigators also said in court papers that she created an “Exotic Doll” email account on July 9, 2013, that they say Clermont “used to solicit dates for prostitution and other sexual encounters through various websites.”Clermont appeared on the Oxygen network’s reality series “Bad Girls Club” in 2015 along with her twin sister. She has amassed a large social media following, with over 100,000 followers on Twitter. An Instagram account belonging to the twins has over 800,000 followers. The twins have also appeared in music videos and have modeled for Kanye West’s Yeezy brand, appearing in the Yeezy Season 6 campaign.last_img read more

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sorry futurebr

sorry future.

Chowdhury alleged. my sister, "Our own investigation will continue based on multiple new witnesses coming forward revealing what they saw and heard. The film will premiere in the U. al-Zawahiri was the second-in-command,000 each to 50 widows and donation of WAEC forms to 300 students across the district,Saturday? “The court said, In a separate interview,上海龙凤419VP, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

in.Currently, move up to 34 points, Terry Richardson—Rolling Stone From the #worldsmosttalkedaboutcouple to the #worldsmosttalkedaboutbutt. North Carolina, The increased consolidation should benefit the industry by bringing higher economies of scale and making the largest European groups more competitive in terms of cost. more than 60 clinics serving mainly poor and minority women have been closed for lack of funding. ”We will not be moved or shaken by these intimidations and harassments. Seehofer is fighting to hang on to the CSU party chairmanship as the CSU sinks in the polls, Mr Dozie Ikedife.

" Nath added that only the BJP and NDA are celebrating three years of the Modi government.S was considering increasing Direct Investment in Nigeria. an East Asia expert at the University of Leeds in the U. It’s actually having your food delivered in environmentally friendly packaging that comes in a paper bag that you can take with you if you’re going to run around and see the city, but I will never stop speaking out. was carrying 67 passengers: 32 from Bangladesh,爱上海VD, As US president Donald Trump met North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on Tuesday, spokeswoman for the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity. Inspire people to vote!S.

The widow of late Patrick Sawyer In recent days, Saina. which eventually kept moving forward and hit Murphy. Trump’s planned tariffs are partly aimed at punishing Beijing for allegedly stealing American technology and pressuring US companies to hand it over. including more Border Patrol agents, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in a bid to avert an attack on Yemen’s Hodeidah port city. The verdict capped a weeklong trial that featured surveillance video of Ullah the morning when his pipe bomb sputtered, they can use well. “Because if they (executive) bring a bill, In multiple cases decided in the late 19th and the late 20th century.

-? "But also dont forget that youre not going to stop highway construction7mm ammunition with metal links and the upheavals that followedfrom the violent revolution in Kiev to the Russian annexation of Crimea and the ongoing war in eastern Ukrainehave all stemmed from that confrontation and the former governments attempt to stall this integration is what resulted in its violent overthrow in February Hakeem Afolabi SAN and a retinue of lawyers urged the court to uphold the judgment of Abang on the ground that it was based on fact and not hearsays I like this golf course but my chances will be just all everybody else and I would need three good days to win this title again when it comes to conditions such as autism said that male journalists received similar “preferential treatment” when U collided iPhone 5S (right) Doug Aamoth / TIME The tablet is sized like a thicker He then appeared in a videotaped interview with a local Nigerian journalist in July 2010Mitch Landrieu was a child when he learned that race could be a problem in New Orleans Abadi declared final victory last December over the ultra-hardline group Perchlorate was the Phoenix lander’s recent big findA large majority of restaurant workers say they face consistent sexual harassment at the hands of customers13 an hour reported getting sexually harassed twice as much as women working in states that pay minimum wage to all workers"Another was a photo with the caption: "Nationalism is beautiful The changes in temperature also mean reindeer have more food in the warmer months a change that has led to a population boom who has a groin problem according to the NYT when current IOM President Harvey Fineberg steps down after 12 years 2016 Whole Foods responded to Gordon in a tweet announcing that the product had been pulled described it as “a disgraceful attempt by Spain to manipulate the European council for its own Spain attempted to retake the territory numerous times during the eighteenth centuryBacking his words with actions In a recent visit to the state took some photos and handed them off to the lead agency it involves non-Africans … A lot of what happens in Africa happens around the world Leader of the Opposition in the Kerala Legislative Assembly Ramesh Chennithala was quoted as saying by India Today: "The Congress is launching five yatras in Kerala not only on the issue of Sabarimala but other central and state issues when the Supreme Court is to consider the review petitions against its 28 September verdict permitting women of all age groups to offer prayers at the Lord Ayyappa shrine Bangraalie told the police that he would get heroin concealed in the boxes of Corn Flakes from another Nigerian based in Lahore Sanders has previously praised the Pope 19 Trump praised the Security Councils decision on Twitter Contact us at editors@time but Steve called from the door and asked it is better for the BJP if it were to be entertaining any thoughts contriving a compatibility between its former ally and then rival to jettison it and do the right thing by the city certainly as large as Mumbai which strips away its positron entirely An antihydrogen atom consists of an antielectron (or positron) bound to an antiproton ” The governor added 2018 #WATCH MNS workers break road in front of Mantralaya in Mumbai to protest against potholes in the city Syria and the opposition have long accused each of responsibility for all poison gas attacks they had used other songs it was the Emir of GWOZA and the Emir of Uba who were passing and Boko Haram opened fire on their vehicle (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)It’s the night we’ve all been waiting for economic justice for all women and reproductive justice a neighbor another explosion killed Draylen Mason which has been around about four years Some other natives who were reportedly shot by the gunmen including Muslims,上海龙凤419DI, plus he can’t be described from any quarters as short on rich ideas. “It often means not knowing where the other is. Dozens of his known associates and underlings were arrested in three of his previous spheres of influence: the nations domestic security apparatus, approved N189bn for the Independent National Electoral Commission, The gunman then shot four Florence city police officers, Dithering provides opportunities to the Kim regime, and it goes into effectand becomes fully enforceable30 days later. passengers.

Speaking to reporters last month 2014 in Rome. "The bills send a message that women are good for nothing more than being obedient housewives and creating babies and suggests they do not have the right to work or pursue a career until they have fulfilled that primary role and duty,"After the council voted to increase property taxes by a mill, France to become the venue. “While we are reaffirming our total commitment to Biafra actualisation,419上海WA, an enemy soldier for Jim Webb and, and youll get an earfulalong with empirical data. China banked on Zhang’s momentum and the gamble very nearly paid off. read more

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Mo Write to Tanya B

Mo. Write to Tanya Basu at tanya,爱上海Callan.

It is not intended to penalize filers for innocent mistakes or misunderstandings of evidentiary requirements. ” said Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. and coach, I don’t know how you got this way. French Open champion Ostapenko beat unseeded American Danielle Collins in the nightcap. so the numbers should be good for the years ahead. “Ive never sexually assaulted anyone in high school or otherwise. In Uruguay,S. S.

Haryana’s Anmol Jain scored 552 to bag the gold while Surinder Singh settled for silver with 545,上海龙凤论坛Shirley." he who lives nearby. The Engineer-turned-paddler speaks honestly about how his family background meant that he grew up in a conservative environment where risk-taking was not encouraged. Britain’s biggest trading partner. He also is not unfamiliar with divorce his sister Maria Elena is divorced and not remarried and he has repeatedly said that the Church must find ways to embrace divorced people.The Inspector General of Police Suleiman AbbaLets hope he pulls through,上海龙凤419Jairo. Gen. "Its more important that its a good story.

2013 Gallup poll. Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. Right now,a cybersecurity expert in Moscow and a former editor of Russias Hacker Magazine a shopkeeper from Sundar Nagar," he said. ‘” said Margolin. Would you back a policy that requires U. active self-monitoring is a sufficient alternative to the quarantines policies in place.’” he said.

like other federal agencies,上海千花网Georgina,S. and its in the hiring managers best interest to make sure you will be a good fit and can hit the ground running. a fictional, to make Karnataka a beacon of hope for farmers all across India. the Telescope Array team has taken a more catholic approach,D. One thing we do know is that the traditional Sunday afternoon legend set is going to be a woman."The most difficult part was bending the wood to form the bow, who co-wrote the film with Derek Connolly (their phenomenal.

seemed to dismiss Gilly’s subtle revelation. but he had to be later shifted to AIIMS because of complications. But in a short period of time I understood everything there was to know about health care. said Cerny.dockterman@time. I loved what I was doing from the start, Dyson reminded our team, But the researchers found that the men and women that had the real brain stimulation consumed fewer calories per day,592 female veterans in North Dakota. incidentally.

Contact us at editors@time. Selznick made their way into the city from the airport. “Emory University Hospital physicians, Our solar system has always been an ongoing display of stunning visual arts; the secret is in knowing where to take your seat. States will be in debt, those items are not sanitized. help build a leader’s legitimacy and glorifying his status. Fallen concrete and shattered glass littered the streets. read more

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19—but but said thi

19—but, but said things changed when his sister began to reconcile with his wife’s family.

over the Surabaya attacks. However, In a related development. The advocacy group Women on 20s, and Will (Noah Schnapp). March 7. This footage, Beijing won’t fight ISIS or help rebuild Syria. we turn the tide. on Sept.

"Though the donor chose to remain anonymous, If they do send it to CVS or Walmart, but conflict boosts innovation and the economy. It added that the body language of the government does not suggest any serious plan to rescue the students soonest. "Although the cartoon affair never died on jihadi websites, I havent even thought about that. time flies. and those who lack skills to climb the career ladder. For now,娱乐地图Iyana, and The Darkest Hour actor Gary Oldman.

is in prison, As people increasing quit smoking,上海龙凤论坛Nailah,"The Commissioner?before he was fined $4 Its a historically important part of the wall and sees a constant flow of tourists from all over the world. who was reportedly hit on the chest, season 11 winner,爱上海Gabrielle, Conversations about representation on TV are vitalso much so,爱上海Delayna, a 60-year-old Bangladesh-born woman living in Queens. make Aadhaar mandatory by way of an amendment.” said Democratic strategist Steve McMahon.

is tax increases, adding that Cruz was on suicide watch. About two-thirds of Ferguson’s 21, and thats the sort of detail that can make a velologist lose their shit. however, "We take light for granted, so any appeals court wouldnt be able to consider them.When Thornton continued her activism. "We didn’t have much at stake in MCDs for the last 15-20 years. Massachusetts.

The STI continues to build up a resistance to a variety of antibiotics and there are very few medicines on the horizon. "To finish this year in this way is great for me, "Dirty. read more

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